July 2022 Newsletter
Dear FFRW Members and Friends:

“THESE are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.....”   Thomas Paine
I have no love for Nancy Pelosi, I disagree with her management style and disagree with 95% of her actions in the House of Representatives. I believe she has damaged our country’s future with her liberal progressive agenda. That being said she is still an American and still third in line to the presidency. Her life is being threatened by the Chinese Communists. You remember them, the communist dictators who brought us Covid-19 and Fentanyl? They have threatened to Kill our Speaker of the House of Representatives if she visits Taiwan, our ally for over 70 years. What will she do?
Think about what Reagan would have done or Harry Truman or JFK or Newt Gingrich or Alexander Haig or Richard Nixon or Trump or Cheney or Pence or either Bush. You get my point. Communist killers do not get to dictate the travel plans of the Government of the United States, and they certainly don’t get to threaten to shoot down our planes. This is one of those red lines that weak willed Obama used to talk about. Will she stand up and say no to the evil Chinese Communist Dictator or will she be a Jimmy Carter or Neville Chamberlain, or will she be a` strong freedom loving leader like Winston Churchill or Margaret Thatcher. The decision is hers.... I hope she sides with America...For all our sakes.
We go to the polls August 23rd, get ready for a huge turnout, be vigilant, the other side knows its losing and they will stop at nothing to disrupt the vote. They do not win with ideas, they win with gimmicks and lies. Don’t let this happen on our watch. We are the Winter Soldiers, we put in the long hours and do things the right way. They are the Sunshine Patriots claiming to love our Country while constantly working to undermine her most cherished institutions. We will not let this happen on our watch.
Finally, many of our friends will win our upcoming primaries, some of our friends won’t. Please remember that no matter who our republican candidates are, we will support them. A second choice Republican is always better than the other party’s candidate. As Reagan said “Someone who agrees with you 80% of the time is not your enemy.”
God Bless You and lets win this.  

For Florida, For Our Country,

Maricel Cobitz
President FFRW

FFRW Members Running for Statewide Election
Lt. Governor Jeanette Nunez, FRW North Dade
DeSantis-Nunez for Governor 
FFRW Members Qualified to run in the
U.S. House of Representatives Primary
Congresswoman Maria Elvira Salazar, CD 27, FRW North Dade
Erika Benfield, CD 7, FRW Atlantic
Adianis Morales, CD 9, WR Orlando Federated
Lateresa Jones, CD 10, FRW Miami
Ana Paulina Luna, CD13, Pinellas FRW
Amanda Makki, CD 13, Pinellas FRW
Jennifer Raybon, CD 18, West Orange RWF
Melissa Martz, CD 21, RFW South Florida
Lavern Spicer, CD 24, FRW North Dade
ReElected & Elected to Florida Senate
ReElected: Senator & President Designate Kathleen Passidomo, RW Southwest Florida
ReElected: Senator Ana Maria Rodriguez, FRW North Dade 
Elected: Representative Erin Grall, Vero Beach RWF
CONGRATULATIONS TO FFRW Member ReElected to Florida House
Representative Cyndi Stevenson, HD 18, St. John RWF
FFRW Members Qualified to Run in the State House Primary
Emily Nunez, House District 15, FRW of Nassau 
Christina Meredith, HD 17, RWC of Duval Federated
Representative Elizabeth Fetterhoff, HD 29, Atlantic FRW
Bonnie Jackson, HD 42, Winter Park RWF
Carolina Amesty, HD 45, RW Orlando Federated
Vennia Francois, HD 45, West Orange FRW
Kimberly Berfield, HD 58, Pinellas FRW
Audrey Henson, HD 60, Pinellas FRW
Representative Dana Lee Trabulsy, HD 84, Treasure Coast FRW
Peggy Gossett-Seidman, HD 91, RFW of South Florida
Vicki Lopez, HD 113, FRW North Dade
Lynn Su, District 100, FRW of Miami Beach 

