August 2022 Newsletter

Dear FFRW Members and Friends:


Ladies, We can see clearly that Election Season is in full swing and that the other team is in full melt down. Let’s talk about a few issues from around Free Florida.


Orlando, Orange County, the rocket scientists on the county commission put a “Rent Control” law on November’s ballot, asking the voters whether future private property rents can be raised more than the rate of inflation. Wow, Really? Rent control works so well in New York and California we should bring it here to destroy the rental industry in tourism dependent Orlando. Obviously, Rental Property Developers would never just move their resources to Lake, Polk, Osceola or Brevard Counties. The number of rentals would dry up and increase the scarcity of affordable units therefore making the problem worse. Not to mention there is a 1977 law that says local governments can’t do this. But what do progressives care about wasted taxes dollars on legal fees for county lawyers? Not to mention the local Realtors Association has already filed a 122 Page lawsuit against the measure. Who do you think is ultimately going to have to pay those legal bills? The taxpayers of Orange County, obviously.

Why are the progressives doing this? To excite their base and hope it brings more sycophants to the polls. 

Confused Charlie Crist just signed up the Head of Miami-Dade County’s Teachers Union as his running mate. She is also a vice president of the American Federation of Teachers Union. Think that is going to bring in any out of state liberal money? You bet it is. What Crist forgot to do was vet his shiny new running mate. It seems that on the day the Devil Fidel Castro died she tweeted “A political Figure dies at 90. Most in Miami rejoice many in Cuba mourn #FidelCastro”. Can you imagine anyone tone deaf enough to write that about Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot or Benito Mussolini? She lives in Miami and taught in their Public Schools, do you think she grasps that many of the grandparents of her students were tortured and murdered by this monster? Does she wonder why there are so many Cuban migrants in Miami-Dade? Her lack of empathy is breathtaking.

Lastly, the Senatorial Candidate for the party of De-Fund the Police, is running on her Police credentials. We should vote for her because she was a cop in the party that hates Cops? Wow, they have nothing but intellectual dishonesty. In her 6 years in a democratically controlled congress, she got 1 bill passed, that was to rename a post office in her district. Yet, she alleges that Senator Rubio doesn't come to work often enough during Covid.

Ladies, we are going to win big in November. Let’s make it so large that even these vapid progressives can see that we don’t want their ideas here in FREE FLORIDA.

God bless America!      

For Florida, For Our Country,

Maricel Cobitz
President FFRW

FFRW Members Running for Statewide Election


Lt. Governor Jeanette Nunez, FRW North Dade

DeSantis-Nunez for Governor 


FFRW Members running in the

U.S. House of Representatives General Election


Congresswoman Maria Elvira Salazar, CD 27, FRW North Dade

Ana Paulina Luna, CD13, Pinellas FRW


CONGRATULATIONS To FFRW Members-Elected or Reelected Florida Senate


SD 28: Senator & President Designate Kathleen Passidomo, RW SW Florida

SD 40: Senator Ana Maria Rodriguez, FRW North Dade 

SD 29: Representative Erin Grall,  Treasure Coast WRCF

SD 31: Gayle Harrell, Treasure Coast WRCF 

CONGRATULATIONS TO FFRW Members Reelected to Florida House 

HD 18: Representative Cyndi Stevenson, St. John RWF

HD 82: Representative Lauren Melo, RW Southwest Florida

FFRW Members running in the

FL House of Representatives General Election

HD 16: Klyan Michael - RWF of Duval Federated

HD 18: Cyndi Stevenson St. Johns RWF

HD 36: Rachel Plakon - Suburban RWF

HD 42: Bonnie Jackson - Winter Park RWF

HD 45: Carolina Amesty - Orlando WRCF

HD 58: Kim Berfield, Pinellas FRW

HD 60: Audrey Henson - Pinellas FRW

HD 84: Dana Trabulsy - Treasure Coast WRCF

HD 91: Peggy Gossett Seidman - RFW of South Florida

HD 113: Vicki Lopez - FRW of North Dade

HD 115: Alina Garcia - WRC of Miami Federated

 Time to Rev up Your Campaign Volunteer Activities

Here is another opportunity for Federated Republican women to support their community. On May 1st a First Responders Appreciation BBQ was held at the Brevard Veterans Memorial Center. This was the community's way to say thank you, celebrate local heroes, and show them know how much their service is appreciated.  County and local Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, Paramedics, EMTs, Dispatchers, and active members of the Military (Patrick Space Force base is nearby) were honored. And, of course, the Brevard Federated Republican Women and associates were there to show their support and to serve pulled pork sandwiches and hot dogs to First Responders and their families.

