December 2017
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Melissa Moore

Camila Ochoa
RAS Design Group LLC

Lauren Kearns 
Colburn& Guyette Foodservice Design Consultants

Arturo Castro
Gastrotec - El Salvador

Sponsorship Opportunities
FCSI-TA Corporate members, are you looking to increase your exposure in the coming year? There are multiple opportunities to network with and talk to FCSI Consultants.
Save the Date
Denver, CO
April 19-21, 2018
2017 Project Showcase

Access and share the digital version here.
Consultants: Log Your CEUs for 2017
Please log your CEUs for 2017 before the end of the year. Associates need to earn 3 CEUs annually, Senior Associates need to earn 6 CEUs and Professional Members need to earn 12 CEUs. Visit the FCSI Calendar for current programs. 
Need help? Visit FCSI TA's Professional Growth page, or contact Kimberly.
Chapter Corner
Contact your chapter leader if you are interested in getting involved.

Chapter Leader:  John Radchenko, FCSI (PP) , Van Velzen + Radchenko Design Assoc.

Chapter Co-leaders:  Peg Galie , S20 Consultants;   Trish Jass , Rippe Associates
Chapter Leader:  Ed Arons, FCSI , Colburn & Guyette Consulting Partners, Inc.

Chapter Leader:  Jill Bierman, FCSI JBK Consulting & Design, Inc.

Chapter Leader:  Gina Brinegar , Webb Foodservice Design

Chapter Leader:  Kelly Marinick, Hoshizaki America

Chapter Co-leaders:  Jennifer Murphy , FCSI , Camacho;   Anja Kuechenmeister , Camacho 

Chapter Co-leaders: Juan Matamoros, FCSI, Gastrotec;
 Sergio Frota SF Frota Consultoria
Most likely by the time you read this you are already charging full steam ahead into 2018. This means you made it to another year. I trust 2107 was a good year and I pray that 2018 will be an outstanding year for all.  2017 has been a very busy year for FCSI TA, just to highlight a few of the many events and endeavors that benefit our members:
  • NAFEM Symposium in Orlando with strong consultant attendance (140) outnumbering the Allied attendance.
  • Launched the FCSI The Americas 'Serving Up Solutions' video series featuring FCSI Consultant members.  This series will continue to grow and we encourage you to participate!
  • Increased consultant membership for the sixth year in a row
  • Distributed our 5th Annual Project Showcase publication to over 10,000 Architects and 3,000 Operators
  • Translated the Professional Membership Exams into Spanish, Portuguese and French
  • Celebrated our 1st and 2nd members in Brazil to accomplish their Professional Memberships through the exam process
  • Participated at Fispal and Equipotel tradeshows in Brazil, Abastur in Mexico City and HX Show along with hosting FCSI sponsored educational sessions
  • Celebrated great regional events
I encourage you to get involved! There are plenty of volunteer and service opportunities available for 2018, including the membership committee, the editorial advisory committee for the magazine, and the marketing committee. If you are ready to become more involved in the Society, contact Wade to learn more about these opportunities.

There are several changes to your Board in the new term. I wish to offer a heartfelt thank you to those who are leaving, including Stu Bellingham, Dick Eisenbarth, Harry Schildkraut and Eric Von Kaenel for their time and service. I am excited to welcome our new Board members and look forward to serving with them. I especially want to recognize the service of our Past Chair and WW President Bill Taunton. Bill's service to FCSI has been a Herculean task he accepted and he has earned a debt of gratitude from all our members.  

I look forward to the next two years with Bill Caruso as our new TA Chair.  Bill served as the FCSI Worldwide President many years ago, and has a great heart for the Society and our members. I know FCSI TA will continue to grow and better serve our members under his leadership.

Are you planning to attend the Denver Conference this April? The education and evening events are really taking shape, and I can't thank the sponsors enough for helping us put on yet another great conference! 

Last, and certainly not least, I wish to thank our wonderful staff for their help, friendship and service to our members, and especially to me during the past two years. Our Staff is the finest I have ever had the honor to work with. Wade Koehler, Kimberly Kissel, and Penny Price - thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I look forward to talking with you soon.

