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Jim Doak
JWD Consultancy, LLC

Eduardo Esteban
Studioino - Arquitetura E Design SS LTDA

Timothy Halevan
Air Energy Consulting

Tim McDougald
Clevenger Associates

Robert McMillion
Gordon Food Service

Thomas Dorer
Right Angle Partners, LLC

Joe Sorgent
Cini-Little International, Inc.

Congratulations to our Consultant Members Pursuing Professional Membership!
Emmanuel Melo and Raoni Saade recently passed the Industry Knowledge Exam 
Shelley Feldman Passes
Shelley Feldman, passed April 24, 2017

A great friend of the foodservice industry passed away last week. Shelley Feldman, just shy of his 91st birthday, was actively involved on the operator side, manufacturing side, and as a consultant through his long career.

Read his full obituary  here
2017 Sponsorship Opportunities
FCSI-TA Corporate members, are you looking to increase your exposure in the coming year? There are multiple opportunities to network with and talk to FCSI Consultants. 
Save the Date
Atlanta, Georgia
June 12, 2017

São Paulo, Brasil
June 27-30, 2017

São Paulo, Brasil
September 11-14, 2017
Applying Large, Multi-Venue Foodservice Facility Trends to Other Market Sectors
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
September 21, 2017
1:00-5:30 pm

New York City, New York
November 12-13, 2017
Take Advantage of All of FCSI's Educational Opportunities
There are so many ways to earn your required continuing education for the year with FCSI's Approved Education Providers. Visit the FCSI Calendar for current programs. 
You may also contact any of our Education Providers .
Need help? Visit FCSI TA's Professional Growth page, or contact Kimberly.
Chapter Corner
Contact your chapter leader if you are interested in getting involved.

Chapter Leader:  John Radchenko, FCSI (PP) , Van Velzen + Radchenko Design Assoc.

Chapter Co-leader:  Peg Galie , S20 Consultants
Chapter Co-leader:  Trish Jass , Rippe Associates
Chapter Leader:  Ed Arons, FCSI , Colburn & Guyette Consulting Partners, Inc.

Chapter Leader:  Jill Bierman, FCSI JBK Consulting & Design, Inc.

Chapter Leader:  Gina Brinegar , Webb Foodservice Design

Chapter Leader:  Kelly Marinick, Hoshizaki America

Chapter Co-leader:  Jennifer Murphy , FCSI , Camacho
Chapter Co-leader:  Anja Kuechenmeister , Camacho 

Chapter Co-leader: Juan Matamoros, FCSI, Gastrotec
Chapter Co-leader: Sergio FrotaSF Frota Consultoria
James Camacho, FCSI

Staying current with the foodservice industry and everything it has to offer can be time-consuming and, for most of us, hard to fit it into our already busy schedules. One of the perks of being an FCSI member is the Continuing Education program. As you all probably know, all consultant members are required to earn CEUs each year in order to maintain membership (Associate Members: 3 CEUs annually; Senior Associate Members: 6 CEUs annually; Professional Members: 12 CEUs annually).

Some might look at this as a challenge, but I hope you see this as an opportunity. As a consultant of FCSI, there are many opportunities to learn about our ever-changing industry, network with other consultants, and get to know the people who make up FCSI's Educational Provider Program (EPP). 

I encourage you to attend Educational Provider Program events from our Education Providers who support FCSI throughout the year through our many events and activities. By doing this, you will also earn CEUs to work toward your annual requirement.

Challenge yourself to attend at least one per year. What's great about these programs is they come in many different forms, so you can choose the one that's right for you and fits your schedule: webinar (live or recorded), tour, seminar, conference, symposium, etc. Usually 1 hour of education is equivalent to 1 CEU. Visit the Continuing Professional Growth page on the FCSI The Americas website, which includes commonly attended programs and qualifying CEUs.

