October 2017
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Raoni Saade, FCSI
MAPA Assessoria

Edmond Lau
Cactus Club

Khaled Halabi

Dylan O'Brien
Next Step Design

Andrew Ling
Alluminated Restaurant Concepts

Maqbul Khan 
Ryerson University 
Sponsorship Opportunities
FCSI-TA Corporate members, are you looking to increase your exposure in the coming year? There are multiple opportunities to network with and talk to FCSI Consultants.
Save the Date
New York City, New York
November 12-13, 2017

Denver, CO
April 19-21, 2018
Consultants: Log Your CEUs for 2017
2018 will be here before you know it, so please be sure to earn and log the required CEUs to maintain your membership status. Associates need to earn 3 CEUs annually, Senior Associates need to earn 6 CEUs and Professional Members need to earn 12 CEUs annually. Visit the FCSI Calendar for current programs. 
Need help? Visit FCSI TA's Professional Growth page, or contact Kimberly.
2017 Project Showcase Released!

The 2017 Project Showcase has arrived! The printed issue was once again sent to 10,000 architects. You can view the digital version here.
Chapter Corner
Contact your chapter leader if you are interested in getting involved.

Chapter Leader:  John Radchenko, FCSI (PP) , Van Velzen + Radchenko Design Assoc.

Chapter Co-leaders:  Peg Galie , S20 Consultants;   Trish Jass , Rippe Associates
Chapter Leader:  Ed Arons, FCSI , Colburn & Guyette Consulting Partners, Inc.

Chapter Leader:  Jill Bierman, FCSI JBK Consulting & Design, Inc.

Chapter Leader:  Gina Brinegar , Webb Foodservice Design

Chapter Leader:  Kelly Marinick, Hoshizaki America

Chapter Co-leaders:  Jennifer Murphy , FCSI , Camacho;   Anja Kuechenmeister , Camacho 

Chapter Co-leaders: Juan Matamoros, FCSI, Gastrotec;
 Sergio Frota SF Frota Consultoria
In any association members ask what is the value or what do I get out of my membership. After joining several associations as a member or an allied member, I have decided the value of membership can almost always depend on what one gives to the association in the way of service. 
After serving on several FCSI TA Committees and the Board of Trustees, I have figured out that the true value of membership is in direct relationship to what you give to the association. I understand the time required to run a small, medium or large consulting firm. I also understand the time required to serve on committees, including The Americas and the Worldwide Board.
I am not saying you need to serve on the Board or participate on a committee, but there are ways to offer your time and talent to best serve you and the organization. How about helping out at a regional event signing folks in, helping as a greeter at one of FCSI's large events at NAFEM, or our biennial conference? Sign up to be a mentor or guide of a first time attendee at a function. There are many opportunities to serve, and almost always what we get in return for our service is worth 10 times what we give or do.
Having the opportunity to serve has allowed me to spend time with, and really get to know, many of our members. From this I have developed friendships with other members that  are invaluable, both personally and professionally. Being able to call a consultant member anywhere in our division that will in turn help me advise one of my clients, or teach me how to run my business better, is well worth the price of admission.
I wish to thank those whom have and are currently serving our FCSI members on committees or as a Trustee on the Board for The Americas. Your time and talent is valuable, and sharing of these precious things with others is just one thing that makes me proud to be a member of FCSI The Americas Division.

Call me - let's talk soon.

James Camacho, FCSI
FCSI The Americas Chair  

The America's Division  is turning 10 years old in 2018  and we are celebrating by sharing our favorite memories!
Here's how it works:
  1. Come up with your favorite FCSI memory - this can be anything that means something to you!
  2. Grab your smartphone (and maybe a friend if you're not comfortable filming a selfie)
  3. Make a short (amateur) 10-20 second video
  4. Send the video to Kimberly

Don't want to shoot a video? We would love written memories, photos, or any other memorabilia - logo items, documents of interest, or written statements. You can also send these items to  Kimberly.

If you haven't already checked out the Serving Up Solutions video series, now is the time! These short videos are meant to provide quick tips and tricks to operators, as well as promote FCSI consultants as experts in the industry.

Watch Here.

As always, if you are interested in being featured in one of our videos or have an idea for a topic, please contact Wade.

FCSI The Americas launched a Foodservice Consultants Experts Network late last week. The Americas' Experts Network is a community made up of foodservice consultants who serve as experts in the foodservice and hospitality industry. This network can be used as a resource where an independent foodservice consultant is needed to comment, write, or speak as an expert in the foodservice and hospitality industry.

