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February, 2022 NO.2
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  • 欢迎两位新成员 - Dr Frango C. Johnson 和 Mr Blessing Charuka 加入FEC Fellows!
  • FEC主席Timothy F. Smith和前主席Bruce C. Glavovic的合著论文 - 气候变化科学的悲剧;
  • 青年海洋研究者国际会议 - ICYMARE。
  • Welcome Dr Frango C. Johnson and Mr Blessing Charuka join FEC Fellows!
  • The tragedy of climate change science, co-authored by FEC co-Chair Timothy F. Smith and former co-Chair Bruce C. Glavovic;
  • The International Conference for YOUNG Marine Researchers - ICYMARE.
欢迎两位新成员加入FEC Fellows!
New members join our FEC Fellows!
Dr Frango C. Johnson
SIIC-IIT Kanpur | IIT Kanpur, India
Frango C. Johnson is a geoscientist specialising in tsunami geology. Presently he is working with a multidisciplinary team of IIT Kanpur for innovation in geospatial data and AI, which has a significant impact on the economic sectors, hazard assessment and management. He also heads a multi-year project funded by INQUA to study tsunamis.
Mr Blessing Charuka

Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Science, the University of Cape Coast, Ghana

Mr Blessing Charuka is a Ph.D. Candidate in Integrated Coastal Zone Management with the Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Science at the University of Cape Coast in Ghana. He is a research student funded under the World Bank, Africa Centre of Excellence in Coastal Resilience (ACECoR) Project. His Ph.D. focuses on the assessment of coastal engineering practices for erosion management in Ghana. He has research interests on coastal erosion, coastal protection, coastal infrastructure, adaptation to climate-induced coastal change, social and environmental impacts of coastal erosion.
What have we been up to
The tragedy of climate change science
来自FEC主席Timothy F. Smith和FEC前主席Bruce C. Glavovic的合著论文。
The paper was co-authored by FEC co-Chair Timothy F. Smith and former FEC co-Chair Bruce C. Glavovic.
科学与社会的契约被打破了。气候正在发生变化。科学证明了为什么会发生这种情况,对人类福祉、社会生态系统和实践活动的影响正在变得更糟。各国政府一致认为科学是确定的。气候变化科学的悲剧在于,在收集令人信服的证据、发布新的警告和开发新的方法的同时,不利的全球变化指标却在逐年上升。 同时,全球对 Covid-19 的反应表明,即使是新兴的科学知识也可以支持激进的政府行动。 我们探讨了气候变化科学界的三种选择,发现有两种选择是站不住脚的,一种是不受欢迎的。 鉴于气候变化的紧迫性和重要性,我们认为现在是科学家们同意暂停气候变化研究的时候了,以此作为首先揭示、然后重新弥合破裂的科学-社会契约的一种手段。

The science-society contract is broken. The climate is changing. Science demonstrates why this is occurring, that it is getting worse, the implications for human well-being and social-ecological systems, and substantiates action. Governments agree that the science is settled. The tragedy of climate change science is that at the same time as compelling evidence is gathered, fresh warnings issued, and novel methodologies developed, indicators of adverse global change rise year upon year. Meanwhile, global responses to Covid-19 have shown that even emergent scientific knowledge can bolster radical government action. We explore three options for the climate change science community. We find that two options are untenable and one is unpalatable. Given the urgency and criticality of climate change, we argue the time has come for scientists to agree to a moratorium on climate change research as a means to first expose, then renegotiate, the broken science-society contract.

青年海洋研究者国际会议 - ICYMARE
The International Conference for YOUNG Marine Researchers - ICYMARE
青年海洋研究者国际会议 - ICYMARE 是一个由志愿者们组织发起的国际平台,旨在为青年研究者提供良好的交流机会和一些首次会议的经验。ICYMARE是由 "1864年不莱梅自然科学协会 "的年轻海洋研究人员组织的,也是为他们服务的。下一次现场会议,即ICYMARE 2022 BREMERHAVEN,将于2022年9月13日至16日在德国不来梅哈芬应用科学大学举行。会议以在亥姆霍兹极地和海洋研究中心阿尔弗雷德-魏格纳研究所的破冰活动为开始。

The International Conference for YOUNG Marine Researchers - ICYMARE ( is a bottom-up initiative by volunteers and offers a powerful and inspiring international set-up for an excellent network opportunity and some first conference experience. ICYMARE is organized by and for young marine researchers based at the “Bremen Society for Natural Sciences from 1864”. from The next in-person conference, ICYMARE 2022 BREMERHAVEN, will take place 13 to 16 September 2022 at the University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven, Germany. The conference starts with an icebreaker at the Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research.

Coastal Radar
FEC研究员Elegbede Isa Olalekan在国际海洋数据大会上的演讲
Presentation at International Ocean Data Conference by FEC fellow - Elegbede Isa Olalekan
From Isa: Glad to join other ocean science experts and UN Ocean Decade around the world in Sopot, Poland to give a presentation on data inclusivity and stewardship in blue resource sustainability towards ocean data strategies, global access, and technology innovations that will ensure we have the data we need for the ocean we want. "The importance of data inclusivity and stewardship in blue resource sustainability cannot be negotiated especially achieving progress in the decade of action".

For more information please see YouTube Channel.
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