Volume III | FEBRUARY 2021
Dear families,
Happy Winter break! Not only are we well into the new year, but already this Wednesday begins Lent with Ash Wednesday. The parish has a robust schedule of Mass and walk-in ash distribution times available, so be sure to plan ahead.

There will be NO ZOOMS this week, and no particular lessons to cover-- though of course, we hope you will continue praying as a family, delving into some experience of our beautiful faith even as you're vacationing! Maybe a simple consideration of what PRAYER, FASTING or ALMSGIVING you will offer this Lent. We hope you enjoy a restful week! 
You might’ve seen the parish email with Lenten audio & video suggestions you can find on FORMED. Let me make a specific suggestion—particularly if you’re on the younger end of the parenting spectrum—check out Fr Mike Schmitz’s Love Sacrifice Trust. He’s so engaging and gets to the heart of things my family and I are facing so often in his talks. (Plus my 4th grader often wants to pray Mass with him. That’s not for nothing!) 

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Blessed Lent!

Kids all over the parish are hard at work memorizing prayers, studying the catechism, making art in imitation of works by great masters, and serving their fellow human in imitation of Saint Teresa of Calcutta… what are YOUR kids working towards?

Lent would be a great time to inspire them to pick one of these recognitions they’d like to pursue and get at it—committing just 30 minutes or so per week. Detailed descriptions of each are on the website. Signup on the Google form so we can keep in touch about submitting your work. Open to all 1st-9th graders. Recognition ceremony in June.

(7th-9th graders)
If you’re up for some in-person distancing, lets gather to prepare a visual Stations of the Cross! Dates TBD.

Masks and 6-foot distancing will be required throughout. …That won’t stop us from having a great and prayerful time! 

MOMS BOOK CHAT-- Feb 24th @ 8pm
Mark your calendar for a relaxed conversation based on The Catholic All Year Compendium by Kendra Tierney! This month we'll be looking at Chapter 5 on Lent. Hear some ideas about how others are living the liturgical year in their homes-- which is especially important during this time when we can't be at Church so often!
3/24- Ch 6, The Triduum (Holy Week)
4/28- Ch 7, Easter
5/26- Ch 8, Ordinary Time After Pentecost

Whether you're able to do the reading or not; whether your kids are sitting on your lap or tucked away in bed; in whatever state you may be at the moment-- we'd love to have you! This is a judgement-free mom-zone. Zoom link will be sent the day of.

Read more from Kendra at her blog:
Each Friday during Lent, we'll be sending out a zoom link where families can gather to pray the Stations of the Cross together, along with a recipe for a simple, meatless soup you can make the following week...

Each week will include different types of visuals, prayers and suggestions for where/how to setup the environment in your home to keep it fresh and engaging, even for young kids.

All you'll need is a portable screen (any ipad or phone will do), 14 crosses (these can be paper cutouts), and 14 candles.

We'll look forward to seeing you any or all of the weeks you can make it!