God desires FFUMC to be an intentional, vibrant,  growing faith community transformed through prayer, scripture, worship, and study.


ffumclogo God wants us to make a real difference in the lives of our neighbors  and each other as we  invite, accept, connect,  serve,  and share the love of Christ.  

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Please join us on Saturday!

Church workday is Saturday, June 15. We will begin at 8 a.m. and end by noon. If you can only come for part of the time, we would love the help.
Church Potluck and
Don's Retirement Celebration
June 30 at Noon

Please click here to register.
Please bring a side dish (with list of ingredients) to share
for the potluck. 

June 24 - 27
6 p.m - 8:30 p.m. 
Click here to register.

See you Sunday!
9:00-9:15       Morning Prayer
9:30-10:15     Sunday School
10:30-11:30   Morning Worship
United Methodist  Youth Fellowship   (UMYF)

Questions? Email Chuck Powell.
Check out bulletin board for upcoming events.
Tuesday, June 18 - Hiking Trip
June 24-27 - Vacation Bible School
Sunday, June 30 - Church Potluck & Celebration
National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) will not meet at FFUMC in June and July. It will resume in August for their monthly meeting on the third Tuesday. If you have questions, please contact Joyce Judge at 865-966-4731.
Sunday, June 16, 2019

Information Desk
   9:30 a.m. - Nancy Roberts
   10:30 a.m. - Ann Walker
9:15 a.m. - Okon & Robbeline Enyenihi
10:15 a.m. -  open
Please contact Lara Burn to sign up
to greet on Sundays.

Security Ushers
8:45 a.m. - Robert Hill
10:15 a.m. - Bob Burn

10:30 a.m. -  John Houser, Calvin Harris, Earl Nall
We need you!  Any adult at FFUMC can join the security usher team. Please consider serving in the way. Contact Steve Krupski if you are interested in helping on Sunday mornings.
Happy birthday to members   who  have birthdays this week!
  12 - Jill Wolverton
13 - Ben Alexander
14 - John Marius
15 - Sharon Bryant
         Kristen Overbay
         Gaelyn Amick
17 - John Morris
         Kaitlyn Bocik
18 - Rodric Mallison
As of April 30, 2019

YTD Total Contributions:     $209,978.42
YTD Total Expenses:              $189,820.98
YTD Net Operating Total:     $ 20,157.44
YTD Total Capital Gifts:        $ 32,276.00
Attention Kroger Shoppers!
Don't forget to re-enroll!
  If you shop at Kroger, please click here to visit the Kroger Community Rewards secure website and click on "Enroll" to register your individual Kroger Plus card to First Farragut UMC's account 
We received $156.03 from your shopping last quarter!

Jesus says in John's gospel  "I have much more to say to you, but you can't handle it now. However, when the Spirit of Truth comes, he will guide you in all truth. He won't speak on his own, but will say whatever he hears and will proclaim to you what is to come."
Sometimes it's hard to wait on what the Spirit has next for us.  As I sit in our sessions at Holston Annual Conference over four days this week, I feel torn about  what might come next.  It's no secret that our denomination is going through some division and strife, and it's very easy to look toward the future with a sense of negativity.  "What if what the Spirit has for us next is a split? What if there is no United Methodist Church?" have been questions I've asked myself. 
But then, I see the hopeful future. For example, our Annual Conference just elected a young woman to lead our Laity Delegation as the youngest lead delegate in Holston's history; Annual Conference's "Change For Children" program has raised nearly $60,000 for children; our churches, including FFUMC, collected thousands of buckets of food, school supplies and medical kits for Zimbabwe, worth nearly a quarter million dollars.  And there is of course much good work happening at First Farragut and around the District, Conference and entire United Methodist Church as a whole.  
So I am encouraged by what the Spirit has next for us as a church, and I hope, that in the midst of uncertainty, you are too. 
4th Wednesday of the Month Volunteer Opportunity
First Farragut UMC and Faith Fellowship  Cumberland Presbyterian partner to deliver groceries on  the  4th Wednesday of each month to Knox County neighbors in need without transportation. West Knox FISH Pantry provides the groceries. FISH is always looking for new phone, mapping and driving volunteers. 

If you are interested or just need more information, please contact Laura Derr.
Family Promise
Family Promise Host Week
July 7th - July 14th

Helping end homelessness, 
one family at a time!

Many people are needed to help as we welcome homeless families into
our church for a week, providing a safe place for children and their families to sleep.  

Volunteers are needed to setup after Sunday school on July 7th, breakdown the morning of July 14th, stay overnight, fix dinner, and fellowship with the children and adults.  

