Seasons greetings and latest news and events from FEHRL

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from FEHRL
All of us at the FEHRL Secretariat wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 
Thank you for your support to FEHRL in 2015 and we look forward to working with you again next year. Please see below some latest news and events from FEHRL.    
From left to right: Isabelle Lucchini, Adewole Adesiyun, Thierry Goger, Catherine Birkner, Stéphane Bourguignon, Angelica Coldibeli, Alexander Rodriguez

Meet FEHRL at TRB in mid-January 2016

FEHRL has initiated or is involved in the following project-related activities at  the upcoming Transportation Research Board (TRB) 95th Annual Meeting in mid-January 2015.
LCE4ROADS: Monday 11th January, 08:00-09:45 - Presentation at Sustainable Pavement Committee entitled  " LCE4ROADS, new sustainability certification system for roads from the LCE4ROADS FP7 project. Main outcomes from the collaboration with NSPC" - Marriott Marquis, George Washington University (M1) (click here to see the agenda).

LCE4ROADS: Tuesday 12th January, 15:45-17:30 - " Leveraging Knowledge through Twinning of Research Projects: Three Twinned Projects from European Commission Horizon 2020 and FHWA "- Convention Center - 151B
ECOROADS: Tuesday 12th January, 19:30-22:00  - Presentation at the International Research Activities Subcommittee AFB20 Roadside Design Safety -  Marriott Marquis, Marquis Ballroom Salon 5 (M2) (click here to see the agenda).
USE-iT, FOX and REFINET: Wednesday 13th January, 13:00-15:45 - Vision for Cross Modal Transport Infrastructure - Convention Center - 303 (click here to see the agenda).
ECOROADS: Wednesday 13th January, 16:30-17:45 - How to establish a common enhanced approach to road infrastructure and tunnel safety management by using the concepts and criteria of the Directive 2008/96/CE on road infrastructure safety management and the results of related European Commission (EC) funded projects - Convention Center- Room 303 (click here to see the agenda).
Complete USE-iT, FOX and REFINET survey today and come to workshop on 21st January 2016

FEHRL is currently carryin
g out a survey on technology transfer across the modes, which will be presented at its workshop for Cross-Modal Transport Infrastructure stakeholders on 21st January 2016. This workshop will focus on technology demand and transfer in cross-modal transport infrastructures. 
Click  here to complete the survey by 20th December and here to register to the workshop asap.
Scientific Panel at KOM

On 12-13th November 2015, nine new ERA-NET Plus Infravation innovation projects were successfully kicked off at a two-day meeting at the Diamant Center in Brussels, Belgium, organised by FEHRL. 

Click  here for more details on this event and for more information on the new projects.

Do you need to learn about the procedures and techniques needed to work effectively in EC and other multinational projects? If so, then sign up now for the next FEHRL International Project Management (IPM) training course to be held in Brussels on 14-16th June 2016.

This course will focus on building teamwork and cooperating with experts from the public and industrial sectors. Workshops will be performed in English by professional trainers, qualified project managers and EC officials. For more information, contact
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