June 2022 Newsletter
Dear FFRW Members and Friends:

Saving Our Republic
The reaction to the Supreme Court’s Dobbs v. Jackson decision has been predictably vitriolic and full of distortions and outright lies by the Left.

The Justices did not ban abortions, they found there is no constitutional right to abortion and left it to the states to decide. They also did not set up other rights to disappear, they explicitly said that abortion is unique. This did not stop the left leaning mainstream media from going into full melt down mode as if our Republic and constitutional freedoms were in peril.
In truth our Republic has never been stronger, Dobbs, along with last week’s 2nd Amendment case and the Religious Freedom ruling show that this Court has a clear understanding of federalism and the role of State’s Rights verses centralized government.
Federalism is the distribution of power of government between a central authority and the states. This tension is at the heart Federalism.

What we really saw was the Justices clear understanding of the federal governments overreach into areas where it had no authority, and the decisions properly limited the role of the central government.
They reminded Washington of the power of the 9th Amendment, the enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people, and of the 10th Amendment, that powers not granted to the federal government belong to the states.
What a wonderful time to be an American. Happy 4th of July!
Thank you and God Bless America,

For Florida, For Our Country,

Maricel Cobitz
President FFRW

The Federated Republican Women of Fleming Island held their first meeting with roughly 68 people attending. Senator Aaron Bean was excellent and the crowd was very engaged.
As the First Lady said on the Leadership Team Call, “Florida’s Mamas are the backbone of our families and communities.

Mamas for DeSantis will work to support Governor Ron DeSantis’s re-election campaign as a movement for Florida moms, grandmas, abuelas, nanas, and more to get involved in the re-election campaign. With the goal of signing up a million mamas across the state of Florida, this initiative will be the largest movement of parents in Florida history.

The First Lady’s message was featured across media outlets with the Mama’s Mission: a goal of protecting our children and raising them in a state with a bright future.

We can’t wait to see our Mamas army grow thanks to your hard work and dedication!

You know this as well as I do, mamas are a force to be reckoned with. When outside factors threaten our families’ safety or well-being, mamas fight back.” - First Lady Casey DeSantis 
Maricel Cobitz FFRW President and Esther Byrd Member at Large were chosen for the Leadership Team of Mamas for DeSantis. Congratulations!

Casey DeSantis was with the Federated ladies in Miami Dade County launching her Mamas For DeSantis. We celebrated her birthday. Casey had tears in her eyes as we sang Happy Birthday to her. Jokingly she said she thought it was a Daiquiri. What a wonderful day we all shared with her.

71ST ANNUAL Monticello-Jefferson County Watermelon Festival 
The Keystone Federated Republican Women celebrates the 71st Annual Monticello-Jefferson County Watermelon Festival on Friday and Saturday, June 17 & 18. They had a booth both days and participated in the parade Saturday morning. The booth sales are the club's main/annual fundraiser. They did well considering the temperature was at 100 degrees both days!
Federated Republican Women of North Dade
Host Matt & Mercedes Schlapp!
The Federated Republican Women of North Dade recently featured the American Conservative Union's Matt and Mercedes Schlapp at its quarterly dinner meeting at the 94th Aero Squadron in the heart of Miami.

Pictured top is FFRW Newsletter Chair Maria Morales-Prieto flanked by Mercedes and Matt Schlapp. Pictured above bottom are Lucy Cardoso Watson, Maria Morales-Prieto, Mercedes and Matt Schalpp, and FRWND Secretary Maite Bocanegra.
Joy Ashlock, FFRW Chair of Education & Literacy Committee

The Brevard Federated Republican Women have provided over 627 “Webster’s Dictionary for Students” annually as part of our support of education. These books are much more than a dictionary; over 37,000 “kid-friendly definitions,” special sections for homework help includes World Maps, Branches of Government, U. S. Presidents and American History, Countries of the World, the Declaration of Independence and many important historical events in American History
This best-selling Dictionary has been created especially for elementary students. The editors have chosen words that meet the vocabulary needs of children, making this handy volume an ideal tool for building reading and vocabulary skills.
The books are presented to approximately 8 schools within Brevard County that have been chosen specifically based on demographical needs. The Dictionaries are for students to keep; inside the front cover, the first page contains a line for the students to write their name. The BFRW raised enough funds to provide every 3rd grade educator with a book in approximately 8 schools chosen based on the economic need.

