Given the recent developments regarding COVID-19, we would like to share what we are doing to support the health and safety of our staff and customers with the objective of continuing normal, uninterrupted service. Beginning this weekend, we are not only reinforcing our existing best practices but also implementing additional steps we have been crafting over the last few weeks to stay safe and vigilant while this works itself out.

First and always, know that we strictly follow all mandated food handling protocols and then some. These include the use of gloves, frequent hand washing, storage and temperature controls, and (re)sanitizing surfaces between individual tasks among many others. In fact, our kitchen is probably one of the cleanest and safest places to be! But we are also implementing the following additional steps we believe will further protect our operations and ultimately our customers until given the all clear.

*Restricting access to the kitchen area to our small staff and essential personnel only. Customers who pick up regularly should call 601-941-4757 upon arrival and someone will bring your order to you in the parking lot.

*Implementing enhanced hand washing/sanitizing steps each time anyone enters or reenters the kitchen area. We have also provided our staff individual thermometers to self-monitor throughout the day.

*Implementing enhanced hand cleaning/sanitizing steps between delivery stops. Effective this week, we are also asking customers to help facilitate no-contact deliveries by leaving a cooler out even when home. We'll send a text to the number listed on the invoice when we drop off. You can read more about effectively using coolers here .

*Re-engineering how we procure our ingredients and other supplies to minimize the number of deliveries to the kitchen and external trips to public markets.

*Lastly, proactively staying up to date and informed by monitoring sources such as CDC and the Mississippi Department of Health for the most recent information because (correct) information is critical to making the right decisions at the right time. 

Now in our fifth year, FEAST remains committed to providing you with outstanding service and unique food products that are authentic and delicious. We believe these added steps are prudent at this time and will continue to observe and make adjustments as necessary going forward to deliver on these priorities. You can rest assured our (your!) food is always prepared and protected under the highest operational standards because your health and safety are our top priorities.

Please feel free to contact us anytime with any questions or concerns, as we are here to serve you through these unique times.

Camille & Rob Peeples

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