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September, 2021 NO.9
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  • FEC 成员 Val Cummins 和 Sarah Kandrot 共同编辑出版了《爱尔兰海岸地图集》;
  • FEC 研究员 Dhritiraj Sengupta 最新发表论文 《全球海上风力涡轮机数据集》;
  • 呼吁参与调查:早期职业海洋研究人员知识联合生产的障碍。
  • Publication co-edited by FEC members Val Cummins and Sarah Kandrot - The Coastal Atlas of Ireland;
  • FEC Fellow Dhritiraj Sengupta's new publication - Global offshore wind turbine dataset;
  • Call for survey participants: Obstacles to knowledge co-production for early-career marine researchers.

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FEC 成员 Val Cummins 和 Sarah Kandrot 共同编辑的出版物 - 爱尔兰海岸地图集
Publication co-edited by FEC members Val Cummins and Sarah Kandrot - The Coastal Atlas of Ireland
由 Robert Devoy、Val Cummins、Barry Brunt、Darius Bartlett 和 Sarah Kandrot 编辑的爱尔兰海岸地图集本月由科克大学出版社出版。 该地图集有助于向更广泛的公众、政府和决策者传播和推广有关爱尔兰海岸及其形成过程的科学知识。 这项工作不仅是关于爱尔兰的,它可以为全球范围内与爱尔兰有着相似海岸的国家和地区提供参考。这本地图集的视觉设计效果令人惊叹,且具有很高的学术价值。与爱尔兰有联系的每个人以及对爱尔兰海岸感兴趣的任何人都可以与此地图集产生共鸣。

The Coastal Atlas of Ireland, edited by Robert Devoy, Val Cummins, Barry Brunt, Darius Bartlett, and Sarah Kandrot, has been published this month by Cork University Press. The Atlas contributes towards the dissemination and outreach of scientific knowledge about the coasts of Ireland and of the processes that are shaping them, to the broader public, government and decision makers. The Atlas is relevant globally, to all those that are interested in coastal matters and the work is not just about Ireland, but "Ireland, as an analogue for many of the world’s coasts. Visually stunning, accessible and an academic tour de force, this Atlas will resonate with everybody who has a connection to Ireland and anybody interested in the Irish coast.

Global offshore wind turbine dataset
海上风电场被沿海国家广泛采用,以获得清洁、绿色的能源;它们对环境的影响越来越受到关注。尽管海上风电场数据集可通过能源行业在商业上获得,但单个风力涡轮机的确切空间分布及其建造轨迹的记录相当不完整,尤其是在全球范围内。本研究利用从2015 年到 2019 年的 Sentinel-1 合成孔径雷达 (SAR) 时间序列图像构建了一个基于全球遥感的海上风力涡轮机 (OWT) 数据库,开发了基于百分比的年度 SAR 图像收集减少和自适应谷歌地球引擎平台中的阈值算法来识别全球 OWT 的时空分布。到 2019 年,共有 6,924 台风力涡轮机在14个沿海国家被建造。本研究进行了算法性能分析和验证,使用独立的验证数据集提取精度超过99%。该数据集可以进一步了解 OWT 的环境影响,并支持有效的海洋空间规划以促进可持续发展。

Offshore wind farms are widely adopted by coastal countries to obtain clean and green energy; their environmental impact has gained an increasing amount of attention. Although offshore wind farm datasets are commercially available via energy industries, records of the exact spatial distribution of individual wind turbines and their construction trajectories are rather incomplete, especially at the global level. Here, we construct a global remote sensing-based offshore wind turbine (OWT) database derived from Sentinel-1 synthetic aperture radar (SAR) time-series images from 2015 to 2019. We developed a percentile-based yearly SAR image collection reduction and autoadaptive threshold algorithm in the Google Earth Engine platform to identify the spatiotemporal distribution of global OWTs. By 2019, 6,924 wind turbines were constructed in 14 coastal nations. An algorithm performance analysis and validation were performed, and the extraction accuracies exceeded 99% using an independent validation dataset. This dataset could further our understanding of the environmental impact of OWTs and support effective marine spatial planning for sustainable development.

Coastal Radar

Call for survey participants: Obstacles to knowledge co-production for early-career marine researchers
解决海洋社会生态系统中的可持续性问题需要将科学发现有效地转化为行动,理想情况下涉及研究人员和非学术利益相关者之间知识的共同生产。 知识共同生产,意味着不同观点和参与者在创造特定情境知识时的协作整合,经常给早期职业研究人员 (ECR) 带来挑战。由早期职业研究人员组成的一个小组与德国未来地球委员会下的预测和改造海岸未来工作组一起,正在努力了解 ECR 在该领域面临的具体挑战。

Addressing sustainability issues in marine social-ecological systems requires an effective translation of scientific findings into action and ideally involves the co-production of knowledge between researchers and non-academic stakeholders. Knowledge co-production, meaning the collaborative integration of diverse perspectives and actors in the creation of context-specific knowledge, often poses methodological challenges to Early Career Researchers (ECRs). We, a group of ECRs, together with the working Group Anticipating and Transforming Coastal Futures within the German Comittee Future Earth, are trying to understand the specific challenges that ECRs face in this field.

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