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Heraldo Blasco
The Fresh Id - Food & Retail Consultants

Richard Ju
NGAssociates Foodservice Consultants

Camilla Ochoa
RAS Design Group LLC

Annlyn Ouzts
NGAssociates Foodservice Consultants

Corey Reilly
NGAssociates Foodservice Consultants

Marcin Zmeijko
William Caruso & Partners, Inc.

Sponsorship Opportunities
FCSI-TA Corporate members, are you looking to increase your exposure in the coming year? There are multiple opportunities to network with and talk to FCSI Consultants.
Save the Date
Toronto, ON
December 7, 2017
Please RSVP by Dec 4

Boston, MA
December 14, 2017

Denver, CO
April 19-21, 2018
2017 Project Showcase Released

The 2017 Project Showcase has arrived! The printed issue was once again sent to 10,000 architects. You can view the digital version here.
Consultants: Log Your CEUs for 2017
Please log your CEUs for 2017 before the end of the year. Associates need to earn 3 CEUs annually, Senior Associates need to earn 6 CEUs and Professional Members need to earn 12 CEUs. Visit the FCSI Calendar for current programs. 
Need help? Visit FCSI TA's Professional Growth page, or contact Kimberly.
Chapter Corner
Contact your chapter leader if you are interested in getting involved.

Chapter Leader:  John Radchenko, FCSI (PP) , Van Velzen + Radchenko Design Assoc.

Chapter Co-leaders:  Peg Galie , S20 Consultants;   Trish Jass , Rippe Associates
Chapter Leader:  Ed Arons, FCSI , Colburn & Guyette Consulting Partners, Inc.

Chapter Leader:  Jill Bierman, FCSI JBK Consulting & Design, Inc.

Chapter Leader:  Gina Brinegar , Webb Foodservice Design

Chapter Leader:  Kelly Marinick, Hoshizaki America

Chapter Co-leaders:  Jennifer Murphy , FCSI , Camacho;   Anja Kuechenmeister , Camacho 

Chapter Co-leaders: Juan Matamoros, FCSI, Gastrotec;
 Sergio Frota SF Frota Consultoria
Dear Fellow FCSI Members:

Being as this is my last correspondence to the The Americas membership, I would like to thank each one of you for your continued support, respect, availability and friendship during the many years I volunteered on the FCSI The Americas Division and Worldwide Boards.

By the end of this year, my term as Past Chair of The Americas Division and as Worldwide President of FCSI finally come to an end. It has been 11 years since John Cornyn, FCSI (EM), who was Chair of the FCSI North America Division at the time, invited me to be a part of the North America Board. Thank you, John, for such an opportunity.

I never expected to be part of the Executive Committee of our Board, nor become the Chair, and ultimately be elected the WW President. Things just happened. I was there at the moment that my time was requested and was able to say "yes" to the challenge on behalf of the global Society of FCSI.

Maybe many more or more important things could have been done or developed during my terms, but as I told myself when I started each term, I don´t have extensive volunteer experience but if I'm required to do so, I will do my very best... and I honestly did. I hope you all saw me giving my very best always.
In this short letter, I would like to thank my family and business partners for the time they allowed me to devote to my FCSI colleagues.

I would also like to thank every Board and Staff member who served alongside me since I began my volunteer service on the FCSI Boards and committees; as they were substantial in building my confidence and trust to later carry on the torch in the name of this great Society.

Many people ask, "what is there for me in FCSI? I won´t give away my time for free." Well, I did and I got a lot back, hundreds of friends, great business partners and incredible experiences that I won't ever be able to pay back. Please don´t be afraid whenever you are asked to participate, just move forward and say "YES," I promise you won´t regret it.

