TUESDAY'S Starting Feb. 4th

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Ed Khouri's 
Teacher: Tom Paterik
Held By:

The Peterson's Home
12724 Bristol Avenue
Grandview, MO 64030

Tuesday's (12 Weeks)

February 4th, 2014
April 22nd, 2014
6:30 PM
8:30 PM 

1st Semester: $75
($50 Class & $25 book)

2nd Semester and on: $35
($35 Class Only / No Book)

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Restart is the first in a sequence of modules created by Ed Khouri. Together this training sequence is called
 THRIVING   Restarting-Forming-Belonging-Healing-Loving


Restarting is a revolutionary, 
solution-based, practical approach for:
  • Building joy.
  • Receiving inner healing.
  • Developing life-giving relationships and community.
Over a 12-week period you will learn:
  • How you were created for joy from the very beginning. 
  • To recognize why you (and your brain) lacks joy.
  • How to connect with others in order to retrain your brain FOR JOY! 
Restarting is all about
retraining the brain... not just understanding why we are the way we are!

You will be introduced, in an easy to understand overview of brain development, how your earliest experiences impressed upon you a fear-based or joy-based emotional mindset and response to life. You will learn what is needed to move from fear to joy. You will also be introduced to the Immanual Process, in which encountering Jesus builds your joy capacity!

We are seeing minds healed and hearts restored through this ground breaking training


In this  life-changing 12 week video training Ed Khouri uses a walk through a woodland to lovingly and gently reveal the beauty and the obstacles encountered by our brain as it processes experiences and emotions that impact every day life. Followed by reflection and group exercises, we experience together brain retraining that starts us on our journey from fear and failure to joy and victory. 


Find yourself enlightened and hopeful as Ed explains how God created us to thrive in relationship with others!

Tom Paterik

Steve Bartlett
Kansas City Healing Community