If you have questions about the FCSI The Americas Education Provider Program or your CEU requirements, please contact FCSI TA's Director of Education, Kimberly Kissel .

Check out the FCSI TA calendar of current educational opportunities here

All my best,



James Camacho, FCSI
Chair, FCSI The Americas
Por que  você deve escolher um consultor FCSI?

Raoni Saade explica sobre a Sociedade Internacional de Consultores em Food Service (FCSI), quando você precisa de um Consultor FCSI, e por que você deve escolher um consultor FCSI.

Veja aqui.

As always, if you are interested in being featured in one of our videos or have an idea for a topic, please contact Stacy.

Michael Johnson, FFCSI (PP)
at the FCSI Phoenix Conference, April 2014
Michael Johnson, FFCSI (PP)
Culinary Design Center LLC
Passed on Thursday, May 18, 2017

We are saddened to learn of the passing of Michael Johnson, FFCSI (PP), a long-time member of FCSI and a great contributor to the Society on both the worldwide and divisional levels.  

Michael was a member of FCSI for over 25 years. He served as President of FCSI from 1993-94. In 2005, he was inducted into the Council of Fellows, and also received the Award for Excellence in Design. Michael's commitment to FCSI included serving on committees such as the Council for Professional Standards, as well as taking on the role of conference chair for the Atlanta 2007 Conference.

His Memorial will take place on Sunday, June 11 at  Sandy Springs Christian Church, located at  301 Johnson Ferry Road in  Sandy Springs, GA 30328.

The family will begin receiving guests at 1:00 pm. The service will begin at 2:00 pm, with a reception to follow. 

Donations to the FCSI Educational Foundation in his honor can be sent to the following:
FCSI Educational Foundation
C/o Michael Johnson Memorial
P.O. Box 4961
Louisville, KY 40204

John Cornyn, FCSI (EM) and
Joyce Fasano, FCSI (EM)

FCSI PNW Chapter gathered for a fun evening to honor John and Joyce for their many years of dedication to FCSI and to the foodservice industry. Attendees included fellow consultants, manufacturer's reps, factory reps, and clients. The party was held at a local favorite restaurant, Elephant's Delicatessen in Portland and included dinner, drinks, laughter, and the sharing of stories of how John and Joyce have impacted lives of many industry members through mentoring, writing articles, nurturing careers, dedicating their time to local charities, and various volunteer positions within FCSI. John and Joyce were also honored for their honesty and integrity throughout the years.      
P rior to the start of the party, several consultants attended a very informative CEU educational session at the Evo factory in Tualatin, OR. Then consultants, reps and others gathered at Elephant's prior to the party for a collaborative PNW chapter meeting, conducted by Chair Elect, Garrett Lennon and Chair, Jill Bierman, FCSI. It was great to have new ideas, the support of the local allied members and reps, and to have John and Joyce impart their wisdom. There is a strong desire to support a local or national charity with a fundraising event in the near future.
At the close of the evening, in true Cornyn/Fasano fashion, the two encouraged us to get involved and make a positive difference in the community and with FCSI. Their presence has already been missed at recent events but they are always happy to offer insight and assistance when asked. Thank you John and Joyce! 
Seminar on Sous Vide Returns

Held at Humber Teaching College in Toronto on May 17th, 2017, 58 members gathered at the College for our usual 'Meet and Greet' and then proceeded to the Teaching Lab for an hour seminar on Sous Vide. Although Sous Vide is not a new concept, it is now being taken to new venues and tailored for many uses in smaller foodservice establishments. We were treated with delicious tastes of the food items that had been discussed and cooked during the session. 

From there we returned to their wonderful Dining Room and had a buffet meal all of which, including the dessert, was executed in the Sous Vide method. We were impressed with the quality of the food. Chef Placko, Professor/Chef, Ryan Visser, Retail Director, Savio Colaco,Continuing Business Education, and Antonio Folino, HRT Catering and Events were the Humber executives that made this event such a success. We all agreed that Sous Vide has made a 'Return' to our hospitality industry.