When I started on the North America Division Board, there were only two or three members in all of Latin America and over the border south of the US. Honestly, it looked like an abyss to everyone when they considered a membership program in those countries. Today members in Latin America are a few dozen, and some are serving on the Board and other committees. Many of them have a partner in the US or Canada and for sure more will come. It is this growth of the Latin America region that prompted the Division name change from the North America Division to what is known today as The Americas Division.  I am very proud of the growth of the Latin America region and am confident the Latin American members are here for the long run and I am certain The Americas Division will be there to support them.
There is still a lot more to do to make FCSI a better place. And I invite all of you, newer and older members, to be an active part of this Society. We will always be better if we all give our time and efforts to FCSI. Active volunteers will most certainly always translate into better business for all.

Always remember to Share, Support an d Inspire.  Thank you very much to The Americas Division.

William Taunton, FCSI
President, FCSI
Immediate Past Chair, FCSI The Americas

The America's Division
is turning 10 years old in 2018
and we need your help in celebrating this milestone! 
Please submit any of the following:
  • A short video sharing a favorite FCSI memory - this can be anything that means something to you! Grab your smartphone (and maybe a friend if you're not comfortable filming a selfie), make a short (amateur) 10-20 second video
  • Written FCSI memories or a statement about the Society
  • Photos of past events, FCSI members, etc
  • FCSI logo items
  • FCSI historical/archive documents  
Send your submission to Kimberly.

Here are some memories from the 2014 Phoenix Conference

Helping You and Your Business
The Serving Up Solutions video series is meant to provide quick tips and tricks to operators, as well as promote FCSI consultants as experts in the industry.  If you are interested in being featured in one of our upcoming videos, contact   Wade .

FCSI The Americas launched a Foodservice Consultants Experts Network, made up of foodservice consultants who serve as experts in the foodservice and hospitality industry. This network can be used as a resource where an independent foodservice consultant is needed to comment, write, or speak as an expert in the foodservice and hospitality industry.

Consultants can be searched by location, areas of expertise, market segments, or experience. For more information or a list of contacts, visit the FCSI webpage or contact Wade


2018 renewal statements have been sent - be sure to check your inbox and renew now! For questions regarding your membership or renewal statement, contact  Penny
Wondering how your company compares?
Are you wondering how your company compared to other firms who participated in the 2017 FCSI compensation study? For a limited time, FCSI is offering a subsidized special report comparing your company to the overall study findings.
The regular price of this report is US$1,300, but for a limited time FCSI TA is subsidizing the cost down to only US$400. If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity and see how your company's compensation compares to the industry, contact Wade by December 1.
Didn't take the survey but still interested in reviewing the results and seeing how your company stacks up? You can purchase a copy of the report for US$99 by contacting Wade in addition to the comparison report for US$400.
The 2018 Denver Conference is right around the corner and we are looking for the best of the best. If you know of anyone who is worthy of being nominated for the following awards, please consider nominating yourself or fellow FCSI members for one or more of the following awards:

The Trendsetter Award
This award is presented to an individual who best exemplifies innovation, creativity and unique and lastin g contributions to the foodservice industry.

The Robert Pacifico Memorial "Doing Well by Doing Good" Award
The award is intended to recognize an FCSI Consultant Member who has been diligent in his or her community service and who has consistently shown dedication, support, and leadership to the hospitality industry. By inference, this individual is dedicated to encouraging a values centered approach to consulting practices.
FCSI Green Award
This award is presented to an individual or company in the foodservice and hospitality industry that has created an innovative environmental operation or product that has improved the environmental standards and conditions of the operation or industry as a whole.
To submit an individual or company for consideration email Wade with the following information:
Nominee Name,  Submitted by,  Award Category,  Description and Explanation for nomination
2018 marks FCSI TA's first election under our new bylaws which creates a Board consisting of all "At-Large" Trustees in the USA, a Trustee from Canada, and a Trustee from Latin America. There remains a position on the Board of Trustees for an Allied Trustee, which is voted on by all Corporate members.
2018 FCSI The Americas Board of Trustees 

Executive Committee
                 Chair                                           Chair Elect                                    Treasurer
    Bill Caruso, FFCSI (PP)                   Eric Norman, FCSI                        Brent Hall, FCSI