Jill Gentis, President

Brevard Federated Republican Women

Chair, FFRW Caring for America


Mamas for DeSantis

Gather to Discuss Our Children's Future

Launching The Desantis Playbook in Miami Dade County 

The Book Report

By Joy Ashlock

FFRW E&L Committee Chair


School’s in session, primaries are over, pumpkin spice is everywhere and Christmas decorations are in the store!!!

Wait what??? That’s about as crazy as the Democrats and all their shenanigans! Now that we have our clear candidates the fight can really begin which should draw people to our clubs. We need to be prepared to recruit and welcome new members for the battle ahead. Here are a few suggestions drawn from our own NFRW:

1. Carry sign up sheets, membership forms, and club business cards to the Republican events or political functions. Make it easy for members to order cards thru your club, either at a meeting or on your website. 

2. Give a membership as a gift/door prize/raffle. In todays economy, think of someone you might be able to gift a membership to—the holidays are just around the corner.

3. Ask a state senator or rep to do a 10-15 second video supporting your state federation. Some of us living in a blue area might have to borrow one from another district!

4. Introduce a monthly drawing for each member that brings in a guest who joins your club. Everyone can use a new Republican scarf, bracelet or pair of earrings. It doesn’t have to be costly, just acknowledgement about their involvement.

5. Begin reminding your members to renew their membership for 2023!!

6. Use the NFRW “Building Leaders, Energizing Communities, Keeping America Strong” slogan to your newsletters, websites, Instagram & Facebook posts and any notices your club does.

7. Wear an “Ask Me What NFRW or FFRW Stands For” button.

8. Here are special days in September for your clubs to recognize or build your theme around:


      Labor Day—Monday, September 5, 2022

      Patriot Day—Sunday, September 11, 2022

      First Day of Fall—Thursday, September 22, 2022

      Gold Star Mothers and Family Day—Sunday, September 25, 2022

Hope to see many of you at our meeting in Orlando in September! We need to recharge our batteries and get ready for the November battle!. Are you out in the field in battle gear and recruiting others to be with you?? The personal contact is the most powerful! Let’s make the Red Tsunami Happen!

Victory 2022,

Vickie Herrington

FFRW Membership Chair



All members please report your volunteer hours to your club president.



By Maria Morales-Prieto

FFRW Newsletter Chair

The Democrats’ viper, James Carville, recently called Republicans evil, weird, racists, misogynists and stupid. Now that’s “Projection” on an unparalleled level! Especially from the man, who along with Hillary, protected the sexual deviant Bill Clinton by denigrating the president’s very credible accusers. That’s evil and misogyny at its worst yet the human serpent continues to throw stones! Funny how the Me-Too movement just skipped over Bill.

Literally everything the Democrats accuse Republicans of doing is exactly what they’ve done:

Colluding with the Russians – They’re the ones who hired a Russian to make up a phony dossier on Donald Trump so they could spy on their opponent using a fake FISA warrant. They’re the ones who opened Russia’s Nord Stream pipeline and then started buying oil from them after shutting down our own pipeline! They’re the ones who sold 1/3 of our Uranium to Russia.


Being Misogynist – All but one man sent to prison for raping women in the workplace were all Democrats, as are the ones who got away like Clinton and Epstein. They’re the ones encouraging women to get abortions, so they don’t have to be responsible for their actions, and they’re the ones encouraging trans men to compete in women’s sports, destroying the entire industry and women’s abilities to win medals.


Being Racists – They’re the ones who are obsessed with only seeing people as labels, which is the most racist quality ever, teaching hatred-inciting CRT to our children. They’re the ones rewriting our history books to portray America as rooted in evil and continues to be.


Espionage – They’re the ones who left the Taliban, Isis and Al Qaeda an entire country to regroup along with billions of dollars of our weapons, ammunition and pallets of cash. They’re the ones empowering Iran, Russia, and China too! The entire push to go green is to pay back China for their bribes to the Bidens.