Consultants can be searched by location, areas of expertise, market segments, or experience. For more information or a list of contacts, visit the FCSI webpage or contact FCSI TA Director of Marketing and Communications, Stacy Berry

FCSI The Americas continues to grow and, now, we are asking you to help us grow even more!

August through November we are encouraging our members to recruit and refer qualified foodservice professionals to FCSI. What's in it for you? You could win big! And the more qualified applicants you refer, the more chances you have to be rewarded! Check out the details here.
2018 renewal statements were sent Monday, October 30 - be sure to check your inbox and renew today! For questions regarding your membership or renewal statement, contact Penny
Following a highly successful pilot program in Australia and one recently completed in a United States-New Zealand cooperative effort, the Educational Foundation is anxious to find more qualified internship candidates. This paid program will require up to a three month commitment as it will provide a full-time food facility design, MAS, and equipment manufacturer immersion opportunity. We have several potential sponsor firms identified who are anxious to welcome candidates who meet the following academic and hospitality industry work related experience criteria:
  1. Fourth year undergraduate enrolled in an accredited hospitality industry academic program with one or more comparable work experiences.
  2. Graduate or doctoral degree level student in an accredited hospitality industry program with one or more comparable work experiences.
  3. Men or women who have graduated from an accredited hospitality industry program currently employed in the hospitality industry considering a career change that includes consulting.
If you are interested or know someone who is interested in a highly unique internship opportunity, please start the application process by accessing the Educational Foundation website.
Questions concerning this opportunity should be directed via e-mail only to Greg Jewell


Due to the positive response to the 2015 Compensation Study and a continued interest to understand salary and billing information, FCSI The Americas is pleased to provide an updated 2017 report based on survey results from over 120 respondents! The report is free to those who participated in the survey and were emailed to all survey participants this month (c ontact Kimberly if you have not received your copy.)  Didn't take the survey but still interested in reviewing the results? You can purchase a copy of the report for US$99 by contacting Wade.

One of your fellow FCSI Consultants is looking for guidance on a project with a client in India. He is hoping to find a member specializing in design, located in FCSI The Americas, and has had experience with getting his/her items (interior wall fabrics, light fixtures, table tops, etc.) inspected and certified before shipping to the U.S.

If you or know someone you know can help, please reach out to  Chris Tripoli, FCSI .

The Southeast Chapter of FCSI The Americas is holding its annual meeting via Webinar on Wednesday, November 8, from 1:00-2:00 pm ET.  All Chapter members are welcome to participate in the meeting. Have a topic to add to the meeting agenda?  Contact Anja Kuechenmeister or Jennifer Murphy.
Please Confirm your participation by Tuesday, November 7.  We look forward to meeting with you!
FCSI The Americas has restructured the Corporate Membership and Education Provider Program (EPP) Membership categories for 2018.  Moving forward, these two memberships will be combined allowing all Corporate Members to also be Education Providers without having to apply for both memberships separately.  This will help to streamline the process for Education Providers, clear confusion about the EPP membership application, and hopefully encourage all of our Allied Members to take advantage of the opportunity to help educate our Consultant Members.

Combining the two categories will result in a dues increase for Corporate Membership but will be considerably lower than the cost of holding both Corporate and Education Provider Program Memberships.  For the past two years the Corporate Membership dues were $1825 and the EPP dues were $1300.  Moving forward, the Corporate Membership dues will be $2325 and will include all benefits of both Corporate and EPP Memberships.

In addition, all Corporate Members will now be able to have three contacts associated with their company profile.  If you are already an EPP member, your EPP contact will become the third member for your Corporate Membership in our database.  If you are not currently an Education Provider, please provide contact information for whom you would like to add as your third member by emailing Penny Price.
Registration is open!

