Thank you for making Leadership Blue 2017 a success!
We would like to thank everyone who attended Leadership Blue Weekend! We had 1300 attendees and with your help we raised over $1 million, which will help us to expand our community organizing efforts. This year’s Leadership Blue featured new trainings on a variety of topics including rules, talking to your neighbors and candidate recruitment. We also hosted thought provoking panel discussions on intersectionality and the resistance movement, in addition to our regularly scheduled caucus meetings.
Shout out to the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida for organizing a successful gubernatorial forum with declared Democratic candidates for governor Andrew Gillum, Gwen Graham and Chris King. We are coming out of Leadership Blue energized and motivated to elect Democrats in 2018!
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If you attended Leadership Blue, please provide your feedback using the surveys below. The first survey evaluates your experience at our Leadership Blue Gala and our program of speakers. The second questionnaire evaluates your experience throughout the weekend, including participation in caucus meetings, trainings and the Central Committee meeting. We appreciate your meaningful and constructive comments!

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Save the date! This year's State Convention will be held on November 10-12. We look forward to sharing more information with you. 
Legislator  Highlight:
House Minority Leader Janet Cruz

This month we are proud to highlight House Minority Leader Janet Cruz representing Florida's 58th district. Congratulations to Leader Cruz for passing several important bills during the 2017 Legislative session! 

Leader Cruz sponsored HB 1191 which put medication synchronization into law allowing patients to make fewer pharmacy trips.

“Especially for our seniors, multiple trips to the pharmacy each month can be a burden that prevents them from receiving the care they need,” said Cruz. “By passing this bill, we are allowing thousands of patients throughout Florida the ability to maximize their health outcomes and live longer, healthier lives. I am proud that we were able to work in a bipartisan manner to improve the overall health of our state.”  

- House Leader Janet Cruz  

Leader Cruz also stewarded HB 1189 which requires the Supervisor of Elections to notify voters if the signature on their vote by mail ballot was rejected, giving them the opportunity to correct the signature and ensure their votes are counted. 

The right to vote is one of the fundamental pillars of our democracy,” said Cruz. “Passing this bill gives Floridians the chance to fix problems with their signature and ensures their voice is heard at the ballot box." 

House Leader Janet Cruz

House Democrats used the power of their 41-member caucus to kill a gun bill that would have allowed concealed weapons permit holders to store their guns with security while visiting state courthouses. 

“I told them, ‘You take this wonderful bill in Senate Bill 10 that has a long way to go but it does a lot of work to protect the environment for Floridians, yet you’re willing to put forth a bill that will kill Floridians with gun violence. It was just simply unacceptable to the values of our caucus. So we want to move Senate Bill 10 along? We know that that’s the Senate president’s priority — but we are gun weary, so let’s kill a bill.”

House Leader Janet Cruz

Thank you Leader Cruz for fighting for Florida families! 
The latest news from our DECs, clubs and caucuses
Orange County
Orange County Democratic Disability Caucus Chair, Tiffany Namey, was mentioned in OrlandoWeekly for her work to advocate for local citizens with disabilities and transportation!

"I shied away from public transportation for a long time because I was afraid I was going to have a seizure at a bus stop and get hit by a car," she says. "But when my dad passed away, I had no choice but to learn how to take the bus. I purchased one of those emergency buttons with the GPS monitor that you pay monthly for in order to make my mom feel better."

Thank you for your service to the community, Tiffany! 
Florida College Democrats

Even in the summer the Florida College Democrats (FCD) are hard at work. The members of FCD are busy campaigning, expanding and building a foundation for members to get involved in Democratic causes. 

Immediately after finals, five chapters (University of North Florida, Florida State University, Florida International University, Palm Beach State College, and University of Central Florida) traveled to Georgia to help John Ossoff's campaign. In Florida, many FCD members are establishing field teams for the upcoming special elections including SD 40 (Miami-Dade College, Florida International University), HD 116 (Miami-Dade College, Florida International University) and HD 44 (University of South Florida, University of Central Florida). Many of FCD's members are also involved in the upcoming general elections and every chapter is working hard to promote Democratic candidates up and down the ballot. 

Each summer is spent rechartering all chapters and FCD is happy to report that four chapters are in the process of chartering for the first time. FCD is reaching out to chapters that belong to Historically Black Institutions, Hispanic Serving Institutions, state colleges and institutions located in Republican held counties. FCD aims to have chapters in these areas to act as support teams to local Democratic candidates. 

FCD is instituting a mentorship program aimed at helping members get involved in the Democratic party. In addition, FCD is working with the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition (FRRC) to gather 800,000 petitions. The members of FCD were inspired to act by Desmond Meade's life story and the inequity caused by felon disenfranchisement. FCD aims to raise awareness of the structural inequalities in their communities and will continue to reach out to other organizations. 

Finally, FCD would like to thank the Florida Democratic Party for hosting a wonderful Leadership Blue Gala. FCD is grateful that many members could attend and is excited about the future of the Florida Democratic Party. Everyone is ready to turn Florida blue in 2018! 
Brevard County Democratic Disability Caucus

The newly chartered caucus, along with our Brevard Democratic Veterans Caucus, presented a refurbished laptop to a local disabled veteran who recently lost the use of his computer. We hope to continue this program in conjunction with a local Democrat-owned computer business. The veteran was introduced by another local organization called Project Suds; laundry service for local homeless vets. The presentation was made by Bill Rettinger, President of the Florida Democratic Disability Caucus, Mary Greene, President of the Brevard County Democratic Disability Caucus, and John Frazier, President of the Brevard County Democratic Veterans Caucus.

Democrats of South Dade

Our large club is more engaged than ever. On April 22nd we completed the People's House Party, a community engagement event held at a lakeside home in Pinecrest, Fl. We drew over 100 people and numerous public officials. We are happy to announce that our club signed up 36 new members which brings our paid membership to over 280. We believe our paid membership makes us the largest Democratic club in Florida. DSDC was chartered in 2001 and is now in its 17th year of service. We are widely known by activists and officials for our operation of biennial local offices for the Party and candidates. We have produced eight of these campaign operations during our existence and most recently partnered with FDP/Hillary Clinton for Florida to produce a highly efficient campaign office for the last two months of the campaign. More than 300 people volunteered. On June 20, we are sponsoring a forum for the three Democratic candidates in Senate District 40. 

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