Christine Guyott, FCSI, RD; Wade Koehler, CAE, Executive Director, FCSI TA; and Kristin Sedej, FCSI
The Upper Midwest Chapter of FCSI held their annual NRA networking reception May 21st at the Godfrey Hotel Urban Roofscape Lounge in Chicago. An increasingly popular networking event for those in town, this year had more than 250 members and guests in attendance. We were fortunate to have great weather to go along with all the socializing and the taco bar was a big hit.

Thank you to all of those able to attend. We hope you're able to join us again next year. A special thank you, too, to Kristin Sedej for once again organizing this event!


Peter Christensen, FCSI
HX: The Hotel Experience Show has chosen Christensen Consultants as the 2017 winners of the Foodservice Pioneering Concept Installation in New York City November 12-23, 2017. Peter Christensen, FCSI, says he is looking forward to the challenge.

The Foodservice Pioneering Concept is in its 6th year of awarding a foodservice trendsetter and creator, first prize for a new design that is creative, innovative and forward-thinking. HX: The Hotel Experience awards the pioneering concept each year to bring attention to food and beverage inventors and their creations to enhance the industry with new cutting-edge technology and ideas.

Uma historia do Brasil 

Doug Huber, FCSI,
For the past dozen years, the professional membership process (aka testing) has been a big part of The Americas Division. With modifications and improvements along the way, the Americas Division's pathway to professional membership is now the envy of the other divisions of FCSI.  Recently, the Industry Knowledge Exam was successfully translated into French, Spanish, and Portuguese offering the opportunity for most of our division's Senior Associate Members to take the exam in their native tongue.  The translation effort was no small task, taking the better part of a year and thousands of dollars.  It was, however, a vital step in strengthening The Americas Division.  Our members throughout the entire division can now take the exam in one of four languages rather than being restricted to an English version.
At a recent meeting of the Council of Professional Standards in Chicago, I caught up with Brazilian FCSI member Emmanuel Melo, a senior associate who was attending the meeting as an invited guest. I wanted to find out what the members in South America thought about the professional membership process and the fact that the Industry Knowledge Exam was now available in Spanish and Portuguese. Emmanuel shared an interesting story that I found fascinating.
He told me there was talk among some of the members in Brazil who assumed that Emmanuel would come to Chicago and receive coaching to pass the Industry Knowledge Exam (in other words, he would be given the answers to the test so that he could easily pass the exam).  As Emmanuel shared this story with me he told me how disappointed he would have been if that had been true. Emmanuel believes that the value of being a Professional Member of FCSI depends upon a rigorous testing process that confirms a consultant's industry knowledge and professional skills. The day before the FCSI Symposium in Orlando, Florida, Emmanuel took the Industry Knowledge Exam (using the Portuguese version).  He came away from that experience knowing that the test was indeed a rigorous examination that required a broad knowledge of the foodservice industry.  Unfortunately, Emmanuel did not pass the test the first time around.  As a result, his confidence that the professional membership process was worthy of pursuit had been confirmed.  He has since taken the exam a second time and I  am happy to report that Emmanuel successfully passed the exam.

Emmanuel is now able to continue his journey to becoming a Professional Member of FCSI. He desires a strong FCSI and understands that rigorous standards are part of building that strong society.  I am especially proud to have worked with Emmanuel over the last year and look forward to seeing him carry the FCSI brand throughout South America and beyond in the years to come.  So to him I say, "Boa sorte and Bom trabalho!"
Doug Huber, FCSI, CFA, CFSP

Shelby Wurscher
Anja Kuechenmeister
We are moving forward! We've already invited and connected with new FCSI members! What is C4EC? A committee of FCSI members that want to help, mentor, encourage and connect people within our industry. Did you know that all new members of FCSI are automatically enrolled as part of C4EC? No? Then we welcome you to join us on our next conference call on June 7. Here's what we've been up to...

