August 2018
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Jeff Kingman


Save the Date
Orting, WA
Baxter Manufacturing 
October 8

Second Wednesday of each month 1-2pm ET

Canadian Chapter Annual Dinner
Humber College, Toronto
October 18

Minneapolis, MN 
Surly Brewery
October 25

Canadian Chapter Annual Christmas Party
St. Georges Golf & Country Club, Toronto
November 29
Please note AGM will be held in conjunction with this event. 

SSA Office, Tampa Florida
November 1-2, 2018

FCSI TA Symposium
Orlando, FL
February 5-6, 2019

Orlando, FL
Orange County Convention Center
February 7-9, 2019
Chapter Corner
Contact your chapter leader if you are interested in getting involved.

Chapter Leader:  John Radchenko, FCSI (PP) , Van Velzen + Radchenko Design Assoc.

Chapter Co-leaders: 
Jessica Dengel , Rippe Associates;  
Katharine Mizla , Vollrath

Chapter Leader:  Ed Arons, FCSI , Colburn & Guyette Consulting Partners, Inc.

Chapter Leader: Garrett Lennon,   JLR Design Group

Chapter Leader:  Marci Pick , SCG FoodSpace

Chapter Leader:  Kelly Marinick, Hoshizaki America

Chapter Leader: Robert Scheibly, SSA, Inc.

Chapter Co-leaders: Juan Matamoros, FCSI, Gastrotec; 
Jose Aurelio Claro Lopes Precx Projetos e Treinamento
West Coast Foodservice Facility Design Consulting Firm for sale. For more information, contact
Marco Amatti, FCSI
Kilogram is the official weight measure in Brazil, popularly known as Kilo (Quilo).

In Brazil, many restaurants are "restaurante por quilo" (restaurant per kilogram). It is a self-service buffet with a scale at the end of the line. This means food is sold by the kilo regardless of its kind. This concept has nothing to do with ordering from a traditional menu, but rather paying by the weight of the food.

The ''invention" is claimed by the brothers Proença da Matta Machado, from Belo Horizonte - Minas Gerais State Capitol. They say that in 1985 they realized that households were losing maids and the restaurants were getting crowded at lunchtime. The novelty has worked. In a short time, three more restaurants opened in BH and the fifth in Rio de Janeiro.

Suddenly, restaurants "per kilo" appeared all over Brazil. Today thousands of Kilo Restaurants have been established in almost all cities of the Country; near Brazilian Communities in America, especially Florida, and even NYC has a version called Kilo at 9th Avenue.
The possibility of choice, quantity, and controlling spending, in addition to variety and speed of service, has grown dizzyingly and offers a prominent, convenient place to eat.

This restaurant system in which you pay for what you put on the plate, occupies a space left by fast food chains in Brazilian Market (especially the American ones) that gave speed to lunch, but left the customers without the typical Brazilian menu (rice, beans, etc.) and even lighter or healthier options.

Just as the restaurant per kilo concept arose to meet a consumer need to "eat well", the diversity of the dishes offered had to gradually adapt to various palates. Some people like juicy meats and pasta drizzled with sauces, some prefer grilled chicken and fresh salad, others only eat fish, and all rightly want accompaniments suitable to their choices.

These establishments adapt and innovate to please different palates, dietary needs, and restrictions, preferences such as vegetarian or vegan, and time of year. In summer, for example, the demand for fresh greens increases. In winter, people may be looking for a greater variety of grains. Naturalists may prefer foods prepared with natural fibers, such as soy protein, quinoa and brown rice. For people who avoid red meat, fish, vegetables, pasta and fruits of the season are offered. 
A simple idea of putting a scale after a buffet line has become the most popular way to lunch in Brazil.

Marco Amatti, FCSI 
In the late 1960s, with the emergence of the Internet as created by ARPANET,  the intention was to interconnect data to other computers around the world. Almost 60 years later, we see the speed that information and knowledge travel around the world and the transformations that have appeared since that time in the Foodservice industry.

FCSI members engage in lifelong learning development to maintain and enhance knowledge and skills in consulting projects. This includes continuous self-assessment to identify learning strengths and needs, establish short- and long-term goals for individual professional development and select educational opportunities for which Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are appropriate to recognize the achievement of these goals.
FCSI is proud to provide relevant, high-quality education to members whether they are consultants in MAS or Kitchen Design. Programs that have been pre-approved receive Continuing Education Units (CEUs). As a member of FCSI The Americas, members must obtain a certain number of CEUs each year to maintain their membership status. Professional members must earn 12 CEUs, Senior Associate members, 6 CEUs and Associate members must earn 3 CEUs annually. Many FCSI Corporate Education Providers host educational sessions in their factories and offices providing hands-on experiences to expand the knowledge of our members. All Corporate Members of FCSI TA are eligible to provide continuing education to FCSI Consultants through the Education Provider Program (EPP).