James Camacho, FCSI
Chair, FCSI The Americas
Now is the time to get involved in FCSI! 
We are looking for members to contribute to the following committees in 2018:

Membership Committee
Review Senior Associate applications 
Create member recruiting campaigns
Review applicant eligibility issues

Editorial Advisory Committee - New for 2018!
Suggest / review editorial topics to be considered for Foodservice Consultant magazine

Marketing Committee
Help create/maintain FCSI TA's social media presence
Review submissions for the Serving up Solutions video series

Please consider being an active volunteer thought leader within the Society! Contact Wade to learn mor e.
The 2018 Denver Conference is right around the corner and FCSI wants to recognize the best of the best. If you know of anyone who is worthy of being nominated for the following awards, please consider nominating yourself or fellow FCSI members for one or more of the following awards:

The Trendsetter Award
This award is presented to an individual who best exemplifies innovation, creativity and unique and lastin g contributions to the foodservice industry.

The Robert Pacifico Memorial "Doing Well by Doing Good" Award
The award is intended to recognize an FCSI Consultant Member who has been diligent in his or her community service and who has consistently shown dedication, support, and leadership to the hospitality industry. By inference, this individual is dedicated to encouraging a values centered approach to consulting practices.
FCSI Green Award
This award is presented to an individual or company in the foodservice and hospitality industry that has created an innovative environmental operation or product that has improved the environmental standards and conditions of the operation or industry as a whole.
To submit an individual or company for consideration email Wade with the following information:
Nominee Name,  Submitted by,  Award Category,  Description and Explanation for nomination
New Technology in the Restaurant with Kris Morphis
In this episode of FCSI The America's Serving Up Solutions video series, Kris Morphis explores the differences between augmented reality and virtual reality and the benefits of using these tools when designing a food service space. Also hear about how mobile app technology has revolutionized the way a restaurant interacts with the customer. Watch Now

The Serving Up Solutions video series is meant to provide quick tips and tricks to operators, as well as promote FCSI consultants as experts in the industry.  If you are interested in being featured in one of our upcoming videos, contact   Wade .

FCSI The Americas launched a Foodservice Consultants Experts Network, made up of foodservice consultants who serve as experts in the foodservice and hospitality industry. This network can be used as a resource where an independent foodservice consultant is needed to comment, write, or speak as an expert in the foodservice and hospitality industry.

Consultants can be searched by location, areas of expertise, market segments, or experience. For more information or a list of contacts, visit the FCSI webpage or contact Wade

Have you renewed your FCSI membership for 2018? Multiple renewal statements have previously been sent via email and USPS - be sure to check your inbox and renew now! 

Haven't received a 2018 renewal statement?  Contact Penny to confirm that we have the correct contact information for you.  

We are excited about the new year and look forward to continuing to serve you in 2018!
The America's Division
is turning 10 years old in 2018
and we need your help in celebrating this milestone! 
Please submit any of the following:
  • A short video sharing a favorite FCSI memory - this can be anything that means something to you! Grab your smartphone (and maybe a friend if you're not comfortable filming a selfie), make a short (amateur) 10-20 second video
  • Written FCSI memories or a statement about the Society
  • Photos of past events, FCSI members, etc
  • FCSI logo items
  • FCSI historical/archive documents  
Send your submission to Kimberly.
FCSI Members can post jobs available in your firm or company at no cost on the FCSI job board . Email Penny with any details you want to include about the opportunity, including how candidates can apply. 
The FCSI The Americas Canadian Chapter held its annual Christmas Cocktail Party on Thursday, December 7. Ninety-five people were able to enjoy this great snowless night, which included a silent auction. The event took place  at St. George's Golf and Country Club in Toronto.
April 19-21, 2018

Click here for details and the application. Entries are due by February 12. Finalists are notified by March 5. 