 Time to Rev up Your Campaign Volunteer Activities
Pictured above are Paquita Mansour, Deanna Richardson, Carol Hanna, Meg Merritt, Maureen Patricio   Deb Tamargo, Sandy Graves, Nancy Mavor, Julia Hassler, Rebecca DeBoer. Lee Boutin.
Pasco FRW Baby Shower hosted by Club President Sandy Graves with honored guest, Ramona Rood, FFRW Armed Forces Chair. A fun time was had by all while donating essentials needed by military moms and their babies. Thanks to all who participated.
Brevard Federated Republican Women's
Presents Veterans Dorothy Walsh with a $500.00 Gift Card  

On July 6, 2022 the Brevard Federated Republican Women, with Terri Nieves, our Veterans Affair Chairperson and Terry Boylan, Treasurer presented Dorothy Walsh, a Veterans Advocate and BFRW member, with a $500.00 gift card to assist in furnishing her newly acquired home. The recipient is a retired female veteran who served in the United States Air Force for 28 years , became homeless and lived in her car for five years before being accepted into a Veterans of America home. 

After working with Veterans Advocates, Rob Medina, Mayor of Palm Bay, and Congressman Posey’s office, she was approved for a VA home loan. She closed on her new but unfurnished house in late June, and BFRW was there with a gift card to help her buy the things she needed to make the house her home. 

This is but one example of how the Federation and members of the BFRW can care for our Veterans. Next month we will highlight another BFRW “Caring for America” activity. Our major fund-raising event is our bi-annual military dinner where our goal is to raise over $20,000 for veteran family needs.   You may contact me at the number below if you require assistance in Caring for America ideas.
Jill Gentis, Chair of the FFRW Caring for America
And President of the Brevard Federated Republican Women
Melbourne, Florida
The Book Report
By Joy Ashlock
FFRW E&L Committee Chair

“And the winner is….!!!!” 

Primary election season is upon us, and I personally can’t wait until we can focus on defeating the Dems! How busy are your clubs and members?  Have you had a chance to reach out to fellow Republicans as we move through this process?? Move while the fire is HOT! And hot it will be until the General Election! Here are some ideas for increasing membership at this time:

           1. Attend other Republican clubs, organizations, and events. Ask permission to speak about your club and pass out information on joining. Share some of the activities your club and members are doing for local & state candidates.

           2.  Create an end-of -summer appreciation party like a “Coffee for Conservatives” at a unique location and invite your local candidates. It might be a good time once the primaries are over for locals to meet the Republican candidates that will face the democrats in November. Hand out yard signs, buttons, stickers, etc for members to start using and giving out to friends that they can bring to your next meeting.

           3. Work to support Republicans locally, statewide, and nationally so we can be victorious in November. Help to heal some wounds that might have occurred during the primaries. We Republicans must be United!!

           4. Now is the time to stock up on anything RED. How about having a “Paint the town Red” club meeting. Make it fun to invite prospects and have everyone show up in RED. Take a picture and scare the Dems until they are BLUE in the face.

Let’s not let the Dog Days of Summer defeat our enthusiasm and momentum. Stay involved —-invite others to join you. Take pictures and blast your social media with the work you are doing and fun you are having while being active. Stay positive and keep you sights on the prize in November and make our clubs strong! Let’s make the Red Tsunami happen!

Victory 2022,

Vickie Herrington
FFRW Membership Chair

By Maria Morales-Prieto
FFRW Newsletter Chair

Extortion, Intimidation, Blackmail, Entrapment, Mob Rule, and Murder – These are just a few of the nefarious tools used daily by the Far Left in control of this country, and their puppet president. 

Mao, Marx, and the Mafia seem to be role models for this party gone wild.

The recent attack on Congressman Lee Zeldin, who’s running for governor of New York, was exacerbated and encouraged by his opponent, Kathy Hochul, the de facto governor, after the disgraced and sleezy Cuomo had the power he cherished lauding and the limelight he narcissistically craved rightfully taken away. 

