Volume 10, February, 2019 Dember, 2018
Rising with the
Getting Back to Work
For many the work of R2RCNY carried straight through the holidays and the New Year without abating. For others the past couple of months have afforded a moment to sitt back a bit and take a breather from the on-going affairs of the organization. As we all look down the barrel of this new year it is easy to see that now is time for us all to strap on the yoke of renewed recommitment and step up to the challenges that face us going forward.

  • DATE: Saturday, March 16, 2019
  • TIME: 1 PM – 4 PM
  • PLACE: Aspen Athletic Clubs,
  • ADDRESS: 5863 Circle Drive East, Cicero, NY

Help us raise funds for Road2RecoveryCNY and enjoy a fun afternoon of fitness! It's only $20 to attend one class or all 6! Each class lasts 30 minutes. Choose Boot Camp, Strength & Core, Body Shred, Zumba, Will Power & Grace and Yoga.

  • R2RCNY is pleased to announce that our 15th recipient, Mathew, has just finished detox and has begun rehab!! Congratulations, Mathew!!

  • Rhiannon just received her 10-month chip. She is interviewing for jobs at two treatment centers in Austin.

  • Mark is doing so well in his recovery that he is moving to the less supervised apartments this month.

  • Our thoughts and prayers go out to Ed Gabriel who had surgery on January 29th.

  • THE NEXT VOLUNTEER MEETING will take place at 6:30p.m. on February 13th, 2019, at Fleet Feet. (PLEASE SEE BELOW ON THIS!)

  • The next Board of Directors Meeting will be held on February 26th, 2019 at 5:00p.m. in the CNYCF Board Room.


  • BY THE WAY: Darlene has created a "closed" Facebook page for volunteers and recipients. Check it out AT

  • BY THE WAY: The R2RCNY VIDEO PROJECT is moving along apace. More word on this in future letters!

  • Time to try on the Meditation Group? (Open to the Public)
  • Introduction to Meditation for Beginners. We meet at Jamesville Community Library 7-8 pm Monday nights.

Tracers of R2RCNY


Yet Another Success for R2RCNY

The first Family Recovery Program was held on January 12th, 2019 at the Market Place Building in Manlius. It was a remarkable success! W e had 14 participants who heard presentations on how drugs affect the brain, medication assisted treatment, co-dependency, healthy boundaries, reclaiming your life, and communication skills. They also sampled a healing modality (i.e., reiki, massage, SSRI, polarity) and enjoyed a healthy lunch - all for free! Everyone received a folder with lots of local resources, including support groups and treatment centers. On a scale of 1-10, the presenters were rated an average of 9, and participants all expressed their gratitude for a program well worth their time. The most valuable part of the program was the opportunity to speak with people who share their struggles. This program is suited for any family member of someone who is either struggling with addiction or is in early recovery. Future programs will be scheduled when enough people register by emailing Darlene at  r2rcnyde@gmail.com .

THE NEXT VOLUNTEER MEETING will take place at 6:30p.m. on February 13th, 2019, at Fleet Feet. Please come if you can!

Our first Volunteer Meeting of the new year promises to be of special significance.  Everyone is not only encouraged to attend, but to give the thematics of this meeting a bit of thought in advance.

The purpose of the meeting is to look forward into the future of R2R with an eye toward giving Darlene some organizational structure and support from the perspective of her Volunteer Team. The Volunteer Team is effectively where the work of R2R puts rubber to the road. Not only does this team execute most of the activities of the organization, but it also constitutes a forum in which brainstorming regarding the work of the organization takes place. 

At this meeting we intend to explore ideas as to how to enhance our work in both directions: how to better facilitate our efforts to execute the various activities of the organization (e.g., leadership and advanced planning) and how to enliven the creative energies of our fundraising ideas while giving them some conceptual framework (i.e., how we are to envision and understand these projects—i.e., their purposes and so forth). 

A fair amount of this effort will mean constructing plans into the future by recognizing our successes and failures during this past year.  Do we envision creating a calendar of traditional (cycled) events?  Do we need to organize—perhaps at the level of Volunteer Committee—a center for creative-event planning? Are there ways in which our volunteer staffing and support can be better organized and executed? And so forth.

It seems clear:  we cannot do everything nor just anything.  Some measure of viability and advisability is due as we attempt to grapple with the second year of our existence.

From the perspective of an organizational chart, Darlene, as the Executive Director, is responsible to her Board of Directors.  The Board itself is fully engaged in precisely such long-range planning: organizing itself around a set of bylaws and developing a strategic plan that looks toward 2020.  In turn, as the chief executive officer of R2R, Darlene is responsible for devising and executing the work-a-day projects of the organization. It is in this regard that we of the Volunteer Team serve.  The purpose of our February meeting is to enhance and better facilitate this work.

  • CONGRATULATIONS AND GRATITUDES to Theresa Buxton who has been appointed Director of Volunteers. No doubt you have already received notices from Theresa in her efforts to coordinate volunteer services for R2RCNY. We should each be watching for her notices!
NOTES FROM THE BOARD:  (Meeting Précis)

  • The Janury Board Meeting was held at the CNYCF Board Room on January 27th, 2019. In attendance were Board Members Barry Weiss, Alexandra Punch, and Rob Flower. Also in attendance were R2R Executive Director Darlene Endy, Tim Endy, R2R Chief Medical Officer, R2R Financial Officer, Karen Ayoub, and Terry Flower, who is serving the Board as Recording Secretary.

  • Usual Board affairs: minutes passed, ED report.
  • Financial Report from Karen Ayoub (discussion)
  • Discussion of R2RCNY Video Project
  • By-laws passed (after discussion) (Again, our gratitude to Tim Endy for his efforts to edit-into-being this important document.)
  • Strategic Plan passed. (Again, our gratitude to Tim Endy for this thorough and well-crafted document.)
  • General discussion of strategic planning.
  • Discussion of Gratitude Dinner

  • NOTE: Formal Minutes of Board Meetings may be procured from Terry Flower
New GoFundMe campaign

Now it's even easier to donate to help save lives. Just click on the Go Fund Me words below. Be sure to share the link with all your friends and contacts! Our goal is to raise $25,000, enough to pay for 90 days of treatment, 90 days of sober living, and 90 days of sober coaching, plus airfare, prescriptions, etc. for one person. That's six months of care, after which recipients are working and self-supporting. We've raised $400 so far!!

Donate Your Bottles & Cans
Don't forger! Drop off your bags of deposit bottles/cans (with Road2RecoveryCNY written on the side) at:

F-M Returnables at 202 West Seneca Street in Manlius.
Central City Bottle Redemption, 224 Chapel Drive, Syracuse (Fairmount), NY 13219

Every dollar helps us send people to lifesaving treatment!
Road2RecoveryCNY | 315-692-4391 | r2rcnyde@gmail.com| road2recoverycny.com