Check the sign-up board located on Main Street to see how YOU can
help and to volunteer. You won't want to miss out on this life-changing
mission! For more information or to volunteer, contact Steve Krupski at
(865) 548-7487 or
sjktools@charter.net .
Donations for VBS
Please check the board and see how you can help. Requested items for the volunteer meal and snacks for kids have been added. Date needed is also on the sticky notes. Thanks!
Wesley's Attic Needs Children's Clothes

Wesley's Attic needs CHILDREN's clothing sizes BABY - CHILD's Size 12 ONLY. We do NOT need larger sizes. Gently used , clean shoes of any size are welcome. We will also be collecting coats for adults and children. Children's hoodie fleece jackets are especially needed. Our next FFUMC Mobile Pantry with Central UMC will be July 27 when all the above items will be distributed.  
VBS June 24 -27
6:30 to 8 p.m.  -  Sign up today.
Want to be "in the loop" on all Children's Wing activities?
Be sure to join our Facebook group
(FFUMC Children's Ministry)!

Come learn a new way to  serve at FFUMC!

If you can push a button or click a mouse, you can help with  visual or audio on Sunday mornings. We are looking for more  volunteers to help! If you would like to join the team or have questions, please email Tom Derr or Mark Veness.
Stop by and pick up a  "Welcome to Your Home  B ucket" for a  new neighbor. They  are available at the Information Desk.
First Farragut UMC's Footprints Ministry serves  as a bridge to connect church and home. Click  here  for our current recommendations.

Care and 

Please remember the following  care 
and prayer concerns  this week:
  • Christian Missionaries Everywhere
  • Jim Audas (neuropathy & headaches, Leslie Goss' step-father) 
  • Richard Bartosik
  • Karen Blazer
  • Donna Bocik
  • Jason Caprio, daughters Melanie & Maggie (Melanie is nine and extremely ill. Maggie is eight. Jason is Tessa Cortes' brother)
  • Necia Carter (radiation therapy) 
  • Troy Cato (colon cancer, son of Renee Alley's friend)
  • Chase Clark (multiple injuries from car accident in April, friend of Barbara Collins)
  • Lee Collins
  • Daughtry Family - Morgan (born premature),
    Kayla & Chris (parents) (friends of Bob & Lara Burn)
  • Lisa Davis (brain cancer, Carrie Lawson's friend)
  • Andy Detiveaux (cancer, son of Leslie Goss' friend)
  • John Hankins (Drema Harden's brother)
  • Charlie Harden (broken wrist)
  • Charlie Helms
  • Doug Jenkins (son of Alvin & Marjorie Jenkins) 
  • Jeanette Jenkins (acute myeloid leukemia, wife of David Jenkins, daughter-in-law of Alvin & Marjorie Jenkins)
  • Jeanette Krupski (spinal ablation)
  • Cheryl Lewis & Family (chemo treatments continue, friend of Harden Family)
  • Kristen Lowder (liver disease, Carrie Lawson's friend)
  • Deanne Lucas' sister
  • Phillip Luster (husband of Brenda Bradford's niece)
  • Trish Mixon (breast cancer, Karen Blazer's sister)
  • Jack O'Brien (stage four lung cancer, Jim O'Brien's brother)
  • Kevin O'Brien (end stage renal failure, Jim O'Brien's brother)
  • Noel Pietranski (chemical imbalance affecting ability to process) & His Family (friends of Bob Burn)
  • Gabriel Powell (Chuck Powell's nephew)
  • Bryson Presnell (Children's of Cincinnati, son of Jen Braun's friend)
  • Tyler Pritchard (seizures, Tara Mallison's cousin)
  • Michael Rainwater 
  • Jolanda Rice (hospice, Jeanette Krupski's mother)
  • Julianne Schoolcraft
  • Brent Shumaker
  • Mendi Smitherman (cancer, Barb Collins' friend)
  • Becky Luther Tannehill (breast cancer, Carrie Linn's aunt)
  • Jimmy Taylor (clinical trial)
  • Teresa Tomlinson (kidney failure, Patti Parker's sister) 
  • Susan Trammell (cancer, Julie Alexander's great aunt)
  • Trecia Walters (cancer, Mark Overbay's cousin)  
  • Jon Wilson (aggressive cancer diagnosis, Tessa Cortes' uncle) 
  • Military Personnel & their families
Intermediate and long-term concerns are held in prayer daily through our 
prayer chain and prayer groups. 
If you have a prayer concern, 
please contact 
the church office  at 966-8430 or admin@ffumc.org.
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