Hochul sent out to her followers Zeldin’s schedule, urging them to harass him, calling him an extremist and generally maligning his character for her self-gain and hunger for control at all costs, as is the Extreme Left’s way. 

And to add insult to injury, the would-be assassin of a congressman was let go immediately as per New York’s No Cash Bail reform law! It’s like they want him to have a second chance to kill Zeldin! The thug loving, chaos instigating, Soros backed Democrats are totally out of control, wreaking havoc on the very citizens who pay their salaries. They must be voted out of every office in New York and every liberal-run city gone awry. Justly, the federal government was guilted into pressing charges against the attacker when New York ultimately kowtowed to Soros.

Let’s review Hochul’s domestic role models: 

There’s Maxine Waters screaming at the top of her lungs to her constituents to stalk and bully Trump supporters and anyone in his cabinet, whether it be in restaurants, stores, or gas stations. “Tell them, they’re not welcome here,” she demands they scream at their victims. Later, we saw tax paying citizens being violently attacked and intimidated by her army of hoodlums while peacefully dining out. 
Who’s tearing the country apart? 

I blame the shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise on her and the libelous Democratic party, as I do the attack on Senator Rand Paul by his neighbor. They keep stirring up deep-seeded hatred for Republicans and the mentally ill see this as cues to be heroes and assassinate what they’ve been brainwashed to believe are evil people. 

I remember Madonna sharing her dream of blowing up the White House and Johnny Depp talking about the last time an actor assassinated a president.

Then we have Chuck Schumer also stirring up a mob, screaming threats to newly installed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

I one hundred percent hold him accountable for the unruly mob set upon Kavanugh’s family and neighbors, and the recent attempt on the Justice’s life, a horror barely, if at all, covered by the mainstream media, left-wing propaganda machine. 

Schumer should be arrested for accessory to that crime, as should Hochul in the attack on Zeldin, and Maxine Waters for the harassment of Sarah Huckabee Sanders while dining out with her family, and Dave Chappell for being attacked on stage by a deranged left-wing nut.

The Democrats are continuously cultivating hatred for the opposing party, grooming their constituents to believe Republicans are racists, anti-American, white supremacists, fascists, in other words, exactly who they are. I’m sure Hillary and her supporters were hoping and praying their stirring up such extreme loathing for President Trump would influence an assassination by lunatic. 

The Democrats don’t care families and friends have been torn apart. It’s necessary collateral damage that’s part of the Machiavellian mindset of “the end justifies the means.” It’s Julius Caesar’s “divide and conquer.” Incite race wars, riots, and class envy, and imprison those who threaten your power. 

Our own president called Trump supporters “the most extreme political organization in history.” Really? Not Antifa or BLM, who burned down cities and murdered innocent people, destroying livelihoods, families, taxpayer’s sense of security and happiness in general?

Just a couple years back, we were all making more money than ever in our lifetime and paying the least possible for everything. What an abundance of happiness! Everyone was employed and enjoying their American dream. America was stronger than it’s ever been, both nationally and globally. Winning all around!

Every enemy nation from North Korea to Iran was hiding under the table, and parasite nations that were sucking off the teat of the American taxpayers were cut off. Stocks were soaring, and our 401ks were bursting so the future looked bright. Illegal crossings at the border were at an all-time low, border patrol and city police were respected and admired, our armed forces, ergo the security of the world, were stronger than ever, our shelves were full, our gas was plentiful, new parents weren’t scrounging and paying a ransom to score formula to feed their babies, American prisoners held in rogue countries were being set free, and ISIS was annihilated. The Abraham Accords even had Arabs and Israelis getting along! This was NOT GOOD for the Democrats. Bill Maher continually pointed this out on his show. He told Democrats the economy needed to be sabotaged. Then along came China’s manmade Covid. How extremely convenient for Biden, their boy. Coincidence? I think not.