Submitted by Jill Gentis,
Chair of the
Florida Federated Republican Women
Caring for America Committee and
President of the Brevard Federated Republican Women

Summer is here and we are deep in primary campaigning! How are your clubs capitalizing on this busy season? Are you inviting new prospects who want to hear from those seeking election? Do you have your cards/membership forms with you when you are registering voters? Are you recruiting members to be trained to work during the primaries? July 4th can be celebrated the whole month of July while we focus on our freedoms and ability to elect our representatives. 

  1. Plan and use July 4th decorations for your July meetings. After the 4th, most decorations will be on sale! Take advantage of the sale for future use.
  2. Have your cards and membership forms available when you are out campaigning and registering voters.
  3. Load your club application on your phone for a quick share with a prospect or make yourself familiar with your clubs website for joining.
  4. Create a club member competition for most visitors invited to your meetings.
  5. Review your clubs website and make sure it is user friendly for members and prospects.
  6. Start planning a watch party for the mid-terms when you might be able to invite prospects who are interested or who worked on campaigns.
  7. Ask members to have spouses join as Associate members.
  8. Review members list and send out “We miss you” postcards for those who have not renewed.
  9. Get a list of old/new Republicans in our area and send out an invite to your club.

Summertime is busy but so important for the primary season and for our clubs! It is vital for our party and our country for us to getting ready for the November mid-term elections. The momentum is on our side. Have you been to the grocery or gas station lately? This country needs Republicans in power again! Let’s make the Red Tsunami happen!

Victory 2022!

Vickie Herrington
FFRW Membership Chair
Who's in Charge?!
By Maria Morales-Prieto
FFRW Newsletter Chair

Can someone please let us know who’s running this country because we all know it’s definitely not Joe Biden. 

The man can barely read off a teleprompter and now we know he needs a cheat sheet to tell him to walk into a room, take his seat, and make a remark. 

The worst part is that he is so out it that he even held it up for all to see like a prize! Someone forgot to write on the back of the card, “YOU turn this card around.” Absolutely pathetic and embarrassing, and he’s taking us all down with him.

This is literally verging on elderly abuse. To make a person, who is obviously grappling with cognitive disabilities, and make him pretend to be the leader of the world is just cruel when at his age, he should be retired and enjoying his ill-gotten gains and his drug addled, incestuous family. 

The point is someone who wasn’t on the ballot in 2020 is running this country – and into the ground! Am I the only one concerned about this?! There are obvious amateurs in charge of transportation, health, financing, housing… the list goes one. We are losing in every aspect of American life.

The American Dream has turned into a Nightmare!

They start off by gifting billions of our hard-earned tax dollars paid for military hardware and software to the very enemies who have been killing our soldiers for a decade while leaving Americans behind. 

Then they stop building the wall to let terrorists, gang members, China’s fentanyl, sex slave merchants and a complete invasion of able-bodied men who WE will have to support as they take jobs away from Americans pour over the border. This is a tax dollar paid invasion of our country. Fentanyl has killed over a hundred thousand men from the ages of 18-45. Guess who’s going to take their places. The people who will vote in the very type of government they fled.

Next, they shut down the Keystone pipeline, purposely driving our gas prices up to make it unsustainable to drive our cars even though there’s no place to plug in their glorified golf carts if you don’t have your own garage. What ever happened to the left’s war on nuclear power?! They’re so stupid that they probably haven’t figured out that electricity comes from power plants.

They defund and demoralize the police, so crime is surging everywhere. The criminals know they have Soros funded friends in high places, who are willing accomplices by letting them free to continue reigning terror on taxpayers. It’s turnstile justice and it threatens our ability to pursue happiness and safety. Such hypocrisy that these left-wing politicians with bodyguards and walls around their homes are the ones tearing down the wall, trying to take away our guns, and emasculating the police.

The list of atrocities goes on forever. They’re burning down food warehouses, killing thousands of livestock and chickens at farms around the world, and purposely destroying the supply chain. What’s happening?!!  