                                 Secretary                                  Immediate Past Chair
                      Christine Guyott, FCSI, RD             James Camacho, FCSI

At-Large Trustees
     Scott Reitano, FCSI             Joe Schumaker, FCSI                        Ken Schwartz, FCSI
        (newly elected)                            (newly elected)                                     (re-elected)
                            Kristin Sedej, FCSI                             Steve Waltz, FCSI
                                 (re-elected)                                       (newly elected)
      Canadian Trustee                     Latin America Trustee                        Allied Trustee
     Patrick Watt, FCSI                      Marco Amatti, FCSI                              Rob Geile
        (newly elected)                               (re-elected)                             Ali Group North America
                                                                                                                     (newly elected)
A heartfelt thank you to the outgoing FCSI TA Trustees

       Immediate Past Chair             Eastern Region Trustee                 Treasurer
      Bill Taunton, FCSI                    Dick Eisenbarth, FCSI          Harry Schildkraut, FCSI           

                            Canadian Trustee                               Allied Trustee                 
                      Stu Bellingham, FCSI (EM)                     Eric Von Kaenel
                                                                                         Unified Brands
Save your spot now!

Join FCSI The Americas in Denver April 19-21, 2018 for three days of networking, education, and fun.
Thursday, April 19
Professional Membership Exams, FREE Professional Head Shots, and Opening Party
Friday, April 20
Full day of education and networking followed by an evening of food, drinks, fun, and C4EC After Hours Party at our host hotel, Denver Marriott City Center
INNOVATION SHOWCASE - We will be holding the Innovation Showcase at the Denver Conference! Look for details in early January. If you have questions in the meantime, contact Kimberly
Saturday, April 21
Full day of education and networking followed by the Closing Party at Punch Bowl Social Denver
Session Topics Include:
  • JUST CONFIRMED! Opening Keynote: Get Switched On! with Chip Eichelberger
  • Your Nerdy Best Friend, Beth Z, on "A Day in the Life of A Nerdy Foodservice Consultant" and "Secret Tech Weapons for Foodservice Consultants"
  • United States Olympic Committee Member, Terri Moreman, on "Feeding an Athlete"
  • Revit - Is it time to implement?
  • The Business of Cannabis Kitchens with industry expert Jaime Lewis
  • Unconventional Spaces
  • Virtual Reality
  • Resolving Labor Issues...It's a People Business After All!
  • Food Display Trends
  • Recruiting and Retaining Talent in Consulting Firms
Click here for Session Details 

Conference registration is open! Register Here. Register by January 31 for the best rate. 
Grants in the amount of US$1000 will be offered to qualifying first-time consultant attendees to help cover the cost of registration, hotel and travel. Details will be announced after the new year.
Hotel Accommodations 
Please note effective December 1 our host hotel, the Marriott City Center, is changing ownership and will be known as the Hilton Denver City Center. This will not affect our conference or your reservations.

Hilton Denver City Center
1701 California Street,  Denver, CO 80202
To book a room with the FCSI TA special room rate of $189/night, click  here.
Sponsorship Opportunities
Corporate members, there are four sponsorship levels (Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Silver), and at every level there are new benefits! Show your commitment to FCSI by sponsoring the Denver Conference.
Sponsor a First Time Attendee of the Conference - your $500 sponsorship helps tremendously!
  • Brings new faces to the conference and shows them the value of attending FCSI programs
  • Allows even the small allied firms to support the conference
  • Allows consulting firms to upgrade the skills and knowledge of their younger members
  • Ensures the future of the industry
  • Encourages long time members to interact with the next generation of consultants
  • The FCSI Educational Foundation matches your grant, giving attendees $1000 to use toward expenses related to the conference

Sponsor a First Time Attendee of the Denver Conference


Diamond Sponsors


Hoshizaki Logo              

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Silver Sponsors

        BSI, LLC                  Channel Manufacturing                Eloma          

        Perlick                     Polar King International, Inc.

