FEBRUARY news & updates
We're back on our regular schedule this month!

Bring a can of soup to class or Mass this or next week, if you can, to support our local pantries!


First Communion Parents Meeting

  • Tuesday, February 15th at 7PM in the Hall

MONDAY nights, 7-8PM in the GYM
Current Series: Wires & Robotics
Questions About the Human Person

Feb 7th- Internal Component: What Does It Mean to Be Human?
Feb 14th- Binary Code: Does My Body Matter?
Feb 28th- Guest Speaker

Registration will stay open throughout the year. Friends are always welcome, so spread the word!
"Do you not know that you are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?"
-1 Corinthians 3:16
Feb 6th/7th- Good Call, on how to live
Feb 13th/14th- NO CLASS, Superbowl Sunday (different from original schedule!)
Feb 27th/28th- Forgiven, on Reconciliation (there will be an opportunity for candidates to attend confession before their Confirmation tonight)

CONFIRMATION FINAL REVIEW will be Wednesday, Feb 15th at 7PM on Zoom. Link will be provided the day of. We will begin addressing candidates, and then provide helpful info for parents. Please plan to attend.
Youth Nights-- Sundays @ 6-8pm
9th-12th graders are invited to join other youth weekly for dinner, games, discussion and prayer! Friends are always welcome! Details

Feb 6th- "Who is God?": Is God Really My Father?
Feb 13th- No Youth Night- Superbowl
Feb 20th- "Who Is God?": Is Jesus Really Divine?
Feb 27th- Wildcard!

WATCH SERIES on Formed at home.
Join hundreds of youth from the region at a Catholic summer Adventure camp-- visit the website and check out the promo video, daily schedule, and more! $450, fundraising and scholarships available.

New York 1: August 8th-13th
Lake Champion, Glen Spey, NY- (10-12 graders only)

New York 2: August 14th-20th
Camp Lakota, Wurtsboro, NY - (7-9th graders only)
9th-12th graders are invited to join in the on-going work of God in Philadelphia with YouthWorks this summer. Days full of work projects, fun and prayer in community. Tentative date will be July 17-22. Space limited, first-come, first-served. $450 per student, fundraising and scholarships available.


Both of these weeks will be of the life-changing, don't-miss-it variety! NO better way to get your kids connected to a meaningful experience of Church. **If you're interested in attending either week, email Laura asap-- we're trying to guage interest during this pandemic-transition year before committing to spaces.**
Theology of the Body exploratory series
We’ll be tackling a few chapters each month at the schedule listed below. This book is chock-full of practical, on-point topics covering broad ground.

It’s entirely Q&A format so super digestible! Reading optional-- each session will begin with a brief re-cap of content, then open for a panel discussion.

Parents only—this’ll be a space to get real and raw into the tough questions, and to build some relationships that’ll support us on the journey.

Monday nights @ 7-8pm in the Hall

Week of Feb 6th, read The Great Mystery: Laying the Foundation
Week of Feb 13th, read Who Says? Church Authority & Other Preliminary Questions
Week of Feb 20th, read What Are You Saying “I Do” to? The Basics of Marriage in the Church
FEBRUARY 28th- Gathering in Hall
Week of March 6th , read “I Do”-ing It Chastity Within Marriage
Week of March 13th, read “I Do…Not” Contraception
MARCH 28th- Gathering in Hall

Week of April 3rd, read When Saying “I Do” Is Impossible Same-Sex Attraction
Week of April 10th / 17th, read Trapped in the Wrong Body? Gender Identity Questions
APRIL 25th- Gathering in Hall