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Fall 2021

Letter from FCWC's President 

Dear FCWC Community,

We at FCWC have a lot of new work kicking us forward this Fall!

Please join us on October 28th, 2021, @ 6:00 pm for our Annual Meeting and virtual fund-raising event, getting to know more about the work of FCWC and some of our member organizations.

I’d like to recognize a few new names and faces here at FCWC. First, thank you to Jessica Kaplan who edited this month’s newsletter. She’s an experienced environmental advocate,  a new Westchester resident, and we’re grateful she found her way to FCWC. Welcome to Marisa Rain Rodriguez, who joins us as our member and communications coordinator,  and to Bianca Jimenez and Dylan Klein, our new Student Network Co-chairs. 


Carol G. Durst-Wertheim, Ph.D.

President, on behalf of the FCWC Board of Directors






Join us on October 28 as FCWC celebrates Westchester’s environmental organizations and raises funds for our ongoing work.  

We are planning an entertaining and informative evening, beginning with our yearly “all hands on deck” meeting to elect new Board members and in-depth video looks at several FCWC member organizations. The fundraiser will also feature music, poetry, and “paddle raisers,” allowing you to become actively involved in supporting three of our critical projects – climate change, environmental justice, and the FCWC Student Network – in amounts that reflect your interests and budget.  

“Think globally and act locally” is a phrase we have all heard many, many times. As Westchester County residents, we have been very fortunate – FCWC has been “acting locally” on critical environmental issues for its entire 50-plus years. Your support at our fundraiser will do just that! Let’s make sure that FCWC continues to be a vital, potent environmental advocate for Westchester County.  

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FCWC Annual Fall Fundraiser Sponsored in part by:

MOMs Market.jpg

Federated Conservationists of Westchester County are so proud to be supported by Mom's Organic Market. Mom's Organic Market values protecting and restoring our environment, promoting sustainable practices within their store, and encourages team members to participate in local cleanups and environmental field trips. Mom's Organic Market partners with many local environmental groups and non-profit organizations giving them the tools they need for successful and impactful events.

When considering where to go for your next grocery haul - choose Mom's Organic Market! Located at 83 Stanley Ave, Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522, USA. Learn more about how Mom's is protecting our environment by reading their 2020 Sustainability Report here.

FCWC Student Network Logo.jpg

All about FCWC's Student Network

Founded in 2018 by Paul Presendieu, a far-sighted FCWC student intern, FCWC’s Student Environmental Network aims to engage and support students in environmental activism. The network consists of students from middle school thru college from an array of schools all over Westchester County and is now ably managed by eight dedicated students who meet monthly.

FCWC Student Network

Steering Committee Members:

Bianca Jimenez: Co-Chair

Mercy College

Dylan Klein: Co-Chair

SUNY Albany

Shweta Nadagouda: Social Media Marketer

Harrison High School

Caitlyn Carpenter: Advocacy Director

Mamaroneck High School

Riddha Iyengar: Blog Writer

Scarsdale High School

Dylan Van Bramer: Communications Director

Cornell University

Mac Collier: Administrative Assistant

Westchester Community College

Paul Presendieu: Board Liasion

Sustainable Westchester

What motivates our Student Network to be Environmental activists?


Bianca Jimenez

Follow the Student Network on Instagram: @fcwcstudents

I created an Environmental Club at Mercy College. Through the implementation of the club, I was able to make so many connections which led me to the FCWC. My passion for Environmental Sciences stemmed from my picky eating habits as a kid. I never liked eating meat or dairy products so I decided to go vegan! After researching the benefits of going vegan, I was horrified with the effects that the agricultural industry had on the environment. Since then, I have been passionate about the environment and decided to go into the environmental field for my graduate program. In the future, I am looking to become an ecologist or something along those lines. Although I am passionate about advocacy, my heart lies in the scientific side of things! I do understand that the corporations that cause these environmental issues need to be held accountable, which is why I continue to work with FCWC. I would like to see students have a deeper background on these topics because the only way we can help our future environment is by educating our youth. 

I have always loved nature! I love going on walks with my friends and traveling to different places. I am in awe of the environment, culture, people, and how they interact. On one of my trips, I was inspired to study and learn more about Earth and Environmental Science. Since then I dove into educating, sharing, and applying what I have learned in my life. I have been teaching Environmental Science through another volunteer organization online to younger students around the globe. When I joined the FCWC Student Network, I became one step closer to making a positive contribution towards enviro-activism and the local community. 


Ridda Iyengar

FCWC Staff Member Spotlight


Meet Marisa!

Membership and Communications Coordinator

Marisa is enthusiastic about joining FCWC and eager to offer her energy, skills, and creativity to support us, our members, and member organizations as we educate and advocate to protect our local environment and climate.

Marisa's Bio


Thank you, Monika!

On the occasion of her departure from this position, FCWC wants to “introduce” Monika to those who didn’t have the opportunity to meet her, to highlight her wide-ranging professional accomplishments and contributions to FCWC, and to acknowledge that she will be sorely missed!  

Monika's Bio


Homage to the Monarch Butterfly

Riddha Iyengar - FCWC Student Network

Read one student's thoughts about how to help protect our Monarch Butterflies.

Article Here

Climate Change in Westchester:

Hurricane Ida has left the First Unitarian Society of Westchester a third-time victim of flooding due to climate change --- the community needs our help! FUSW has supported FCWC's Student Network and recently provided funds for the Student Network to plant a tree in an environmental justice community.

Like so many others in our community, The First Unitarian Society of Westchester has been devastated by flooding from Tropical Storm Ida. During the storm, the water level outside the building rose to over four feet bringing over three feet of mud and water indoors, resulting in the furniture and appliances swept around the building covered with a thick layer of dirt.  This small community of members and friends is working to restore the building to the comfortable, welcoming environment it has been for so long. But FUSW is a small community, and this storm damage is overwhelming. Your support will help them restore, repair, and replace this building that has been the congregation's home since the 1970s.

Please consider donating to the FUSW GoFundMe Campaign.


Update from Mount Vernon!

Anne Jaffe Holmes, Program Manager, describes three sustainable initiatives of FCWC and the city of Mount Vernon that are now taking place!