First-Time Attendee Matching Grant Sponsorship

KCL - Sponsoring Two First-Time Attendees
Raoni Saade, FCSI
In September 2014 I had the opportunity to meet some members of the FCSI The Americas Board of Trustees during a group visit to Brazil at the invitation of SINDAL and MAPA Assessoria. At that time the FCSI leaders visited some consultants in our country with the purpose of publicizing the work of FCSI in South America. At that moment I did not understand how this Society could help us in the organization of the market in this part of the continent and in strengthening our professional category.
I became an Associate member the following year and with great enthusiasm I participated in FCSI's promotion and publicity actions at trade fairs, events and lectures. Promoting the Society in Brazil and connecting our consultants to the entire supply chain in the foodservice industry.
Even miles away, we sought to connect with other members of FCSI-TA in what is now an important global alliance of foodservice professionals.
In November 2016, Emmanuel Melo and I were invited to participate as guests in face-to-face meetings of the CPSTA (Council for Professional Standards The Americas). During this period we interacted with the group in a two-way process: on the one hand contributing to the understanding of the specific characteristics of our region, and on the other hand we learned a lot about FCSI values and procedures and about the role of CPSTA in these processes. Learning about the examinations to become a Professional member, continuing education programs and other standards and procedures created by the CPSTA were of fundamental importance to my training and to attract new members to the Society in my country.

Earlier this year, Emmanuel and I completed the Professional Membership Process and we became Professional members of FCSI. We were invited to participate as official members of the CPSTA and proudly accepted!
Cultural traits and a different language have never been a barrier to this work, as demonstrated by our colleagues at the CPSTA since the first meeting. They have supported us and demonstrated in practice what it means when FCSI says "We Share, We Support, We Inspire".
Finally, I believe it is the duty of all of us as FCSI members, on and off the committees, to act to strengthen our society and the entire chain of this sector in the Americas. From the beginning, I think first of how I can help FCSI to become stronger in my country. This is my inspiration and my goal.
The Council for Professional Standards - The Americas (CPSTA) sets standards of performance for professional FCSI-TA consultants, administers core competencies set by FCSI WW, and measures performance for core competencies.
On Wednesday, August 2nd, Birchfield Jacobs Foodsystems hosted the 26th Annual Golf Scramble and Crab Feast to benefit the FCSI Educational Foundation.  The golf scramble was held at the beautiful and renowned Queenstown Harbor River Course on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland.  140 golfers enjoyed the best-ball tournament which included 6 prize holes.  
Due to the ever increasing attendance of the crab feast, the event was moved after 25 years to Maria's Love Point Bed & Breakfast, again on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland.  The 280 people in attendance enjoyed, a full dinner buffet, a 5,400 square foot air conditioned tent, live music, volleyball, and cold beverages for all.  The guests of honor were 1,440 steamed jumbo male crabs served hot and spiced.  This year's event raised over $25,000 bringing the total to over $292,000 donated to the Education Foundation.  This could not have been done without the great people in our industry and the awesome sponsors of this event consisting of:
Ali Group,  Bizerba,  Halton,  Hestan,  Hobart,  Hoshizaki ,  JME Associates,  Lane Marketing, Montague Squier Associates,  Structural Concepts, Thermalrite, True, Vulcan, Welbilt

Captive Aire,  Perlick,  Spurry Curren Assoc

Caddy Corp,  TrimarkGill Group
Accutemp Products,  Continental,  F W E / Food Warming Equipment,  Imperial Brown,  Johnson-Lancaster,  KCL,  RDT,  Victory Refrigeration
Brass Smith,  Channel,  Crescor,  EMR,  Gaylord,  High Sabatino,  Hobart,  Regal-Pinnacle,  Schmid Wilson,  Thermo-Kool,  Woodstone
Each year the event is held on the first Wednesday in August and everyone in the industry is invited to support the great cause of the FCSI Educational Foundation.