Fearless Faith: Praying Fearlessly
September 29, 2017

O give thanks to the Lord,
 call on his name.
Psalm 105:1

“Discerning our unique calling is not always a simple thing. We need to be quiet enough to hear God’s still, small voice. We must also faithfully read the Scriptures, pray diligently, follow the Lord’s teachings, listen to wise friends who know us, and consistently make ourselves available to serve. Finally, we have to remain open to God’s possibilities, always willing to take the outrageous risk and do the unpredictable thing.”

Richard Stearns, The Hole in Our Gospel , p. 78

Prayer is both simple and hard. It's simple because we can do it anytime, anywhere. It takes no special equipment. It's hard because it's mysterious - we may never fully understand how it "works." With few exceptions, we do not experience a thunderclap moment of clarity after we pray.

The point of prayer is to show up regularly , trusting that when you turn to God to pray, God is there, turned fully and lovingly to you. What's more, Jesus is there beside you, praying on your behalf. And the Holy Spirit, whether you sense it or not, is praying in and through you.

Who knew? No matter what we feel or don't feel, prayer brings us closer to the God who loves us. Thanks be to God.  

In this video, Northminster member Gwynne Mesimer shares how she has been strengthened and upheld by the prayers of others on behalf of Gwynne and her family. Some prayers are with bowed head, other prayers are "on our feet," offering our deepest selves in listening and serving others.

The church is at its best when we hold one another - and all the "one anothers" in this world - in prayer.

Grace and Peace to you,
Rev. Nancy Kinzer
Associate Pastor