April/May 2023 Newsletter

Dear FFRW Members and Friends:

Our FFRW 2023 Spring Conference "Heels in the Halls" is in the History Books.

We had over 130 FFRW Members and guests attend the spring conference in Tallahassee April 14-16. We were so grateful that Our Governor, Ron DeSantis joined us on Sunday morning providing an update on the Legislative session as well as other issues in our state. The Governor having returned from 2 days of travel felt it was important to join our FFRW conference on Sunday morning. We had many great speakers that informed, taught and educated us on so many topics. Thank you to the Executive Committee for all their hard work to make our Spring Conference a Success!

See the link to the FFRW 2023 Spring Conference Program at the end of this newsletter.

As the Legislative session came to a close on May 5th the priority of presenting a Balanced Budget was once again achieved. It is amazing what FL can do with a balanced budget; Florida a no income tax state that will operate with a surplus vs. the State of New York with 3 million fewer people operating with a deficit! We need to thank Senate President Kathleen Passidomo and her fellow Republican Senators as well as Speaker of the House Paul Renner and his Super Majority Republican State House Representatives.!

The Republican Presidential Primary is gearing up as more enter the race each week.

My prediction is there will be 8-10 Republicans entering the race. The 1st Debate will be in Milwaukee in August 2023; this is also where the RNC Convention will be held. The DNC has said they are 100% behind Biden/Harris; even Bernie Sanders dropped out of the race. The DNC said there will be no primary debates and they will be holding their convention in Chicago.

We have a lot of work ahead of us to elect Republicans to office at every level from the Schoolhouse to the President of the United States of America. We kickoff Elections in Florida with the Presidential Primary Tuesday March 19, 2024. The Presidential Republican Iowa Caucus is on January 8, 2024 and Presidential Primaries conclude on June 4, 2024. State Primaries for 2024- the earliest March 5, with the latest in mid-September. Florida State Primary August 20, 2024; there are 13 primaries in June and August making them the busiest months for state primaries. 

The FFRW Newsletter will get back on track our goal is to publish it by the end of each month!

Thank you to all our Federated Presidents and Members for all you are doing to Make a Difference in the Republican Party!

For Florida, For Our Country

Diane Van Parys

FFRW President



FFRW 2023 Spring Convention Theme

FFRW 2023 Spring Conference

Be looking for a picture book which will be sent out separately. 

Legislative Update

Thank You to Esther Byrd our Legislative Chair who keeps us updated.




  President James Monroe

“Era of Good Feeling”

James Monroe, our nation’s fifth President (1817-1825), former Governor of Virginia (1799), and last of the founding fathers, was born April 28, 1758. He attended the College of William and Mary but left college to fight in the American Revolutionary War in 1776. He was wounded in the war. After the war he continued his law studies under Thomas Jefferson and was elected to serve in the Virginia House of Delegates in 1783.Both Jefferson and Monroe in 1787 thought the US Constitution was too strong of a document. Monroe advocated for western expansion of the United States. He was eventually elected to serve as a Senator in the Continental Congress. After Jefferson became President, he appointed Monroe to become Minister to France. In 1803, while in France, Monroe discovered that Napoleon wanted to sell the territory France owned to Canada, which would have included New Orleans, a large chunk of the Mississippi River, and up to the Rockies. Jefferson gave orders to only buy New Orleans and the upper part of Florida. Without Presidential approval Monroe bought the entire territory for 15 million dollars, aka Louisiana Purchase. Jefferson was pleased. Search for the Northwest Passage followed. He later served as Secretary of State under Madison until the war of 1812 when he became Secretary of War. His successful run for the Presidency gave him 8 years. The Missouri Compromise of 1820 was drafted to solve the slavery issue, which did not last. In 1823 the Monroe Doctrine, not recognized by Europe, virtually told the old world to leave the new world (America) alone. The” era of good feeling” followed with peace and nonpartisanship, although our country’s first depression, “The Panic of 1819”, under Monroe, lasted until 1821.In summary, I would like to conclude that James Monroe should be credited with the beginnings of “Manifest Destiny”, essential to our country’s prosperity.

Pam McAloon

President Pinellas Federated Republican Women 

The Book Report

This month's recommended reading is Founding Brothers- The Revolutionary Generations an excellent Summary of the hard work and sacrifices our Founding Fathers gave for our Country!!

FFRW 2023 Spring Conference Tallahassee -Program Booklet

The Florida Federation of Republican Women does not endorse candidates prior to the primary election. It is our job to keep our members aware of information regarding candidates, you will periodically receive information about candidates in our newsletter. You should not take these announcements as an endorsement.

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