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  • 澳大利亚沿海管理的问题框架;
  • 2022年 Particles in the Americas(PiA)在线会议 - 摘要征集;
  • ECSA59正在征集特别会议。
  • Problem framing for Australian coastal management;
  • Call for 2022 Particles in the Americas (PiA) Conference;
  • ECSA59 is calling for special sessions.
What have we been up to
Problem framing for Australian coastal management
Fig. 1. Coastal sustainability framing by field of instrument.
Fig. 2. Proportion of instruments adopting each sustainability framing, per jurisdiction.
FEC研究员 Carmen Elrick-Barr 的最新发表文章:


New publication from FEC Fellow Carmen Elrick-Barr

How we define our problems determines the solutions; yet problem framing within coastal management is rarely critiqued. Consequently, opportunities for comprehensive policy response, vital in addressing the complex challenges impacting the coast, are missed. This paper addresses this gap, analysing 48 institutional instruments contributing to coastal management in Australia. Analysis reveals an anthropocentric framing dominates, particularly at the local scale, prioritising humans over the environment. This might be justifiable in the short term but is incompatible with maintaining ecosystems services and long-term sustainability.

2022年 Particles in the Americas(PiA)在线会议 - 摘要征集
Call for 2022 Particles in the Americas (PiA) Conference
很高兴邀请您提交摘要并参加2022年 Particles in the Americas(PiA)在线会议,会议将于2022年6月13日至17日举行。我们预计学术界、学生、政府官员、监测机构和咨询公司将对此次会议特别感兴趣。PiA的使命是将来自美洲大陆的科学、学术和技术界人士聚集在一起,研究、评估和传播与沉积和沉积物运输过程有关的各种学科的信息和知识。PiA专注于侵蚀和颗粒运输的科学、工程、监测和建模,并促进改善自然资源管理、减灾和复垦决策的活动,以利于环境和社会。我们欢迎有关(但不限于)以下主题的摘要:
  1. 沉积物监测、测量和表征的方法
  2. 沉积过程的评估和建模
  3. 水库沉降管理与控制
  4. 沿海和海洋环境中的沉积物
  5. 沉积物栖息地、生物多样性和生态系统服务
  6. 溪流/河流、湿地和海岸的恢复
  7. 受采矿影响的土壤评估、恢复和复垦
  8. 沉积物管理政策和实施

  • 摘要提交截止日期 - 2022年2月4日
  • 向作者发出通知 - 2022年4月8日
  • 演讲者/作者注册截止日期 - 2022年5月13日
  • 早鸟注册 - 2022年2月4日至5月13日
  • 会议日期 - 2022年6月13-17日
It is our pleasure to invite you to submit your abstracts and participate in our 2022 Particles in the Americas (PiA) Virtual Conference, which will take place between June 13 to 17, 2022. We expect the conference to be of particular interest to academics, students, government officials, monitoring agencies, and consulting companies. The mission of PiA is to bring together the scientific, academic and technical community from the American continent to study, evaluate and disseminate information and knowledge across the spectrum of disciplines related to sedimentation and sediment transport processes. PiA focuses on the science, engineering, monitoring and modeling of erosion and transport of particles, and promotes activities to improve the management of natural resources, mitigation and reclamation decisions for the benefit of the environment and society. We welcome abstracts related (but not limited to) to the following topics: 
  1. Methods for Sediment Monitoring, Measurements and Characterization
  2. Sediment Processes Assessment and Modeling
  3. Reservoir Sedimentation Management and Control
  4. Sediment in Coastal and Marine Environments
  5. Sediment Habitats, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
  6. Stream/River, Wetland and Coastal Restoration
  7. Assessment, Restoration and Reclamation of Mining Influenced Soils
  8. Sediment Management Policy and Implementation

More information can be found in the PiA website.

Important dates:
  • Abstracts submission deadline: February 4th, 2022
  • Notification to authors: April 8th, 2022
  • Speaker/Author registration deadline: May 13th, 2022
  • Early Bird registration: February 4th to May 13th, 2022
  • Conference date: June 13-17th, 2022

Coastal Radar
ECSA59 is calling for special sessions
We are pleased to announce that ECSA 59: Using the best scientific knowledge for the sustainable management of estuaries and coastal seas will take place in San Sebastian, Spain from 5-8 September 2022.

You are invited to propose and convene a special session for ECSA 59. For more details and submission information please click here >>

Deadline: 11 December 2021
New FEC Publications

Rölfer, L., Liconti, A., Prinz, N., & Klöcker, C. A. (2021). Integrated Research for Integrated Ocean Management. Frontiers in Marine Science, 1094.

FEC Official Journal
Anthropocene Coasts special column

Anthropocene Coasts, an open access journal indexed in ESCI and Scopus, is looking for submissions for its upcoming collection: Challenge and Resolution to the Threatened Anthropocene Coast.


Anthropocene Coasts is waiving article processing charges for this Special Issue.
For more information, please contact:

Online Resources

《世界大河及三角洲 由源到汇 线上系列每周讲座》持续更新中!

"2020-2021 World Large River and Delta Systems Source-to-Sink Online Talk Series" continue to update!
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