Join FCSI The Americas in Denver April 19-21, 2018 for three days of networking, education, and fun.
Thursday, April 19
Professional Membership Exams, FREE Professional Head Shots, and Opening Party
Friday, April 20
Full day of education and networking followed by an evening of food, drinks, fun, and C4EC After Hours Party at our host hotel, Denver Marriott City Center
INNOVATION SHOWCASE - We will be holding the Innovation Showcase at the Denver Conference! Look for details in early January. If you have questions in the meantime, contact Kimberly
Saturday, April 21
Full day of education and networking followed by Closing Party at Punch Bowl Social Denver
Session Topics Include:
  • Your Nerdy Best Friend, Beth Z, on "A Day in the Life of A Nerdy Foodservice Consultant" and "Secret Tech Weapons for Foodservice Consultants"
  • United States Olympic Committee Member, Terri Moreman, on "Feeding an Athlete"
  • Revit - Is it time to implement?
  • The Business of Cannabis Kitchens with industry expert Jaime Lewis
  • Unconventional Spaces
  • Virtual Reality
  • Labor Issues
  • Food Display Trends
  • Recruiting and Retaining Talent in Consulting Firms
  • Presentation Skills
Conference registration is now open! Register Here.
Grants in the amount of US$1000 will be offered to qualifying first-time consultant attendees to help cover the cost of registration, hotel and travel. Details will be released after the new year.
Hotel Accommodations 
Denver Marriott City Center
1701 California Street
Denver, CO 80202
To book a room with the FCSI TA special room rate of $189/night, click  here.
This year we will continue to have the three sponsorship levels (Diamond, Platinum, and Gold) and are happy to announce that at every level we have added some additional benefits for you. Sponsors who sign up before the end of the year will be recognized in the First Quarter issue of Foodservice Consultant magazine, so make sure to get your sponsorship form in early!
Sponsor our Denver Conference in just 2 easy steps!
  1. Fill out the Sponsorship Form
  2. Email your completed Sponsorship Form along with your payment information to Wade

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Silver Sponsor

           Perlick                              Polar King International, Inc.
An update from a Member of the Committee for Emerging Consultants (C4EC)
AJ Barker, Member of C4EC

Subtlety can be the crescendo of hospitality, the very nature can change an experience into a moment, to a classically trained chef, this conversion is the "magic" that emboldens life.
Recently, I was asked about my relationship with C4EC. The question came as I am winding down my time with the committee and something I have been vocal about for years, and for once have found myself inarticulate. A few years into my time with FCSI, I remember after an "Ask the Experts" panel asking Wade Koehler about how I could serve the association better. He said that ICON (now known as C4EC) for new members could use some help. I figured this was a stepping stone for greater service elsewhere, which it was, and surprisingly has become the silver lining of the foundation of FCSI The Americas and my relationship.
At the beginning, FCSI was something I had to reach out to, make time for, and tie into. Trying to put into words the areas of life impacted by this continued to elude me. A month went by, and another, then "it" came to me like a hurricane.
Summer was quickly ending and the autumn transition seemed overnight. I got to the office early to review marketing notes for an FCSI call. Next, I purged my email box and responded to some reps and equipment brokers that I've built relationships with through FCSI activities, sent over some spec sheets that some FCSI members had requested from them, and got on a conference call with another member's client to discuss social strategy and cyber best practices for human resources. As the call was ending, "Breaking News" shared that Harvey was on its way to Texas. I immediately thought about some consultants in the area. After putting them on a prayer list, I flagged them on our in-house social media page to keep track of their status. Then I took a call from a few companies that deal in disaster relief and they let me know three more hurricanes would follow, and that they heard about our office's mobile and container work from another FCSI consulting group. Looking at the time, I transferred the call to my cell and took a car to an architect in Chinatown. Awareness of C4EC and the subtlety of FCSI that has become such a part of my professional and personal life starts to smack me in my face. At this moment an architect walks in, slides a folder in front of me with a familiar title block and FCSI logo, "This is the project we wanted to speak with you about." I smiled, "I'm all yours until 3:15."
FCSI has grown from words in my life into actionable service, and that path started with C4EC. Denver will be the end of my time on the committee. I really enjoy knowing that for others it will be their beginning. Contact Kimberly to learn more about the Committee for Emerging Consultants, and Happy Holiday Season everyone, let's make it a good one.
Best Wishes,
AJ Barker

The Committee for Emerging Consultants (C4EC) welcomed guest speaker Raoni Saade, FCSI, at the group's last call to provide an update on the recent successes in the Latin America Chapter of FCSI The Americas, particularly in Brazil. Raoni and other members in Brazil have shown great commitment in the last couple of years to reiterate the expertise of FCSI members in the industry through trade show participation and writing expert articles for Brazilian publications. In addition, they have worked to grow corporate and education provider membership, as well as encouraging the pursuit of Professional Membership to FCSI consultant members. Read more about the recent achievements in Brazil.
Hestan Commercial continues to reinvent the restaurant kitchen with its newest groundbreaking innovation - the world's first-ever Pass-through Convection Oven. Hestan's patent-pending Pass-through Oven designed for single-depth cooking suites, allows access from both sides of the oven with dual soft-opening, counterbalanced doors. The heavy-duty, high-efficiency convection fan/motor system delivers superior convective heat transfer, heat retention and overall cooking performance. This sleek design is also available in Hestan's twelve signature colors/finishes.

Visit Hestan's Website to learn more.