November 1, 2020 Newsletter 
Jane Lee
Dear Friends,
Here we are in November. I don't know about you, but I find that time passes so quickly these days. Each week I fill up a container with the pills that I take each day, and it surprises me that it is time to do it again. Your board continues to work hard to keep you in the loop. I would especially like to thank Sharon Swallwood for her presentation on photography.  
            This month you are invited to the Scavenger Hunt at the Botanical Gardens in Largo. All the information is in this newsletter. Let's try to get to this event and show our support for our wonderful club. This is also your chance to renew your membership if you haven't done so already.  
          The holidays will soon be here, and our Holiday Party will be held at Eagle Lake Park in the center of the county. This information is in this newsletter because of the early date in December. Mark your calendar now for December 5.   Our club will be supplying the box lunches; however, you may bring your own food if you would like. See the invite for more information. You will bring a chair, and you can keep it as far away from others as you desire. We will be collecting socks and underwear for the organization Clothes for Kids, and we will distribute it to the north and south county stores. Children in our county come to these locations to choose gently used clothes for school. They are also given new socks and underwear. Because high school students also come to get clothes that they need, if you have some items that you feel they could use, you may bring them along as well. We also understand that tennis shoes are needed, any size.
            I wish our veterans well on Veterans' Day and thank them for their service. This is a special year to celebrate Thanksgiving even if you can't be with family. We can be thankful for our health care workers and others who are doing their best to keep us safe and healthy. Of course, be sure to vote this month. Even if we can't travel at this time, please continue to keep up your membership with Friendship Force. Their mission is more important than ever during these troubled times. Also, each member represents a friend who you have in your life and who cares about you and your loved ones. Keep safe and healthy.
Jane Lee, President
Saturday, November 21, 2020  
at Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo
12520 Ulmerton Rd. Largo, FL
at 2:30 pm
Come enjoy an afternoon at the Gardens, and have some fun with friends!

Bring the Scavenger Hunt list (print here or get at event) and your membership directory.  Come prepared to walk around the Gardens.  For those who have mobility issues, it's suggested that you enter on the east side of the Gardens which is accessible on Walsingham Road.  If you look at a map of the Gardens online, it is Lot 4.  This is what we suggest that you do for the hunt.
  • Find each item on the scavenger list and take a photo of it.  
  • For extra fun, carry your membership list and check off each FFFS club member you meet along the way.  
  • Be sure to wear your name badge!
  • You may take photos of members as well with their name tags. You might meet a new member or someone whose name you always wanted to know. 
  • Look for Betty Oldanie, our membership chair, at the Palm Garden Pavilion and introduce yourself to her. This will be our home base. If you haven't paid your dues yet, Betty will be happy to collect it at this time. She will also have a bottle of water and a snack to give you.
  • For those who want, come to the Palm Garden Pavilion at 4 o'clock for a brief wrap-up session.
Email your best or favorite photo to Sandy Gourdine, our newsletter editor, and it will appear in our December newsletter.
        This is out in the open, and you may space yourself as far away from another person as you feel comfortable. We hope that you take advantage of this opportunity to have some fun and to get some fresh air. Hope to see your there.
This will be canceled if it is raining or the weather is not conducive to outdoors.

Our Annual Holiday Party
Saturday, December 5, 2020 at 12 noon
Eagle Lake Park - Shelter 3
1800 Keene Rd, Largo FL 33771 (park map)

It will be outdoors and safe!                Bring a chair for social distancing
Choose your complimentary lunch from selection below
Roast Beef  *  Ham  *  Turkey  * or Vegetarian  
 (Box lunch includes sandwich, chips & cookie)
Bring your own drink - No alcohol permitted in a county park

