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We want to be sure to keep you up to date with the latest news concerning ALS.  According to ALSWorldwide.org  the FDA approved the drug Edaravone ahead of their projected deadline.  ALSWorldwide reports that they have been helping to provide the drug since Oct 2016 under their compassionate use program and have seen positive benefits.  Read more about the drug and what you can do if you are interested in receiving it.
A Cause for Celebration

*View ALS Worldwide Press Release on the FDA approval of Edaravone.

The anticipated FDA approval for Edaravone, also known as Radicava, has arrived a full month earlier than expected. On Friday afternoon, May 5, 2017, FDA authorization was granted to Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma America, Inc. to manufacture and distribute this important medication that has already provided systemic benefit to many with ALS in Japan, India, and to smaller patient groups in at least 16 other countries, including the US.

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Photo and article used with permission from ALSWorldwide.org

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We don't usually send so many emails, but thought this GOOD NEWS should be shared as soon as possible.   (And we REALLY are HOPING to see you SUNDAY!)

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