What Biden, or whoever is running this country, has done to us in just a year and a half is “no joke,” as the feeble-minded mummy of the free world would say. 

There is a clear and present danger to our survival as FREE Americans, and it’s the Democratic party. We are being conquered from within. Joe Biden is a bought and paid for “Elite Capture” of the Chinese communist party, as detailed in the book by Peter Schweizer titled, “Red Handed.”

Do you think the Chinese pay $31 million dollars to someone and not expect their Return on Investment?! 

This president is compromised to the highest level. The Green New Deal is total payback for the bribes laundered by his crack addict, bagman son. Everything needed to make America go “green” comes from the world’s worst polluters, China! The cobalt needed for the solar powered batteries are strip-mined by children in Africa, standing in filthy, toxic streams, and the lithium is poison to all who mine it.

The Democrats couldn’t care less about the planet nor its inhabitants. Their only goal is to stay in power and get rich. If they cared about people and the planet, they would not be making deals with vile China, the genocidal ozone-killers, who are also fentanyl pushers, and global slave owners! 

The Green New Deal is totally rooted in wickedness. It is totally apathetic to the safety of the world in its entirety. It’s all about global domination as per China and its allies in the World Economic Forum, and the Biden family mafia has brought this to our doorstep for personal-gain and nothing else. 

This entire administration needs to be removed immediately for the preservation of the American dream and all who seek it.

God save America!

Join the Florida Victory team in the fight to keep Florida free!

With your help, we can ensure victory for our great Governor Ron DeSantis, and Senator Marco Rubio. You can canvass, phone bank, and help register new Republicans with the Florida Victory Team to protect our freedom. 


Make sure the information that you enter matches the information on your voter registration. This is the actual sign-up form saying that you are interested in becoming a poll watcher, team leader, or canvassing attorney for the state party. 

Fireworks originated in the 1700’s by soldiers firing them to entertain the people?

And both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died on July 4th, 1826 within hours of one another while our country was celebrating its 50th anniversary.
By Pam McAloon,
President PFRW

Does the Fourth of July only signify fireworks, family gatherings, and outdoor barbecues? Do we ponder the struggle our nation had to overcome to declare our independence from England when the majority of colonists from the beginning were against separation?

On July 2nd, 1776, Henry Lee, a delegate from Virginia, motioned at the meeting of the Continental Congress that we declare independence from British rule. The measure was passed and finalized on July 4th. Our Declaration of Independence, authored by Thomas Jefferson, was an indictment of King George III. After 8 long years, the Revolutionary War finally ended with the Treaty of Paris in 1783.

Recently, my husband and I took a trip to Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho. In Montana, we visited many historical sites; one being the Lewis and Clark Museum in Great Falls, Montana. President Jefferson had commissioned Lewis and Clark to explore the Louisiana Purchase and to find the Northwest passage, a two year (1805-1807) herculean effort.

Clark served as the cartographer and diarist. Lewis led the expedition. Sacagawea, a Shoshone woman, was the Native American interpreter and life saver. A Northwest waterway was not discovered, but trade routes developed, thereby jumpstarting manifest destiny. Many more explorations followed. 

Our freedoms, rugged individualism, and ingenuity are secured by our US Constitution and must be jealously guarded. America is “that shining city on the hill” and the” last beacon of hope” (Quotes by President Ronald Reagan).
Conservative Cuban firecracker, Maria Morales, doesn't hold back when it comes to dissecting current events.

From the hypocrisy that oozes out of Capitol Hill on a daily basis to the mayhem the liberals have unleashed on the greatest country in the world to looming global domination by the World Economic Forum and its allies in China, Maria informs her listeners about ominous back room deals and critically points out the evil forces that have its sights on America.

The Florida Federation of Republican Women does not endorse candidates prior to primary elections. It is our job to keep our members aware of information regarding candidates by periodically publishing information about them here in our newsletter. You should not take these announcements as an endorsement.