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Last month, Donna Bundy, Kim Carroll and Mariann Lansing took part in a historic event as part of the FFRW board.  A resolution was written and given to Mike Haridopolous regarding the unanimous opinion of the group as it pertains to the loss of delegates for the RNC Convention.  Please see the article below from the Tampa Bay Buzz:   

Republican Women oppose early Fla presidential primary in 2012

There are very few events more important to the hardest core party activists than national party conventions. So as much as elected leaders like Dean Cannon, Mike Haridopolos and Marco Rubio talk about the importance of Florida having an early primary - even if it means losing half its convention delegates as penalty for bucking the national party schedule - we hear A LOT of grass roots party regulars fuming about the prospect of losing slots at the 2012 convention in Tampa.

Even though legislative leaders have stressed all along they don't want to buck the special status of the four early states (Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina), any primary earlier than March would mean penalties. The Florida Federation of Republican Women recently pass a resolution calling on Florida to follow the RNC rules. Cindy Graves said federation members spoke to Haridopolos about their concerns, but he suggested they misunderstand his position on the primary date (which sounds unlikely). Here's the resolution:

     WHEREAS, the State of Florida is the fourth largest state in the nation and an important part of the presidential election process, and
     WHEREAS, the State of Florida has been awarded the honor of hosting the Republican National Committee Convention in 2012, and
     WHEREAS, the citizens of the State of Florida are committed to donating their time, talent and treasure to assure the success of the Republican National Committee Convention in 2012, and
     WHEREAS, the Republican National Committee announced they will penalize Delegations for failure to follow the rules of the RNC and the elections calendar

WHEREAS, in 2010, the FFRW applauded as the National Committeewoman of Florida famously followed RNC Rule 11, in  

order to allow all candidates equal access to the US Senate election, and
     WHEREAS, we believe the Grand Old Party, the party that reveres rules should not deliberately choose to break the rules, NOW THEREFORE,
Be it resolved by the Florida Federation of Republican Women request:
That the Florida House of Representatives and the Florida Senate bring forth state election laws that adhere to the rules set forth by the Republican National Committee pertaining to the presidential preference primary.


The following is a follow up to the original article:

Florida's 2012 election season will be a wild ride 

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