May 2022 Newsletter
Dear FFRW Members and Friends:

The Roe v. Wade Mistake
In 1973, the Supreme Court issued a fundamentally flawed legal opinion in Roe v. Wade. As Justice William Rehnquist wrote in his dissenting opinion, "To reach its result, the Court necessarily has had to find within the scope of the Fourteenth Amendment, a right that was apparently completely unknown to the drafters of the Amendment."

The seven Liberal Justices legal conclusion was wrong. "The only conclusion possible from this history," Rehnquist explained, "is that the drafters did not intend to have the Fourteenth Amendment withdraw from the States the power to legislate with respect to this matter."

The decision is undemocratic. Roe v. Wade, and Doe v. Bolton together, struck down the democratically decided abortion laws of all 50 states and replaced them with a nationwide policy of abortion-for-any-reason, whether the people like it or not. Of course, the Court may properly invalidate statutes that are inconsistent with the Constitution. But Roe v. Wade lacked any such justification.

Rehnquist wrote some years later, Roe v. Wade stands as a sort of judicial Potemkin village, which may be pointed out to passers-by as a monument to the importance of adhering to precedent. But behind the façade, an entirely new method of analysis, without any roots in constitutional law, is imported to decide the constitutionality of state laws regulating abortion. Neither stare decisis nor ‘legitimacy’ are truly served by such an effort.”

Justice Byron White, a dissenter with Justice Rehnquist, explained the problem in his dissent. "..the Constitution itself is ordained and established by the people of the United States, decisions that find in the Constitution principles or values that cannot fairly be read into that document usurp the people's authority, for such decisions represent choices that the people have never made, and that they cannot disavow through corrective legislation." Roe v. Wade defied the Constitution and other laws that the American people agreed upon—and imposed the will of the unelected Court instead.

Liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, agreed with Justice Rehnquist and White and wrote in 1985 “Roe, I believe, would have been more acceptable as a judicial decision if it had not gone beyond a ruling on the extreme statute before the court... Heavy-handed judicial intervention was difficult to justify and appears to have provoked, not resolved, conflict.

Justice Anton Scalia said in an interview in 2018, that “Some states prohibited it, some states didn’t. What Roe v. Wade said was that no state can prohibit it. That is simply not in the Constitution. It was one of those many things — most things in the world — left to democratic choice. And the court does not do democracy a favor when it takes an issue out of democratic choice simply because it thinks it should not be there.”

Whatever your opinion is on abortion, the decision is a political decision that Constitutionally is left up to the States through the 10th Amendment. The sooner this flawed decision is reversed, the better. We should leave it up to the voters to decide, not some unelected liberal Justices.
Thank you and God Bless America,

For Florida, For Our Country,

Maricel Cobitz
President FFRW

The Ingraham Angle Townhall in Orlando, Fl with Governor Ron DeSantis was a huge success! This event focused on news of the day, parental rights, freedom for business owners, and Florida being a different kind of sanctuary state.
Thank you Governor DeSantis for fighting for us in Florida! Keep Florida Free.
Don't Tread on Florida! 
Ladies, you have brought kindness, hope and lots of love to our First Lady Casey DeSantis. Your prayers were answered. Casey is grateful for all of it. May the journey of health continue in her path.
God Bless Our First Lady.
It is very important that we have poll workers in all counties in every election. A poll worker is a paid job through your County Supervisor of Elections. You must apply directly with the Supervisor of Elections Office within your County.

Poll workers are required to train prior to each election. Training for countywide elections is typically offered over several days and in a variety of locations from your Supervisor of Elections office. The type of training and number of classes offered is dependent on the needs of each election.

Below is a link to all counties in the State of Florida. Click on the link below, find your county, then go to the poll worker page and apply. Instructions and information are all on that page. 

Joy Ashlock, FFRW Chair of Education & Literacy Committee

How is your membership recruitment? Have you reached out to all those members who have not renewed? 

We are at the halfway point in the year and closer to those end of the year goals!


June is National Safety Month—Invite your local Sheriff or Police Chief to your meetings. Don’t forget their spouses either as a possible member or associate member. 

June 14th is National Flag Day! Proudly display those flags. How about a raffle for a new American flag or a political flag to your club? Invite prospects using flag decor on your invites or emails. 

