Summer 2023 Newsletter

Dear FFRW Members and Friends,

Where does the time go; Summer is almost over, Students are back at School and the 1st Republican Debate took place on Aug. 23, 2023 in Milwaukee, WI- home to the RNC Convention July 15-18, 2024.

FFRW Clubs have completed and submitted NFRW Achievement Awards, Political & Campaign Volunteer Awards, Caring for America Awards, Armed Services Awards and more. The Awards will be presented at the NFRW Biennial Convention- Sept. 29-Oct. 1. FFRW will be sending 10 Delegates and we'll have over 30 FFRW Members in Attendance. We will be sharing the Award Winners as well as the great information we receive in the workshops at NFRW Biennial in Oklahoma City, OK upon our return to FL and at our FFRW Biennial Convention Nov. 17-19, 2023

FFRW Clubs can be very helpful in both the RNC Bank Your Vote program, as well as encouraging all your members to Register for a Vote By Mail Ballot. All registered voters must request a Vote by Mail Ballot each Election Cycle- request your vote by Mail Ballot at your Supervisor of Elections Website- Today! SOE Look-up

2024 Election Cycle:

2024 Presidential Preference Primary

Voter Registration Deadline: February 20

Early Voting: March 9-16 (may vary by county)

Election Day: March 19 2024

2024 Primary Election

Voter Registration Deadline: July 22

Early Voting: August 10-17 (may vary by county)

Election Day: August 20 2024

2024 General Election

Voter Registration Deadline: October 7

Early Voting: October 21-November 2 (may vary by county)

Election Day: November 5

FFRW Clubs can also Register new voters, encourage NPA's to switch to Republican as we are a closed Primary State. Many of the new residents that have moved in the last 2 years come from states that do not have closed Primaries (Only 7 States are closed- FL, DE,NV,KY,NM,NY & PA). A conversation starter is - Do you want to vote in the Republican Presidential Primary in 2024? You must be a Registered Republican to vote in the Republican Presidential Primary.

There are 13 Republican candidates for President (2016- 17 Candidates). The 2024 Republican Presidential Primary begins with the Iowa caucuses on Jan. 15, followed by NV, NH & SC Primaries by Feb. 8th. Super Tuesday 2024 is March 5 (15 States). Florida Presidential Primary is Mar. 19 along with 4 other states.

It will be an exciting year for the Republican Presidential Primary as the Democrats have all but ruled out Joe Biden Campaigning. Remember that the FFRW and the FFRW Clubs do not Endorse. Individuals can be for their candidate, the purpose of the Primary is for each state to select their Nominee and to vote at the RNC Convention. It is a fierce battle and the field will narrow down as we get through the Republican Primaries.

FFRW Clubs and Members don't forget the important local races in your county. One of the most important races is the School Board. It all begins with the School Board and all local races matter. Get to know what the candidates Stand for and help the candidates that meet your expectations with your Time, Treasure &/or Talent.

Thank you to all the FFRW members/candidates that have stepped up to run. We will be announcing all of the FFRW Member/Candidates in early 2024, from the School House to Congress!

Save the Date: FFRW Biennial Convention- Fri. Nov.17- Sun. Nov. 19, 2024. Marriott Westshore-Tampa. Call to Convention will be sent Sept. 20, 2024. (See Save the Date Flyer below)

For Florida, For Our Country

Diane Van Parys

FFRW President

[email protected]


Bank Your Vote

Byron Donalds, was selected by RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel to help lead the GOP effort to BALLOT HARVEST and sweep the next election.

Here’s the Bank Your Vote Plan

✔️ Launch our first-ever NATIONWIDE ballot harvesting operation to bank GOP votes.

✔️ Activate our voters through neighbor-to-neighbor connections

✔️ Expand GOP access to early-voting locations across the country

✔️ Invest in an 80,000-person team to protect your vote

✔️ Expand traditional media efforts into new platforms to reach young voters

✔️ Fight BAD ballot harvesting laws while making sure it’s easy to vote but hard to cheat.

I am proud to lead this effort and help turn out votes for Republicans. These efforts will not only allow us to directly confront bad actors and stop cheating but allow us to appeal to younger and important swing voters. 

It will be worth it when Republicans defend our House Majority, flip the Senate, and kick Joe Biden out of the White House once and for all!

No matter where you live in the country, this is your chance to impact whether Republicans WIN or LOSE in 2024 directly.


Byron Donalds

Congressman & Co-Chairman of “Bank Your Vote”

Watch Video: Former President Trump asks you to Bank Your Vote!

“To take back the White House and Senate and strengthen our House majority in 2024, Republicans must play the game by today’s rules, which means maximizing our efforts to bank votes before Election Day,” Hagerty added. “We cannot afford to sacrifice most of the opportunities to bank votes in key states while Democrats run up the score. 

Encouraging Republicans to securely ‘Bank Your Vote’ is the only way to protect the vote and reclaim our out-of-control government. Per the RNC, the comprehensive vote-banking effort that Trump now formally supports will comprise multiple fronts from digital and data to ground game to strategic messaging. The RNC’s data team will work with its digital team to identify voters likely to vote early, and use digital efforts to communicate with those voters. The party’s field operations, which have led efforts to knock on hundreds of millions of doors in the past couple election cycles, along with a nationwide group of volunteers, activists, and staff. The RNC’s election integrity team has 80,000 members nationwide and will, per the Party, make direct contacts with these people to ensure as many votes as possible are banked early.

Links: Election Politics Social Justice absentee voting ballot harvesting Donald Trump early voting election integrity Exclusive 2024 Primary Mail voting On the Hill Republican National Committee RNC Ronna McDaniel

Did You Know?

 The Birth of our U.S. Constitution and the Forgotten John Jay

The historical perspective on the creation of our U.S. Constitution? May of 1787 was the month that began a debate that later birthed a written governmental document securing our republic,” if we can keep it”. Miraculously, the Constitution was ratified in 1788 and became operational in 1789. John Jay was not only our first Supreme Court justice, but was very instrumental in the founding principles that influenced the Constitutional construction. Out of the 85 Federalist papers that were written under the pen name Publius, he contributed five essays and would have written more if not for ill health. His papers focused upon the importance of a national union of the states to avoid interstate wars, avoiding foreign entanglements, fighting only just wars, and that a single national government would attract the “best men for our country” ( and now women) to serve. He was a man of principle who also served as governor of New York. Along with Benjamin Franklin, he negotiated our revolutionary war debt with Spain and France. His very unpopular Jay Treaty kept us out of an unaffordable war with England and possibly France in the 1790’s. Through the Jay Treaty, The British finally surrendered our domestic forts and returned to England. John Jay was a national hero, a major architect of our American Future, and should not be forgotten as one of our Founding Fathers.

Pam McAloon

President Pinellas Federated republican Women

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