Bring socks or underwear for Clothes to Kids if you would like

RSVP to Jane Lee by November 25 (
Club News
Directory Changes
Submit your address, email or phone number changes to Sue Olnick at by November 30 to be included in the 2021 Directory.
Have You Paid Your Annual Dues?
If not, they must be paid by November 30th for you to be included in our directory.  Mail your $35 check (payable to Friendship Force Florida Suncoast) to Teresa Farr-Klinger, 8318 78th Avenue N, Seminole FL 33777.  Or pay dues at the Scavenger Hunt on November 21.
Revised Budget  
Our club budget was revised to include the website expense which occurs every two years. 
Caller Needed! 
You read the article last month by Helen Retter telling about her experience as a caller.  As you know the directory will be out in January. We need one more caller who would call or email members on a certain page in the directory to remind them of meetings and activities.  Your job is especially valuable if we need to cancel a meeting for any reason, or if we need to get a message out to all our members ASAP.  Some callers also get to know their page members and reach out to them at meetings and socials. This is a way that you can be an ambassador for our club. Please contact Jane Lee if you can help.
Sunshine Committee Needs YOU! 
The Sunshine Committee was started by Gretchen Worth so that our members would be remembered by the club when they were having surgery, had an accident, experienced an unforeseen circumstance and so on. It is always nice to know that you are on someone's mind and that you are not alone during a trying time. Gretchen sends a lovely card when she hears of someone who would be cheered up by a greeting, but she is not a mind reader. Please reach out to Gretchen when you know someone who needs lifting. You don't have to specify the problem, just ask her to send a card to someone who you know.  You can email Gretchen by clicking here.

I came upon my love of travel gradually. Growing up in Michigan, I was 16 before I traveled more than 300 miles from my home, and 25 before I left the country on my first European vacation. Career and raising my family of two children provided all the adventure I could handle during my working years. Vacations typically consisted of local camping trips or visits to family. I moved to Chicago for work and then to Phoenix, where my daughter and son were born and raised. I made my career in IT and was lucky enough to retire early while I still had my health and a pent-up desire to get out to see more of the world. After purchasing a small RV, I proceeded to explore our beautiful country. I'd meet people who would say 'You are so brave to travel alone!' Not really. I'd say, 'I would take my children to these campgrounds. So, it must be safe enough for me.' Twelve years into retirement and counting, I've now traveled in every state but North Dakota, and have enjoyed visiting more than 50 countries. Oh, and my husband and I just celebrated the 6th anniversary of our first meeting in the New Delphi airport. We currently split our time between the states of Washington and Florida. I'm a lucky woman!         WHO AM I? 
Community Service
Betty Oldanie.
Kudos to Betty Oldanie who was recently awarded a Lifetime Service Award for her professional and volunteer work benefiting our community. The honor and recognition were bestowed by the Anona United Methodist Church.

Guenter, Anne & Kai
Anne Burnham and Guenter Manczur are raising a puppy for the Guide Dog Foundation of New York. After training, the golden retriever Kai will be a companion to a blind or visually impaired person.


Pen Pal Match             
By Jane Lee
Last month we had a story about Friendship Force's new Pen Pal project. I signed up for the program, and I have been matched with a member in San Paulo, Brazil. I was notified that I would be the first one to get the writing going. My Pen Pal is anxiously waiting to know who I am. These are supposed to be pen written letters sent by snail mail. I found one of my nicest blank cards and introduced myself to Rita, telling her about my family, my activities, and most of all, a little about me. Now I will look forward to her letter so that I get to know more about my new friend. This is one way that I can be connected to another Friendship Force member during these unknown times.
Click here for details and how to sign up for the FFI Pen Pal Initiative.
Enjoy A Fun Video  
Sent by Mair Murphy

Die Maiers; comedy trapeze
Travel Memories From Our Members
We're all itching to travel again. Until then, let's share in each others' travel experiences.  Please submit a favorite photo from one of your past trips, and it will appear in a future newsletter.  Email it to Sandy Gourdine.
From Sharon Swallwood 

In 2017, I took a 30 day bus tour of England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland with a friend because it included a few of my bucket list places, number one being Stonehenge. There was also an interesting visitors' center and while we weren't able to get closer to the stones, it was still a great experience. The weather cooperated, so I was able to get a few good pictures, although it was very hard not to have other people in the shots as the grounds were crowded.  

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