The Council of Professional Standards for the Americas (CPSTA) is charged with maintaining our highest standards of education and professional growth based on the core competencies for consultants. The CPSTA provides 
this manual  to those wishing to provide continuing education to FCSI Consultant Members to offer guidance on how to build a program and how many CEUs the program would qualify for. This manual helps ensure programs offered to FCSI Consultant Members meet the standards established by FCSI.

View list of upcoming events on the  FCSI Calendar.
For more information on  Continuing Professional Growth, how to obtain CEUs, providing continuing education as a corporate member or becoming a Professional Member, contact  Kimberly Kissel, Director of Education, FCSI TA, at 309-808-2165 Ext 2.
Here in the Silicon Valley, "food in the  workplace" is a term used thousands of times per day and increasing! The days of chaffing dishes and sterno are drifting away as the transformation of the break-room has grown into something special - the Corporate Café. Some take over an entire floor, seating hundreds if not thousands of employees with more food stations than the number of establishments within a mall's food court.

Each Corporate Café is uniquely designed to meet the needs of the company while adding to their culture. Ensuring first impressions and the overall experience is a memorable moment is no easy feat as the underlying challenge of having "a better café than they do" continues to heighten expectations.
With the help of today's equipment and technology, the choices available are almost endless, enhancing the look and feel removing that old-school cafeteria vibe of stainless steel and steam in the air. The evolution of undercounter units, induction warmers, and ventless cooking enable these cafés to be versatile and easily placed almost anywhere in the building.
Having been a part of the design and operations of over 25 Corporate Cafés, I am excited about the upcoming challenges and having the ability to continue to solidify the benefits, advantages, and features of having a Foodservice Consultant on the job. I am sure many of you would agree that the trials presented throughout the project require a foodservice professional's knowledge and network, saving time and money.
I look forward to the upcoming smiles and excitement during the next café grand opening, though none of this would be possible without everyone else involved in the foodservice industry.

The Committee for Emerging Consultants (C4EC) strives to be the liaison of the community for foodservice to provide the opportunity to learn how to become a professional member and is a vehicle to connecting new members with established members.
If you are a newer consultant member of FCSI and would like to learn more about how to get involved with the C4EC, contact Kimberly.

Congratulations to Christine Guyott, FCSI, RD for receiving the 2018 AHF Making a Difference Award. This award was presented to her during the AHF Annual Conference on Thursday, August 23, 2018. 

The AHF Making a Difference Award recipient is selected by the AHF Industry Advisory Board Chair and given in honor of John Cabot. It is the Association's top award for business partners and the media.
William Watts, FCSI (EM) and his wife, Mihoko Matsuda Nelsen, passed away in a plane crash over the weekend of August 11, 2018. The plane crash occurred in Baker County, Oregon. The couple were believed to be en route to Baker County Municipal Airport. Bill was a long time member of FCSI who joined us most recently at the Biennial Conference in Denver last April. 

Crash investigation is pending.  

Donations can be made to Mooney Summit, The Gilliland Foundation. 


The NAFEM Show takes place February 7-9, 2019 in Orlando,Florida at the Orange County Convention Center. Registration is  OPEN. FCSI Consultants, details on how to register at no cost will be sent to you shortly. For details on the 2019 NAFEM Show, visit the  NAFEM Show Website.
Stephan Weingarten passed away Sunday, August 12. Stephan was married to Connie Dickson, FCSI. Connie is an active member of FCSI and currently serves as Chair for the Council for Professional Members.
Stephan is survived by his mother, Felicia Weingarten, his wife of 26 years, Connie Dickson, and their son, Aidan Weingarten. Stephan enjoyed life and shared his passions with everyone close to him. He was fond of classic cars, baseball, was a fan of great food, drink, and the occasional cigar.

Memorials may be sent to Dr. Jeffery G. Weingarten Fund for Holocaust Education at the St. Paul Jewish Community Center.

Ready, Set, GO!
Symposium Planning Committee Meeting in Chicago 
2019 Symposium Planning is underway. The planning committee met in Chicago on August 21 to start the selection process for the educational sessions. There were many great topics to choose from and the Committee had to make some tough choices. However, they were able to come together and created an awesome day full of education.
We hope everyone has the need. The need for speed, because this year's Symposium is going to have our attendees racing to the top after all the knowledge they'll obtain along the way. The Symposium kicks off with the Opening Party at Andretti Indoor Karting and Gaming on Tuesday, February 5 at 7-10 pm. Wednesday morning, we hope attendees will be ready to "hit the road" because the educational sessions will take attendees on a journey they won't forget. 
FCSI The Americas launched a Foodservice Consultants Experts Network, made up of foodservice consultants who serve as experts in the foodservice and hospitality industry. This network can be used as a resource where an independent foodservice consultant is needed to comment, write, or speak as an expert in the foodservice and hospitality industry.