This year we established goals to increase membership and Professional membership by April 2018 by networking and learning about how to become Professional Members. We also want to encourage and support our next generation by diversifying. We can do this by mentoring and hiring Gen Y'ers, women, and people of other cultures and ethnicities. We are currently highlighting those people and firms who are already doing so. Your success is our success! So far, we have introduced you to Jason Revalee and we hope you had a chance to read about him in the last issue of Direct Connection. Look for our monthly articles in Direct Connection as we introduce you to who's who and let you know what we're up to.

If you or your company has been diversifying, great job! Submit a short write up along with a photo of what your company is doing to diversify and we may contact you!

If you would like to be a mentor, take steps to Professional Membership, or learn how to make the most of your FCSI membership, please contact Anja Kuechenmeister, Shelby Wurscher, or Kimberly Kissel. Contact Kimberly if you would like to join us for our next conference call on June 7.

Eat well, be well, and keep in touch!

Anja Kuechenmeister and Shelby Wurscher

Bill Caruso, FFCSI (PP), and Stephen Young, FCSI, WC & Partners, announced this spring that WC & Partners Inc. (WC&P) has formed a strategic alliance with Gastrotec, S.p.a., headed by Gastrotec's President, Bill Taunton, FCSI.

"The expansion into Latin America is the culmination of many years of association with Bill Taunton, the recent Worldwide President of Foodservice Consultants Society International (FCSI)," said Caruso before continuing, "I could not think of a more professional and ethical colleague than Bill and we are thrilled to have him and his expert staff join with us in this new expansionary venture."

Read the full press release here

  Clevenger Associates, a West Coast-based foodservice consultancy, announced it has merged with MVP Services Group, in Dubuque, Iowa, to expand its consulting and design services in the Midwest. The merger, which was finalized in March, will also help Clevenger supplement its award-winning design projects with an even stronger focus on management advisory consulting.

"We are thrilled to combine forces with the highly reputable MVP Services Group," said Brent Hall, FCSI, vice president, at Clevenger Associates. "Clevenger's 44 years of history combined with MVP's 19-plus years of consulting operations experience will bring expanded know-how and greater value to our existing client base while growing our capabilities in other areas of the country."

Read the full article here

Date: Monday, June 12, 2017
Cost: $90/player
Location: Northwood Country Club in Lawrenceville, GA

How to Register: Contact Lynette Croy at or call 770-582-1144
Deadline to register is May 31, 2017

***All proceeds go to Living Water for Girls, a residential program that serves girls and young women (12-18 years of age) who have survived human sex trafficking. 
Host: Charlie Souhrada, Vice President, Regulatory & Technical Affairs for NAFEM
Thursday, June 29
2-3 PM ET

You've heard the news: the U.S. government has given refrigerators, freezers, ice machines and walk-ins quite the cold shoulder over the past few years. What's the latest and how does the ripple effect of impact your clients' future projects? Learn what's going on, in laymen's terms, during this refrigeration regulation webinar presented by Charlie Souhrada, CFSP, vice president, regulatory & technical affairs for the North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers (NAFEM).

Continental Refrigerator

Product: Pizza Preps

Pizza Preparation Tables with Vision Panel Lid offers a unique forced air design utilizing fans (approx. every 12") across entire back of unit for even distribution of cold; refrigerated door (standard) or drawer (optional) section uniquely housed above compressor adds extra storage; raised angle rail for greater ease and comfort; expansion valve for quick recovery; built-in, off-cycle defrost timer assures optimum coil defrost; certified under NSF-7 to maintain temperatures in 86°F ambient and designed to maintain NSF-7 temperatures in 100°F ambient; easy in-the-field conversion from "door to drawer" or "drawer to door."; electronic controller w/digital display & hi-low alarm; sizes: 43", 60", 68", 93" and 118".