Given the recent loosening of national and state-wide behavioral policies regarding COVID-19, we would like to update you with where we are on our end.

FEAST plans to continue all the enhanced procedures that were discussed in our March 14 email to customers for the the foreseeable future (we added full-time masks in the kitchen facility just a few weeks after that). If anything, we feel now is the time to be even more vigilant - not less - until there are solid, quantifiable data present indicating it is appropriate to do otherwise. So for the time being,

*no-contact deliveries remain in effect (instructions are in the delivery reminder you receive the morning of your delivery day)

*no deliveries requiring entry into public spaces (i.e., office buildings, apartment buildings, retail stores, etc.)

Now in our fifth year, FEAST remains committed to providing you with outstanding service and unique food products that are authentic and delicious. We believe continuing the enhanced procedures is the right thing to do, and will continue to observe and make adjustments as necessary going forward to deliver on these priorities. You can rest assured our (your!) food is always prepared and protected under the highest operational standards because everyone's health and safety is our top priority.

Please feel free to contact us anytime with any questions or concerns, as we are here to serve you through these unique times.

Camille & Rob Peeples

be safe | stay well