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Barely a week has passed since the end of the session, and we might well be on the way toward another budget fight that would mean big cuts to human services. The General Assembly approved a budget that, with all its flaws, managed to protect many of the services and programs that serve low-income families in the state. It was not a perfect, certainly, and did raise taxes, but it represented a balanced approach between some program cuts and asking some sacrifices from those that can afford to pay a bit more.

Today the Governor has announced that he wants to change the budget, and he is asking for more cuts. His proposal rolls back business taxes (data processing exemptions, cap on tax credits, leaving tax loopholes open by delaying combined reporting) while forcing $96.5 million in cuts in FY16 and more in 2017. Malloy wants the legislature to give him the authority to choose the cuts himself. 


The state budget already included close to $450 million in cuts, mostly falling on services for low-income people and other disadvantaged groups .  Legislators will return to Hartford for a special session tentatively June 29 and 30. NOW is the time to call both the Governor´s Office and leadership. 

Tell them to l eave the budget as is . Early childhood, education, health care and human services have already been cut. It is time for everyone to share the burden. 
Time to take action!
  • Call your legislators. Tell them no more cuts!
    • Click here to find your legislator and their contact information. 
  • Call Governor Malloy, Speaker of the House Brendan Sharkey and Senate President Martin Looney and tell them no more cuts!
    • Governor Malloy - call (800) 406-1527
    • Speaker Sharkey - call (800) 842- 1902
    • House Majority Leader Arisimowicz - call (800) 842-8267
    • Senate President Looney - call (800) 842- 1420
    • Senate Majority Leader Duff - call (800) 842-1420

Talking points

  • We need to protect essential services. The current budget already includes too many cuts. Leave it as is.
  • We can and should ask those who can afford it to pay a little more, and we need to eliminate wasteful exemptions, as the approved budget does. 

If you're reading this over the weekend, call your legislators at home or on their cell phone, if you have the number. Many legislators have their phone numbers in the phone book or on their legislative websites. You can also call Monday. 

 You can also...


Come to the #PeopleMatter press conference, on Tuesday, June 16, at 11 a.m. in Old Judiciary Room, to ask legislators to protect early childhood, education and human services funding from the final budget agreement.

Write a letter to the editor to your local newspaper, explaining why it's so important to protect the current levels of funding. How will it affect you as a program provider or someone who uses early childhood or other services.


For more information...

Finally, an important reminder: Connecticut is actually a really nice place to live. We don´t seem to say this enough.

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