Being Corrupt – They’re the ones who have weaponized the entire IRS, DOJ, and FBI to stop from ever being accused of anything while targeting and destroying the lives of anyone who disagrees with them. They’re the ones who keep inventing ways to take down Trump with bogus accusations and blatant lies while looking the other way to the myriad of crimes documented in Hunter’s laptop such as treason by our own president at the highest level, and Hillary’s illegal home server being wiped out to cover up the illegal sale of arms to Libya, which blew up into the Benghazi tragedy. They also haven’t done anything about Hillary’s campaign spying on Trump’s using a fake FISA warrant!


Destroying Democracy – They’re the ones who:


  • Want to pack the Supreme Court so they can force it to legislate instead of simply interpret the law. 
  • Produced a prime-time television show on the kangaroo court January 6th committee that didn’t allow a defense of the accused as they do in communist countries. 
  • Rig our elections and then incarcerate tax paying citizens who question them on it as in communist countries.
  • Erased our borders to import future voters regardless of the human toll and suffering.
  • Sold our Strategic Oil Reserves to China.
  • Demonize our greatest strength, the oil, gas, and coal industry, while investing in energy companies in our enemy countries.
  • Want us to go completely green even though the infrastructure to go all EV is decades away and requires many more nuclear power plants. Also EVs mean the end of road trips and being able to evacuate in an emergency, as well as empowering China. 
  • Call for defunding the police to weaken their ability to keep us safe
  • Set violent criminals free using “bail reform” as an example of their passion for thugs while putting all the people who pay their salaries in danger! 
  • Want to take away our right to bear arms so we can’t defend ourselves when they come to take whatever they desire as in communist countries. 
  • Censor free speech to keep their constituents in the dark about their nefarious deals as in communist countries. 
  • Are burning down our food warehouses, as well as cattle and chicken farms to purposely cause shortages, which will lead to mass hysteria and dependence on the government. 
  • Took down historical statues as they do in communist countries, and erected monuments to the hardened criminal and thug, George Floyd. 
  • Loot, riot, murder innocent people, and burn down police precincts and businesses while “peacefully protesting,” destroying the livelihoods of thousands of innocent people and causing billions of dollars in damages. Not a peep from the Democrats other than raising funds to bail out the thugs. 
  • Conquer by dividing, accusing the MAGA movement of being the most dangerous political movement in history while it’s BLM and Antifa who riot, loot, murder and burn down our cities. They’re the ones who stoke class envy and race wars. 
  • Taking God out of our Pledge of Allegiance and everywhere else possible to appease atheists and new arriving immigrants. This is a Judeo-Christian country. Deal with it. If immigrants don’t like it, they can move somewhere else. I would not expect a Jewish or Muslim country to censor any mention pertaining to their faith to accommodate me. We should not capitulate to the whims of ungrateful refugees.


The projection of their misdeeds on Republicans is calculated and the crux of their turning the tables on what they perceive to be their mortal enemies. They know that it is only Trump that comes between America and their charge to deliver America to the World Economic Forum, George Soros and Bill Gates. You see, the Democrats are nothing more than a cog in the WEF’s wheel. They’re tools being used by our enemies and their greed is our kryptonite. 

If the Republicans don’t take back the House and the Senate, it will confirm they have truly turned our elections into nothing more than a PR stunt for the world like they do in communist countries, ergo we have officially become a Banana Republic. 

God Save America!


Despite the fact that inflation has hit an all-time high of 9.1%, not seen in decades, and the cost of gas and groceries are escalating by the day, we now are being “encouraged” to buy electric cars with non-recyclable batteries, along with the purchase price being in the $60,000 range.

The grids in both Texas and California are overwhelmed and its citizens have been asked to abbreviate charging their EV’s. The government believes that this “sacrifice” will free us of fossil fuel dependency, and yet battery operated vehicles also release emissions.

What source of energy fuels the electric chargers? Electric chargers will have to have fossil fuel back up as do solar panels.

Ultimately, we will become even more dependent on China and Korea for the metals that make the batteries for EVs. Fossil fuels bring prosperity to nations. We have the “right to choose”. Our government should promote policy that benefits and not harms its citizens.

In closing, I ask the Nancy Pelosis and the John Kerrys of the world to please give up their private jets and limos all in the name of “sacrifice”.

Pam McAloon

President Pinellas Federated Republican Women

Published “Senior Voice of America” July 2022



Benjamin Harrison, our 23rd US President was born August 20th, 1883. The Sherman Antitrust Act passed under his administration.

Japan surrendered to the United States on August 15th, 1945 effectively bringing World WarII to an end.


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