Consultants can be searched by location, areas of expertise, market segments, or experience. For more information or a list of contacts, visit the FCSI webpage or contact Wade

In this 15th episode of FCSI The America's Serving Up Solutions video series, Gina Brinegar, FCSI, discusses how to initiate a project for a client and turn their dreams into reality. Gina also explains what it means to work with an FCSI Consultant.

The FCSI The Americas Serving Up Solutions video series provides quick tips and tricks to  operators and promotes FCSI Consultant Members as experts in the industry.

If you are interested in being featured in one of our upcoming videos, contact Sydney.
The second Wednesday of every month from 1-2pm ET

Recent discussions with a few members of the Southeast Chapter have indicated that Revit seems to remain a hot topic of conversation and angst. We believe there is vast knowledge that we can share with one another around this evolving software. The SE Chapter plans to host monthly meetings, generally around an hour long, to address topics and challenges related to the software and share possible solutions. 

Mark your calendars for the second Wednesday of every month and join the discussion!
Second Wednesday of each month from 1-2pm ET
Click this link to join: Skype Link  
Trouble Joining?  Try Skype Web App  
The Southeast Chapter is excited to announce their annual event this year will be held in the Tampa / Clearwater area of Florida!. They will open the event with a cocktail social on November 1st, 2018 at 5pm in SSA Studio in Tampa.  A day of training is to follow on November 2nd at 9am in the test kitchen of Eaton Marketing in Clearwater. This event will provide CEU's for our day of training!
  • The cocktail social will be $25 in advance and $30 at the door to include a light dinner and cocktails / wine bar.
  • Hotel accommodations will be at the Westin Tampa Waterside. A room block will be available at a discount rate when an estimated attendance is determined This hotel is located in the adjoining building to the SSA Studio and a short walk to your rooms!
  • Everyone will be bussed to Eaton Marketing Friday morning to begin our full day of educational sessions split up with an awe-inspiring lunch prepared by Chef Rick! Manufacturers providing the education are being finalized, so look for future flyers. Educational session will finish around 5pm for everyone to make it back to the airport and home for the weekend.
Our mission is to gather professionally and socially to create communication channels and friendships throughout the region. As FCSI members,  we have all experienced a situation where we could use a little assistance from a fellow consultant. Hopefully Chapter events like this will strengthen our collaborative power and allow us to work together to find solutions and offer resources!

Questions? Contact Robert Scheibly, Southeast Chapter Leader.

Join the FCSI Upper Midwest Chapter for its annual educati onal event which is being held at Surly Brewery in Minneapolis, MN on October 25. We are planning a fun fi lled day of educati on, food, and fun! Oh, and beer! Registration is now open. If you are interested in attending their event, please follow this link to get registered. 

Questions? Please contact Katharine Mizla or Jessica Dengel 
FCSI The Americas participated at the 32nd Annual Abastur - Mexico´s largest foodservice & equipment show. The FCSI booth was visited by local FCSI members as well as an array of distinguished guests like Jay Stieber, Chairman of the National Restaurant Association of the U.S., as well as high level representatives of Mexico's National Chamber of Restaurants and Prepared Foods Industries.

As in previous years, FCSI members where invited by the organizers of Abastur to speak and give presentations to over 120 attendees of the Ho.Re.Ca. Congress which takes place within Abastur.  

This year we had three Consultant Members participate; Bill Main, FCSI, opened the Congress with his presentation of "Anatomy of a Turnaround", Laura Lentz, FCSI, talked about "How to Cater to 4 Different Generations of Customers at the Same Time", and Chris Tripoli, FCSI, closed the event with his keynote "Welcome to the Eat-ertainment Industry". All sessions were well attended and engaging. 

FCSI The Americas was thrilled to be part of the show as we continue to strengthen our presence and the FCSI brand in Latin America. 

The Association of Licensed Architects is hosting their 20th Anniversary of the Midwest Architecture Conference on Tuesday, October 2, 2018. The Conference takes place at Drury Lane Conference Center, Oakbrook Terrace, IL from 10:15 AM - 4:00 PM. Interested in exhibiting or sponsoring  the conference? Find full details here .
New Vector® Multi-Cook Ovens from Alto-Shaam provide operators unrivaled benefits for their business, including improved food quality, increased production, reduced labor costs and the revolutionary ability to simultaneously cook up to four different foods in the same oven with zero flavor transfer. Reach new levels of flexibility, efficiency and quality with ovens  available in countertop (H Series) or full-size (F Series) models to meet the needs of any operation.
Exclusive Structured Air Technology® provides high-quality, consistent cooking, increased throughput, and eliminates the need to watch and rotate pans. Vector ovens are also designed for simple operation with intuitive, touch-screen controls. For additional savings, these models are waterless, reducing installation and operating costs. Visit Alto-Shaam's website to learn more.