In December 2017, the FDA issued a draft guidance that would revoke CPG 400.400 and replace it with an updated risk-based policy . The American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists (AAHP) is working with the FDA. This partnership will ensure key aspects of the CPG 400.400 are included into the new draft guidance. It will also clarify the process of homeopathic products regulation. The purpose of the new draft guidance is to ensure that consumers continue to gain access to homeopathic remedies in accordance with the highest quality and safety standards .

The commenting period has been extended to May 21, 2018. Act now and  support Homeopathy!

Over the next few days before the May 21 deadline, we need YOU to contact your politician with a newly drafted letter. This will educate our government officials and representatives on this important issue. With a joined effort, we are working to gain their support in favor of homeopathy.

Visit Americans for Homeopathy Choice and navigate through the Home
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As always - deep gratitude from the CHC for your continuous support!
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