Mid-term elections are right around the corner! Invite those candidates and your friends to hear them speak or how about a quick debate?? Encourage your members or friends to become Poll Workers and Watchers and invite your friends to join! 

Don’t forget to help with local voter registration drives! Take information with you on your local club to share with prospects. You will be surprised how many people are looking for a way to be educated and get involved before the general election. Those voting in a primary election are usually your most loyal to our party!

So wave your flags, wear your red, white and blue and invite your friends! Please share about what your club is doing and send me pictures!!!

Redwave coming,

Vickie Herrington
FFRW Membership Chair Committee
Republican Women of Okaloosa Federated

Raises Funds for Eglin Animal Welfare Center too!

Pinellas Federated Republican Women Welcome
Attorney General Ashley Moody
The ladies at the Pinellas Federated Republican Women were happy to spend time with Attorney General Ashley Moody.
The RFWTV joined Governor DeSantis as he signed a bill that supports and protects students through transparency in curriculum at the college level, allows for out of state grandchildren of Florida residents to apply for in-state tuition, and introduces a periodic review of tenured faculty. It is another example of our governor's leadership and focus on supporting Floridians.
Jill Gentis, FFRW Chair of Caring for America Committee

My name is Jill Gentis, and I am the Chairwoman for the FFRW Caring for America Program. The following is an example of a Caring for America Project which can be used by other Federations. A zoom call is scheduled for June 15. I would like to encourage each President and Federation to participate.

President, Jill Gentis said that it is extremely important that we Republican Women show our full support to all our police officers and deputies. Accordingly, the BFRW honored two of Sheriff Ivey’s female deputies with Certificates of Appreciation. Deanna Reiter, 2nd Vice President added “We want to show these deputies, Sheriff Wayne Ivey and the entire Brevard County Sheriff’s Office that they have our overwhelming support.”

On behalf of the BFRW, Lisa Cullen, Brevard County Tax Collector, recognized the value of our Sheriff’s Office and presented honors to two of the Sheriff’s deputies, Agent Hannah Polito and Corporal Ashley Jennings receiving Certificates of Appreciation for their “commendable and dedicated service to the citizens of Brevard County and for being the “best of the best” of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office”. Sheriff Ivey was also presented with a $500 donation.
How Does a Judge with Close Ties to Trump Loathers NOT Recuse Himself?
By Maria Morales-Prieto
FFRW Newsletter Chair

How does any Banana Republic start? Rules for thee but not for me.

Politicians are never held accountable for their crimes. They’re all breaking laws left and right, but you will never see one being hauled off to prison. They’re Teflon and they know it. 

FACT: A Lifelong Politician is a Crooked Politician.

No better example than the Sussman trial, which is proving to be a total farce. No one believes Sussman will ever see the inside of a jail cell much less the mastermind herself, Hillary Clinton. 

Similarly, no one believes that even though we have Hunter’s laptop and Tony Bobulinski’s documents and testimony with all the information needed to bury the Biden family will any of them be tried for treason, as they should be.

If any of us obstructed justice by destroying subpoenaed laptops and cell phones, we’d be in federal prison yet Hillary skates by without a scratch. What was she hiding on her private server that she took that chance to destroy evidence outright? Perhaps the sale of arms from our Qatar reserves to Libya who then gave them to the Taliban, who then shot down an American helicopter, which led to the Benghazi tragedy.

Now we have the Sussman trial Judge Christopher Cooper deeply connected to the Democrats especially to Obama and those who planned the Trump takedown. Did he recuse himself? Absolutely not. He’s happy to be their inside man.

Cooper was appointed by Obama and even served on his transition team. The DOJ’s Merrick Garland, who apparently moonlights as the computer voice for Amber Alerts, officiated Cooper's 1999 wedding to his wife, Amy Jeffress. 

Amy Jeffress was counselor to Eric Holder and currently represents the infamous FBI Trump loather and homewrecker mistress herself, Lisa Page, who plotted with her equally repulsive lover, Peter Strzok to take down Trump! 


The Fix is in again, indeed. Just imagine the pillow talk between the judge and his wife!!!

The judge is not allowing information proving Sussman lied to the FBI and then let three jurors in who are Hillary donors, as well as an AOC donor. Another juror’s daughter is on the same high school crew team as the defendant's daughter! 

