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January, 2021 NO.1
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  • 感谢前主席Val, Bruce 和Don为Future Earth Coasts的发展作出的贡献;
  • 海洋酸化-对海洋生态系统的新威胁;
  • 使用Google Earth图像对滨海湿地浅塘和潮沟进行形态表征.
  • Thank you, Val, Bruce and Don!
  • Ocean Acidification- A New Threat To Marine Ecosystem Discussed In Monrovia;
  • Morphological characterization of ponds and tidal courses in coastal wetlands using Google Earth imagery.
Thank you, Val, Bruce and Don!
在新年的开始,我们Future Earth Coasts (FEC)的前主席们正式完成了工作交接,为他们在FEC任职主席期间的工作画下了完美的句号。
他们三人加入FEC已有多年,在他们的领导下FEC取得了许多重要发展。例如,制定了“我们的海岸未来战略”以及2019年对FEC进行了大规模重组,实施了分布式国际项目办公室并建立了FEC Academy。我们感谢Valerie CumminsBruce GlavovicDonald Forbes在过去几年中出色的领导以及为FEC作出的所有贡献。

This year, the start of the New Year saw the formal end of an era in Future Earth Coasts. With a tear in one eye and a smile in the other our former chairs and vice chair officially passed the baton to the chairs and vice chair elect, now acting chairs and vice chair of Future Earth Coasts.
All three of them have been involved with Future Earth Coasts for many years, not limited to their terms as (vice-) chairs, and under their leadership important developments such as the development of the Our Coastal Futures strategy and the extensive restructuring of Future Earth Coasts in 2019, with the implementation of a distributed International Project Office and establishment of the FEC Academy, took place. We thank Valerie Cummins, Bruce Glavovic and Donald Forbes for all their dedication, great leadership and guidance that they provided us with over the past years.
Due to the ongoing pandemic we were not able to meet in person last year, which is why we had to somewhat impersonally say “goodbye” for now. We are very happy though that the three of them will stay part of the FEC Family, as they are involved in a number of ongoing projects.
On behalf of the new acting (vice-) chairs and the entire Executive Committee, we wish them all the best for their future endeavors!

What have we been up to
Ocean Acidification- A New Threat To Marine Ecosystem Discussed In Monrovia
2021年1月8日,在利比里亚的蒙罗维亚,来自多个研究机构和学术组织的科学家,与国家政策制定者、相关行业人员,联合举行了国际会议,讨论了海洋酸化对海洋环境的威胁。与会者提出了提高认识和面对非洲(被证明是缺乏所必需的技术资源去应对这一威胁的大陆)研究缺口的需要。该活动是由国家渔业和水产养殖局(NaFAA)和利比里亚环境保护局(EPA of Liberia)与IAEA OA-ICC和OA-Africa Network合作主办的。

On the weekend of January 8th, international scientists and stakeholders representing several institutes and organizations met in Monrovia, Liberia with national policymakers and industry practitioners to discuss the threat of ocean acidification on marine environments. The participants addressed the need to increase awareness and to face the research gaps in Africa (a continent proven to lack the technical resources necessary to face this fast-growing threat). The event was hosted by the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority NaFAA and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of Liberia in cooperation with the IAEA OA-ICC and OA-Africa Network.

使用Google Earth图像对滨海湿地浅塘和潮沟进行形态表征
Morphological characterization of ponds and tidal courses in coastal wetlands using Google Earth imagery
本文使用Google Earth图像介绍了滨海湿地地貌的形态特征,该图像可自动识别潮滩中的不同地貌。分析表明,光滩环境中洼地的变化和连续性与盐沼环境相比有所不同。 在盐沼中,洼地的持久性和演化与沼泽的年龄有关;而在光滩上,动力过程和沉积物对洼地的演化影响更大。

This paper introduces a morphological characterization of landforms in coastal wetlands using Google Earth imagery which automatically identifies different landforms in tidal flats. Subsequent analysis suggests that the changes and continuity of the depressions in salt flat environments differ in comparison with salt marshes environments. In salt marshes, the permanence and evolution of the depressions is related to the age of marshes, whereas in tidal flats the dynamic processes and sediment are more influential on depressions evolution.

Coastal Radar
SPC's CFP招聘社会科学家
Open position for a Social Scientist within SPC's CFP
太平洋地区主要的科学和技术组织The Pacific Community (SPC) 正在寻找沿海渔业社会科学家。主要工作包括在规划和实施的价值链活动中向政府、利益相关者和私营部门提供关于社会和人口方面的科学建议与技术支持,重点将放在社会和社区方面以及对开展民生活动的意义。
The Pacific Community (SPC), the principal scientific and technical organization in the Pacific region, is looking for a Coastal Fisheries Social Scientist. The successful candidate is expected to provide social and demographic scientific and technical support and advice to governments, stakeholders and the private sector in planning and implementing value-chain activities, focusing on the social and community aspects and implications in developing livelihood activities.

MARE2021 会议 - “蓝色增长的限制?”
MARE2021 Conference - “Limits to Blue Growth?”

With the theme “Limits to Blue Growth?”, MARE would like to contribute to the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.
Panel and individual abstracts can now be submitted on the MARE Conference platform.
The submissions deadline has been extended to 12 February, 2021.
For details on the conference theme “Limits to Blue Growth?” or streams, see our Call for Papers.
We look forward to your submission!

Upcoming Events
2021 International Science of Team Science Conference

Virginia Tech is hosting the 12th Annual International Science of Team Science Conference (SciTS 2021) to be held entirely .
The conference seeks to advance understanding of collaborative initiatives that address multidimensional and complex societal problems, and provide a platform to investigate contributions that team science research can make to addressing urgent contemporary challenges.

June 7-11, 2021 | Online
A Brave New Ocean

An online event convening global leaders, scientists, philanthropists and sports personalities to discuss the challenges and opportunities the ocean provides for realizing the potential of the Sustainable Development Goals and the role of the Ocean Decade. 

February 3rd, 2021 | 16:15 CET Online
MarSocSci Webinar

Co-producing an understanding of the needs and priorities of coastal communities: 
Dom Williamson, Caroline Hattam, Louisa Evans will share their work with you and ask you to bring an object from the sea that means something to you. The objects will help enable an exchange between us and generate discussion around the method. 

February 11th, 2021 | virtual
World Ocean Summit Virtual Week
Accelerating a sustainable ocean economy

This yearly event held by The Economist gathers leaders in business, finance, government, and civil society to debate the greatest challenges facing the seas, share bold strategies to help tackle them, and form partnerships that will mobilise the action needed to build a sustainable ocean economy. The event is free but requires previous registration.

March 1st–5th, 2021 | virtual
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