FEHRL Secretariat announces the election of its new President
40th General Assembly - 01/02 July 2019 - Zilina (Slovakia)

  The FEHRL Secretariat is pleased to announce the election of  Maria de
  Lurdes B. Costa Antunes as new  FEHRL President, effective

  Also elected during the 40th General Assembly was the new  FEHRL Vice
  PresidentRini van Rootselaar.

  The new Supervisory Board members are:
Maria de Lurdes B. Costa Antunes  (LNEC - Portugal)
Rini van Rootselaar  (RWS - the Netherlands)
Marit Brandstegg  (NPRA - Norway) 
Audrius Vaitkus  (VGTU - Lithuania)
Stefan Strick  (BASt - Germany)

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Maria de Lurdes B. Costa Antunes

  The 40th General Assembly also elected  Agnès Jullien as  Chairman of
  the FEHRL Executive Committee (FEC).
  The new composition of the FEC members is as follows:
Agnès Jullien  (ISFTTAR - France) 
Darko Kokot  (ZAG - Slovenia)
Anita Ihis  (VTI - Sweden)
Lutz Pinkofsky  (BASt - Germany)
Hans van Saan  (RWS - the Netherlands )
Gina Ytteborg  (NPAR - Norway)

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Agnès Jullien

  The 40th General Assembly elected Xavier Cocu as the new FEHRL
  Research Coordinators Chairman and Ursula Blume as co-Chair.

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Xavier Cocu
The FEHRL Secretariat wishes to thank out-going FEHRL President  Marit Brandtsegg, out-going FEC Chairman Audrius Vaitkus, and out-going RC Chairman Manfred Haider, for their dedication and hard work towards FEHRL and its Members and Associates.

FEHRL Members and Associates
FEHRL Members
FEHRL Associates

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