This whole American hating administration needs to be recalled!
The DeSantis Report Card

Are you tired of winning yet?
Thanks to the decisive leadership of Governor Ron DeSantis, Florida has continued to prosper and lead the nation on many fronts. Here are just a few examples…
Florida has:
  • Outpaced the nation in jobs, economic growth, new business formations, and tourism

  • Guaranteed the ability of parents to send their kids to school in-person

  • Funded a record $3.3 billion to safeguard Florida’s natural resources

  • Enacted substantive protections for parents’ rights in education

  • Created the largest increase in teacher compensation in state history

  • Secured local communities by enacting the strongest law enforcement recruitment and support initiative in the nation
One thing is certain: Governor DeSantis got it right.

For freedom, Team DeSantis
Paid by Ron DeSantis, Republican, for Governor.

The red in our flag symbolizes hardiness and valor; white symbolizes pureness and innocence; blue represents vigilance, perseverance and justice. 
By Pam McAloon,
President PFRW

Flag Day, June 14th, thanks to the efforts of a Mr. Cigrand, a grade school teacher, and dubbed the “father of Flag Day”, was proclaimed as an observance by President Woodrow Wilson in 1916. It became an official day by President Harry Truman in 1949.

Historically and by joint resolution, the Second Continental Congress on June 14th, 1777, adopted the Flag as its symbol of strength and unity among the 13 states, since we were struggling for our independence from England ever since 1775 with the Battle of Lexington and Concord.

Interestingly enough, The Continental Army was commissioned by the 2nd Continental Congress, on June 14th, 1775, signifying the birth of today’s Army. The flag in 1777, designed to have 13 alternating red and white stripes along with 13 stars on blue to symbolize unity, acquired two more stripes and stars when Vermont and Kentucky entered the union in 1795.

In 1818, a redesign kept the original stripes to 13. The decision centered upon more territories becoming states, and that adding more stars would be the appropriate solution. Francis Scott Key, author of the “Star Spangled Banner,” was inspired to write our national anthem in the War of 1812 after seeing the flag fly over Ft. McHenry. Betsy Ross, thought to have sewn the first flag, and raised in Pennsylvania, is the only state that celebrates Flag Day as an official holiday. Some states have parades. Songs such as “Grand Old Flag” have been written in tribute. Washington D.C. and Michigan heavily celebrate with parades. 

May we never forget this day’s significance to our country and its patriotism.

FFRW Member Running
for Statewide Election
Lt. Governor Jeanette Nunez, DeSantis-Nunez for Governor, FRW North Dade 
FFRW Members Qualified to run in the U S House of Representatives Primary
Congresswoman Maria Elvira Salazar, CD 27, FRW North Dade
Erika Benfield, CD 7, FRW Atlantic
Adianis Morales, CD 9, WR Orlando F
Lateresa Jones, CD 10, FRW Miami
Ana Paulina Luna, CD13, Pinellas FRW
Amanda Makki, CD 13, Pinellas FRW
Jennifer Raybon, CD 18, West Orange RWF
Melissa Martz, CD 21, RFW South Florida
Lavern Spicer, CD 24, FRW North Dade
ReElected & Elected to Florida Senate
ReElected: Senator & President Designate Kathleen Passidomo, RW Southwest Florida
ReElected: Senator Ana Maria Rodriguez, FRW North Dade 
Elected: Representative Erin Grall, Vero Beach RWF
ReElected to Florida House
Representative Cyndi Strevenson, HD 18, St. John RWF
FFRW Members Qualified to Run in the State House Primary
Emily Nunez, House District 15, FRW of Nassau 
Christina Meredith, HD 17, RWC of Duval Federated
Representative Elizabeth Fetterhoff, HD 29, Atlantic FRW
Bonnie Jackson, HD 42,Winter Park RWF
Carolina Amesty, HD 45, RW Orlando Federated
Vennia Francois, HD 45, West Orange FRW
Kimberly Berfield, HD 58, Pinellas FRW
Audrey Henson, HD 60, Pinellas FRW
Representative Dana Lee Trabulsy, HD 84, Treasure Coast FRW
Peggy Gossett-Seidman, HD 91, RFW of South Florida
Vicki Lopez, HD 113, FRW North Dade
Lynn Su, District 100, FRW of Miami Beach 
Time to Rev up Your Campaign Volunteer Activities
In All you Do,
Honor FFRW and our Governor
by doing it with Integrity and Class! 
The Florida Federation of Republican Women does not endorse candidates prior to primary elections. It is our job to keep our members aware of information regarding candidates by periodically publishing information about them here in our newsletter. You should not take these announcements as an endorsement.