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Everything You Always Wanted To Hear but Were Afraid to Ask about Your Website 
Wednesday, May 31, 2017 
1:30PM Central /
2:30PM Eastern

This webinar will discuss everything you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask about websites. 

Everybody has one, so why are some so much more successful than others? You're guaranteed to learn how to improve your website. The panel will discuss everything from images, text, colors, and layout, to what substantive information to include in order to seal the deal and drive clients to your firm. You'll learn what goals to set for your web designer and how to attract more traffic to the site through articles, links, videos, blogs and more. Your competitors are reviewing and upgrading their web presence and you can't afford to be left behind when potential clients digitally review firms in your area of expertise. 

Join us as our panel of experts provides the advice you need to thrive in the digital era.

Deposition Boot Camp
June 12-13, 2017
Location: Chicago, Illinois
October 23-24, 2017
Location: New York, NY

FDCC International Insurance Summit-Zurich
July 24, 2017
Location: Zurich
2017 FDCC Annual Meeting -Switzerland
July 25-29, 2017
Location: Montreux
Corporate Counsel Symposium - Philadelphia
September 17-19, 2017
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Insurance Industry Institute (I3)
Start Date: 11/08/2017
Location: New York, NY 

New Members
Robert A. Luskin
Goodman McGuffey LLP
Atlanta, Georgia
Luke P. Sbarra
Hedrick Gardner Kincheloe & Garofalo LLP
Charlotte, North Carolina
Lucy Grey W. McIver
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of South Carolina
Columbia, South Carolina
Daniel C. DeMerchant
American Nuclear Insurers
Glastonbury, Connecticut
Daniel L. Mayer
Meadowbrook Insurance Group
Westerville, Ohio
Kendra A. Jones
Windstream Services, LLC
Little Rock, Arkansas

Federation Publications
From the President 
The Last Cast

When I am fly fishing it all comes down to the last cast, the one that presents a delicate and colorful artificial fly to a fish that will mistake it for something edible. Like so many things the concept is simple but the execution is tricky.

Before that last cast many things have to have occurred for the fish to take the fly. Preparation is the key and the angler needs the right equipment for the trip. Also to properly present the fly, he or she must first understand where the fish are and what they are eating. The best equipment cannot make up for poor casting so the angler needs to practice proper casting techniques in varying conditions to prepare for wind, current and other challenges.

For me a perfect cast is almost as satisfying as catching a fish. I love the feel as the rod comes forward with the fly line zipping past my ear and shooting out of the rod tip on target to a waiting trout or bone fish. If things go well on the strip then it is fish on!

So what does this have to do with the FDCC? 
FDCC Connect Award
The time has come to nominate your fellow FDCC members for the FDCC Connect Award! The Connect Award is given to a member who has referred business within the FDCC. Our national referral network is a fantastic benefit of this great organization, and we want to recognize and appreciate our members who make it happen. Please submit nominations now through the FDCC website, click here
 Boogie Down With the Write Stuff,
or Did You Know About Montreux' Rich Literary and Musical Heritage?
Got musical talent? So did Stravinsky and Tchaikovsky! It was in Montreux where Stravinsky composed part of his "Rite of Spring" and Tchaikovsky wrote one of his signature compositions, "Concerto for Violin". That was the past. Today Montreux' music festivals and exhibitions are a worldwide draw, such as the annual Montreux Jazz Festival, the second largest music festival in the world. Throughout Montreux are busts of musicians who have lived and performed at the Festival, from classical to blues to rock. Festival performers reside at the Montreux Palace due to its proximity to the Music & Convention Centre where the Festival is held. The 2017 Jazz Festival will end two weeks before our Annual Meeting. Who knows, you might end up staying in the same room that Aretha Franklin stayed in!

The Montreux Jazz Festival was founded by Claude Nobs, now deceased. But his spirit lives on in Funky Claude's, a popular jazz cabaret located at the Montreux Palace, where live jazz music is played nightly.

Montreux is a rock music mecca. Deep Purple's signature hit, "Smoke on the Water", was written and recorded in Montreux after the band witnessed the lake-side casino burn down at a Frank Zappa concert. A monument commemorating Deep Purple and "Smoke on the Water" is located next to the rebuilt Casino Barriere de Montreux, near the Montreux Palace.

THE LITIGATION MANAGEMENT COLLEGE and GRADUATE PROGRAM has earned an international reputation as the premier advanced training course for claims professionals.

Featured Speakers:

Carl Van
One of the most highly sought-after keynote speakers and presenters at claims conferences in the U.S. and Canada, Carl has dedicated his life to studying the claims organization, developing classes and programs to improve the success of individuals working in the industry. 

Audrey Nelson
PhD. Dr. Nelson is an international trainer, keynote speaker, author, and consultant who helps organizations increase their productivity and profitability through winning communication strategies.

Martin E. Latz, Esq.
The founder of the Latz Negotiation Institute, a national negotiation training and consulting firm, Latz also taught negotiation as an Adjunct Professor of Law at Arizona State University's College of Law from 1995 to 2005. 

Laura L. Dominic
Joining Tsongas in 1997, Laura Dominic has served in multiple roles in hundreds of cases. She brings the skills of a communication professional to all trial consulting services. Examples include case strategy and the facilitation of effective witness testimony in deposition and courtroom settings. She facilitates, analyzes and prepares reports on pretrial research, including mock trials and focus groups, drawing on her background in quantitative and qualitative analysis. She provides analytic support for jury selection teams that develop high-risk juror profiles, supplemental juror questionnaires, and voir dire questions.