If you have never attended a FCSI TA Symposium or Conference, or it has been at least 4 years, you could qualify for a grant for the Denver Conference.  Click here for details and the application Submissions need to be received by February 20 and grant recipients are notified by February 24. 
Thursday, April 19
Professional Membership Exams, FREE Professional Head Shots, and Opening Party
Friday, April 20
Full day of education and networking followed by an evening of food, drinks, fun, and C4EC After Hours Party at our host hotel, Denver Marriott City Center
Saturday, April 21
Full day of education and networking followed by the Closing Party at Punch Bowl Social Denver
Session Topics Include:
Opening Keynote: Get Switched On! with Chip Eichelberger
Your Nerdy Best Friend, Beth Z, on "A Day in the Life of A Nerdy Foodservice Consultant" and "Secret Tech Weapons for Foodservice Consultants"
United States Olympic Committee Member, Terri Moreman, on "Feeding an Athlete"
Revit - How do you stack up?
The Business of Cannabis Kitchens with industry expert Jaime Lewis
Unconventional Spaces
Virtual Reality
Resolving Labor Issues...It's a People Business After All!
Food Display Trends
Recruiting and Retaining Talent in Consulting Firms

Register by January 31 for the best rate. 
Hotel Accommodations 
Please note effective December 1 our host hotel, the Marriott City Center, changed ownership and is know known as the Hilton Denver City Center. This will not affect our conference or your reservations.

Hilton Denver City Center
1701 California Street,  Denver, CO 80202
To book a room with the FCSI TA special room rate of $189/night, click  here.
Sponsorship Opportunities
Corporate members, there are four sponsorship levels (Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Silver), and at every level there are new benefits! Show your commitment to FCSI by sponsoring the Denver Conference.
Sponsor a First Time Attendee of the Conference - your US$500 sponsorship helps tremendously!
  • Brings new faces to the conference and shows them the value of attending FCSI programs
  • Allows even the small allied firms to support the conference
  • Allows consulting firms to upgrade the skills and knowledge of their younger members
  • Ensures the future of the industry
  • Encourages long time members to interact with the next generation of consultants
  • The FCSI Educational Foundation matches your grant, giving attendees US$1000 to use toward expenses related to the conference

Sponsor a First Time Attendee of the Denver Conference


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First-Time Attendee Matching Grant Sponsorship

KCL - Sponsoring Two First-Time Attendees
Al da Costa, FFCSI, (EM) (PP)
CPSTA is an ever-evolving experiment in learning and leadership. This learning crucible includes parts about self-awareness, listening skills, we versus me, a study in cultural biases, and the art of critical thinking.
The work of CPSTA over the last four years in its own evolvement has been a perfect backdrop for the entrance of two totally unknown persons into the CPS community.
The first bonus was and is that both guests/candidates/new members/dear colleagues, showed up with open minds, a willingness to be vulnerable with the language challenges, and a fierce intellect.
Emmanuel (who here gets first mention as the "senior" consultant (read chronological age)) and Raoni represent fine examples of both wisdom and exuberant youth. Also, two people who hold each other in high regard.
CPS spent some time working to discern the best way to welcome the new reps from Brazil, which meant we had to consider how to approach the potential language challenges, the difference in perspectives in culture, and to provide a place where learning about each other was sincere and fun.
We all worked hard to "slow down" our speaking so that our (then) "guests" would have time to comprehend and respond, and we also worked to become more intense listeners with gobs of patience.
The second bonus was, and remains, the intense passion that both Emmanuel and Raoni show for everything they undertake, both in our meetings together and when they are back home. This passion reflected in the intensity of our conversations and the amount of mission work both gentlemen successfully undertook with their colleagues in South America.
The integration of these fine consultants into the CPSTA family, and the realization of their goals to achieve professional status in what can only be described as a rapid ascendance, and the movement to full membership in CPS, speaks to the ability of this body to adapt, grow, be inclusive and be both critical thinkers and comedians at the same time.
In the end, we all mentored one another, and Raoni's reflections in his article in last month's Direct Connection confirms these relationships and their value in a healthy system/group.
The Council for Professional Standards - The Americas (CPSTA) sets standards of performance for professional FCSI-TA consultants, administers core competencies set by FCSI WW, and measures performance for core competencies.