What is the one book all of Canada should read?
It's time for  Canada Reads  2020.
Over four days in March, the five defenders will bring their diverse perspectives to this year's theme: One book to bring Canada into focus.

The debates will take place March 16-19, 2020 and will be hosted by  Ali Hassan . The debates will be broadcast on  CBC Radio One CBC TV CBC Gem  and on  CBC Books

2020 Canada Reads Shortlist

From the Ashes  is a remarkable memoir about hope and resilience, and a revelatory look into the life of a Métis-Cree man who refused to give up.
Told through one of the most on-pulse genre voices of our generation,  Radicalized  is a timely collection consisting of four science fiction novellas connected by social, technological, and economic visions of today and what America could be in the near, near future.
More than ten years after her Giller-shortlisted title  Monkey Beach , Eden Robinson returns with a striking and precise coming-of-age novel, in which everyday teen existence meets Indigenous beliefs, crazy family dynamics and cannibalistic river otters.
This is blistering Newfoundland Gothic for the twenty-first century, a wholly original, bracing, and timely portrait of a place in the throes of enormous change, where two women confront the traumas of their past in an attempt to overcome the present and to pick up a future.
A triumphant memoir of forgiveness and family, both chosen and not,  We Have Always Been Here  is a rallying cry for anyone who has ever felt out of place and a testament to the power of fearlessly inhabiting one's truest self.
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The Falcon Thief: A True Tale of Adventure, Treachery and the Hunt for the Perfect Bird
by Joshua Hammer
Another fascinating book by the author of Bad Ass Librarians of Timbuktu. A globe-trotting adventure involving the smuggling of rare birds of prey and their eggs, falcon rearing and racing in Dubai, and the dedicated law enforcement officers trying to stop the illegal animal trade.

Releasing February 11th
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An Ocean of Minutes
by Thea Lim
America is in the grip of a deadly flu pandemic. When Frank catches the virus, his girlfriend Polly will do whatever it takes to save him. She agrees to a radical plan. Time travel has been invented; if she signs up for a one-way trip into the future to work as a bonded labourer, the company will pay for the life-saving treatment Frank needs. Polly promises to meet Frank again in twelve years. But all does not go as planned.

At the heart of this book is a beautifully written love story. It is a story of struggle, perseverance, hardship, sacrifice, and of course time. I loved every word.
The Irish Princess
by Elizabeth Chadwick
This book left me wanting for nothing, except more! During one family’s struggle to defend their home and name during the reign of Henry II, Aoife MacMurchada finds herself at the center of political and military conflict, all while attempting to protect her
culture, language, family, and her own honour as a woman. Lushly atmospheric, suspenseful, absorbing, Elizabeth Chadwick has seamlessly created a stunningly balanced piece of historical fiction.
Selected Essays
by Mary Oliver
This collection of essays by Mary Oliver invites us to observe, and to pay attention to nature, and to honour and pursue our own creative interests. A powerful testimony to the beauty of nature, this book is sure to move anyone who stops long enough to smell the roses, along the road side, and within these stories she so skillfully crafts. For anyone who loves Mary Oliver this is a sure bet, and for those yet to discover her, they are in for a real treat. I will read this one again and again.

My Family and Other Animals
by Gerald Durrell
Viewing The Durrells in Corfu series recently on PBS prompted me to read this much-loved classic again. In this hilarious, charming, story of the Durrell family who flee England for life on Corfu, we meet acne-ridden Margo, gun-toting Leslie, budding writer Lawrence, and childhood naturalist Gerry, along with their long-suffering mother and Roger the dog.  There they share their villa with a menagerie of local animals, as well as a host of eccentric island characters. I loved this laugh-out-loud account of a magical, sun-soaked family adventure.
by John Nichol
This is a fresh look at the iconic British fighter from WWII. Although the focus of this book is the airplane, it details fascinating stories of the men and women who flew it. A must read for anyone interested in that era of our history.
Girl, Woman, Other
by Bernardine Evaristo
A chorus of women’s voices, twelve in all, contemporary and stretching back into history - Black British history - to give the reader an unforgettable portrait of colonialism and inter-generational trauma, alongside the broader picture of women’s struggles and the need to be heard and understood. The range of lives and voices threaded together makes for a poignant, compelling read. Visual telling and a creative approach to grammar make this book a true standout. Loved it.
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American Dirt
by Jeanine Cummins

The Whisperer
by Karin Fossum

Processed Cheese
by Stephen Wright
by Ian Hamilton

Heart of Black Ice
by Terry Goodkind

The Parisian
by Isabella Hammad

Paris Echo
by Sebastian Faulks
Death in the East
by Abir Mukherjee

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In Why We Can’t Sleep , Calhoun opens up the cultural and political contexts of Gen X’s predicament and offers solutions for how to pull oneself out of the abyss, and keep the next generation of women from falling in. The result is reassuring, empowering, and essential reading for all middle-aged women, and anyone who hopes to understand them.
Based on the latest science, the book identifies the mental hijacking that undermines each and every one of us, and presents the tools necessary to think more clearly, make better decisions, strengthen bonds with others, and develop healthier habits. Featuring a 10-day bootcamp program, including a meal plan and 40 delicious original recipes,  Brain Wash  is the key to cultivating a more purposeful and fulfilling life.
With a cast that includes Chinese empresses, Richard the Lionheart and Bing Crosby, Kassia St Clair takes us on the run with escaped slaves, climbing the slopes of Everest and moonwalking with astronauts. Running like a bright line through history,  The Golden Thread  offers an unforgettable adventure through our past, present and future.
No other sport is so steeped in oddness and eccentricity. Within these pages are brief and pithy character portraits of the game's great and good, and more cricketers' nicknames than you will ever need. There's the only Test player ever to be executed for murder, the only first class cricketer to die on the Titanic, and the only bestselling author to catch fire while playing at Lord's. (It was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The ball hit a box of matches in his pocket.)
Grief Works  is a profoundly optimistic and compassionate handbook that will support, inform and engage anyone who is grieving. With deeply moving case studies based on real people's stories of loss, it is brilliantly accessible and also provides clear advice for those seeking to comfort the bereaved. This book is a resource that can be continually revisited.
A how-to, a manifesto, and a wise and reassuring companion for parents of neuroatypical children, who often feel that they have no place to turn,  Differently Wired  offers 18 paradigm-shifting ideas that will change everything, including how to  Get Out of Isolation and Connect , how to  Help Your Kids Embrace Self-Discovery , and how to  Show Up and Live in the Present . Learn how to stay open, pay attention, and become an exceptional parent to your exceptional child.

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