The evidence that Sussman lied to the FBI is overwhelming. Robby Mook, who will most likely "commit suicide" soon, made it clear the entire Russia hoax, Steele dossier, fake FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign scheme was condoned by Hillary, if not outright planned by her. 

This makes Watergate look like child’s play, but nothing will happen. We live in a Third World country. They’ve bought the media and turned it into a Left-Wing propaganda machine. If it weren’t for talk radio, Fox News and Newsmax, they would have total control over the information we receive just like in communist countries.

Who’s going to pay back the citizens for the $40 Million U.S. tax dollars wasted in the Mueller probe?! Hillary, the DNC? Don't hold your breath. 

How does Trump get his reputation back? How can Adam Schiff get away with saying he saw all the evidence of Trump shaking down Zelenskyy and spoke to the anonymous whistleblower when we now know it was all a scam to depose a sitting president. 


And how does Michael Sussman just walk into the FBI and meet with James Baker? Who’s going to believe no one there knew Sussman worked for the Clintons? They’re either scarily stupid and incompetent or enemies of the state in on a coup d’etat.

The Democrats have literally stacked the deck by infecting every agency that runs this country. The FBI, DOJ, CIA, NSA, DHS, and IRS, as well as CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, and CNBC are all now weapons of mass destruction used against rivals to the Democrat party. They were all in the Russia hoax from the beginning and ALL need to be held accountable for putting the nation through the horror of an impeachment trial - not to mention the complete lining of pockets by wasteful politicians and lawyers.

If the Republicans don’t take back the House and Senate in November, it will be a total confirmation that the Democrats are also fixing the elections as many suspect so their Third World transition will be fait accompli.
DeSantis Announces a $5.3 million Hispanic Media Reservation
Sunday, May 8th marked exactly six months from Election Day 2022 and Governor DeSantis’s campaign continues to move full steam ahead! 
Last week, Governor DeSantis signed the largest tax relief package in Florida history, reaffirmed his commitment to combatting red tide and investing in Florida’s beaches with nearly $14 million in funding to support red tide research and innovative mitigation technologies, and signed a record $30 million in funding to protect Florida’s manatees. 
The campaign also announced a $5.3 million Hispanic media reservation because as Joe Biden and the Democrat Party continue to lose their footing with the Hispanic community, Republicans are gaining and growing.

Spanish-speaking Hispanics in Florida and across the country are moving toward Governor Ron DeSantis because of his emphasis on economic opportunity, education, public safety, and other family-focused policies. 
Republicans in Florida are energized like never before and as of this week, 

Republicans outnumber Democrats
by over 133,000 registered voters
Show your support for Governor DeSantis’s freedom agenda by signing our exclusive card HERE. We’re showing the Governor all the signatures from supporters at the end of May, so be sure to sign it before it’s too late! 
Thank you for supporting Governor DeSantis as he fights back against the radical Left and liberal media.


Mother’s Day goes all the way back to the
Greeks and Romans in honor of two maternal Goddesses? 
By Pam McAloon,
President PFRW

But it was actually Ann Jarvis who birthed Mother’s Day in 1908 in tribute to her deceased mother. She later regretted its commercialization.

in 1914, President Wilson signed it officially as a day of observance for the second Monday in May. The official flowers are the pink or red and white carnations with white representing deceased mothers and pink and red representing living mothers. 
Did you know that Cinco De Mayo, celebrated on May 5th, was not the Mexican War of Independence? Mexico’s hard fought independence from Spain was declared in 1810 and Mexico became a Constitutional monarchy. Cinco De Mayo or” Battle of Puebla” on May 5th ,1862, was about unpaid debts to France. Mexico won against all odds. Cinco de Mayo is not a federal holiday in the United States nor is it in Mexico. The celebration, however, is quite popular in our country.
Did you know that Memorial Day, observed on the last Monday of May, which used to be on Sunday, was originally named Decoration Day (Decorating the graves) for only Civil War soldiers on May 30th, 1868? After WW1, it honored deceased soldiers here and abroad. The official federal holiday was established in 1971. It is one of the few federal holidays that fly the American flag half-staff then full staff on the same day. Tribute is also paid to the “Tomb of the Unknown Soldier”. Did you know that

A national moment of remembrance takes place
at 3:00 p.m. local time on Memorial Day. 

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