 Click here for more information and to register. 

2017 Asia Pacific Insurance Conference (APIC)
We are pleased to attach the formal announcement of the joint FDCC/AIDA Asia Pacific Insurance Conference scheduled for October 18-20, 2017 in Singapore.   This conference will draw together an array of industry representatives from around the world and will focus on relevant global and regional insurance issues.  
Please also note that special rate sponsorships are still available to our member firms for $1,500.  Your firm's name will appear on the website,  promotional materials and at the conference itself.  
Deposition Boot Camp
June 12-13, 2017

Get the upper hand in your career with outstanding deposition skills!

Invest in the future of your firm with the ability to market associate expertise to clients.  Associates will reap the benefits of receiving hands-on experience by actually doing and learning in a realistic setting.

Depositions are Crucial to Your Cases
Deposition taking can make or break a case. The valuable information obtained during these fact-finding missions can mean the difference between a win or a loss for your client. You owe it to yourself and those you represent to hone this skill set.

Invest the Time, Get the Training
Give us two days and we will give you the practical, essential skills you need for successful depositions every time. This two day boot camp will teach you the "how-tos" of every deposition situation. From deposing an expert, to preparing your client, to dealing with opposing counsel - we will equip you to face whatever comes your way.

Learn From the Best
Gain invaluable insight from legal masters as you participate in mock depositions. Take a realistic deposition with mock witnesses and real experts. Then have your deposition critiqued by leading attorneys who will work on your technique and strategy. Attendees will be provided an authoritative Deposition Manual covering the strategy, practice and law of taking and using depositions in your cases.

Federation Triumphs

Sean Martin, Carr Allison, Chattanooga, TN, recently obtained summary judgment in a premises liability case pending before the Superior Court of Whitfield County, Georgia. Plaintiff was a landscaper who was hired by the defendant to maintain the landscaping of its premises. While performing work under the contract, the plaintiff stepped on a manhole cover and fell, causing injury. The manhole was owned and maintained by the county. Soon after the complaint was filed, the defendant moved for summary judgment on grounds that, as an independent contractor, plaintiff cannot recover against the defendant because the defendant had temporarily ceded possession and control of the premises to the independent contractor and, therefore, was not responsible for any unsafe working conditions present during the performance of the work under the contract. As additional grounds, the defendant asserted that the dangerous condition (manhole cover) was neither owned or maintained by the defendant, thus negating the duty element necessary to sustain a cause of action.  The court agreed and summary judgment was granted. No appeal was taken.

Kathleen Wieneke, Struck Wieneke & Love PLC, Chandler, Arizona, obtained a defense verdict on behalf of two police officers and the City of Scottsdale, Arizona, in Kevin Fuciarelli v. Good, et al., 2:14-cv-01078-GMS (D. Ariz.).  The verdict was obtained after a three-week trial in federal court.  Plaintiff, a dermatological surgeon, filed suit under 42 U.S.C. ยง 1983, alleging the officers illegally detained and falsely arrested him, and used excessive force in making the arrest, in violation of the Fourth Amendment. Plaintiff also asserted a state-law negligence claim, alleging the officers failed to follow departmental training and policies.  Scottsdale Police Officers Chrisman and Good responded to a disturbance call at a commercial office complex on March 10, 2013. When they arrived, they learned that Plaintiff was refusing to allow a non-tenant to retrieve her personal property from inside the locked office suite, namely a set of keys consisting of a key chain that was a gift from the woman's children, her car key, her house key, and her mailbox key. Suspecting a theft was occurring, Officer Chrisman asked Officer Good to stand by with Plaintiff while he researched whether, under Arizona commercial landlord-tenant law, Plaintiff had a legal right to keep the property of a non-tenant. Before Officer Chrisman could complete his investigation, Plaintiff advanced quickly on Officer Good, yelling and shaking his fist in a manner that lead Officer Good to believe Plaintiff was about to attack him. When Plaintiff resisted Officer Good's attempts to restrain him, Officer Good used reasonable force to gain compliance. Plaintiff was charged with disorderly conduct and failure to obey. Plaintiff argued that Officers Chrisman and Good failed to follow their training and City of Scottsdale policies when they inserted themselves into a civil landlord tenant dispute by attempting to force Plaintiff to allow the woman into the office to get her keys after the tenant had been locked out. Plaintiff argued the officers' investigation was unreasonable, as Officer Chrisman was not investigating the facts, but was researching Arizona commercial landlord-tenant law, which he did not know at the time. Plaintiff further argued that because the officers lacked reasonable suspicion for the initial detention and investigation, all of their subsequent actions were unreasonable and negligent, as they would not have occurred but for the detention.  Plaintiff claimed permanent injuries to his neck as a result of the arrest, reducing the number of surgeries he can perform each day and limiting his earning potential. Plaintiff sought $196,000 in past and future medical expenses; $25 million in past and future lost earnings; $5 million in pain and suffering; and $5 million in punitive damages. The jury deliberated approximately one and a half hours before returning a defense verdict on all claims.  Jacob Lee, an associate at the firm, also tried the case.

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