FEHRL and ECTP just signed an MoU

The Forum of Europe's National Road Research Centres (FEHRL) as the main representative platform of academia in the field of transport infrastructure is very pleased to partner with the European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP) as the main representative organisation of the Industry in the sector.
In the last years, FEHRL and ECTP have learnt to understand each other and to build trust between them. Naturally, we felt the need to cooperate more intensively and to formalise our commitment in a Memorandum of Understanding.
Together, we will break the silos thinking approach and co-create the future transport infrastructure for a better European cohesions and competitiveness!

 Figure 1: FEHRL Secretary-General,  Dr. Thierry Goger
ECTP President, Emmanuel Forest
 ENCORD President ,Juan Elizaga
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