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Dear FFUMC members and friends,

With the announcement of my retirement in June at the Holston Annual Conference session, it is tempting to start looking back over the terrain of my previous ministry settings, but I must remain focused on the work yet to be done here. Some things work like a well-oiled machine because of our excellent staff, committed leadership, and the helping hearts and hands of all.

An immediate thing to happen is that the Staff-Parish Committee will be in consultation with the Tennessee Valley District Superintendent, the Rev. Brenda Carroll, as the appointive process moves along to name my following pastor and continue Chuck as associate pastor. Projections are to happen in early March. Also, the Staff-Parish team is seeking to hire a Food Service Manager for the many fellowship events, outside group use, and weekly hospitality so important to our church.

The hiring of this gifted person to carry out our ministry of hospitality is the most pressing concern on my plate, personally. Announcement has been made to the community, district, and conference of this opening. If a person is not found soon, I will be seeking a committed corps of volunteers to share the load of this essential ministry. Sandi Wilkins for Staff Parish and Clark Brekke as a concerned member, with me, are eager for your help.


It's time to "go fishing" again for food to help stock the West Knox FISH Pantry in February.
In the month of January, please bring your food donations to the altar on January 13, 20, and 27. The items requested are those that are typically most expensive to buy in bulk:
  • 16 oz. peanut butter
  • 5 oz. canned tuna or chicken
  • 18 oz. box cereal (corn or bran flakes)
Thanks for your support!
Accepting Applications
Part-time Food Service Manager

We are now accepting applications for our part-time Food Service Manager. The Staff-Parish Relations Committee, with input from the church staff and members of the congregation, has considered our needs and, as a result, has rewritten the job description for a part-time Food Service Manager.

For more information, please email jobs@ffumc.org. We will gladly provide you with a copy of the complete job description and arrange to get together to discuss the position.
United Methodist  Youth Fellowship   (UMYF)

Questions? Email Chuck Powell.
Sunday at 5:30 p.m. - UMYF
Resurrection - January 25 - 27
Friday, January 18 at  6:30 p.m. 
Join us for our 2019 Planning Meeting in the  conference room.
We need you!  Any adult at FFUMC can join the security usher team. Please consider serving in the way. Contact Steve Krupski if you are interested in helping on Sunday mornings.
Sunday, January 13, 2019

Information Desk
   9:00 a.m. -   Betty Collins
   10:00 a.m. - Carol Taylor
9:00 a.m. -   Clark & Elaine Brekke
11:00 a.m. - open 
Please contact Lara Burn if you would to sign up to greet on Sundays.

Security Ushers
8:45 a.m. - Robert Hill
10:30 a.m. - Mackenzie Quesenberry

9:00 a.m. - Doug Hulme, Alvin Jenkins
& Joe Bradford
11:00 a.m. - Michael Gilhooly
We need you! Sign up here!
Below is list on usher rolling schedule.  
Randy Kirchner & Scott Hilbelink
Stop by and pick up a  "Welcome to Your Home  B ucket" for a  new neighbor. They  are available at the Information Desk.
Happy birthday to members   who had birthdays  last week and will have this week!
     9 - Austin Goss
 11 - Thomas Lancaster
 15 - Janie Powell
          Lilly Rayson
 16 - Emily Rainwater
As of November 30, 2018

YTD Total Contributions:     $509,099.81
YTD Total Expenses:              $523,347.57
YTD Net Operating Total:     ( $ 14,247.76)
YTD Total Capital Gifts:         $113,382.00
Attention Kroger Shoppers!
Don't forget to re-enroll!
  If you shop at Kroger, please click here to visit the Kroger Community Rewards secure website and click on "Enroll" to register your individual Kroger Plus card to First Farragut UMC's account 
We received $148.58 from your shopping last quarter!

Keep the Flame Burning
In a box of family records, I found a story of local historical interest, and with creative license, a spiritual challenge for the new year.
This family story was first reported in the Republican Chronicle, Knoxville, Tennessee, dated 15 April 1886, under the headline:  

"Among the passengers alighting from passenger train No. 8, which arrived here about 3 o'clock yesterday morning, were an old lady and her son, apparently 23 or 24 years of age. They went to the Hattie House and registered as "W.W. McCarroll and Mrs. McCarroll, Grayson, Va." Mr. Hesler, the clerk, assigned them to the large double room No. 19 on the third floor, back. The porter showed them up and lighted the gas. They failed to come down to breakfast and the servants knocked on the door several times without a response. As the guests arrived at a very late hour and perhaps were weary with travel, nothing was thought of their sleeping so late.

Along in the afternoon the servants smelled escaping gas but could not locate it. It seemed to be as strong in one part of the hall as another and it was supposed that a leak existed in one of the pipes. About 4:30 Jim Kyle, one of the hall boys, went to the room and pounded on the door for several minutes. Receiving no reply, he secured a stepladder and entered the room over a transom. The key was turned in the lock and the window was closed both at the top and the bottom. The gas almost prostrated him, and he found one of the two burners in the room turned on in full, and the other partly turned. Young McCarroll was half reclining on a chair by the window and perceptibly groaning. Kyle turned to the bed occupied by Mrs. McCarroll and found that SHE WAS DEAD.
Coroner Hudiburg was notified and an inquest held over the remains of Mrs. McCarroll. Dr. Keeling testified that she had met death by suffocation. From his statement it would seem that the gas had been escaping since they had retired. ... he (young McCarroll) had gotten up during the day and blew out the flame , and was overcome by the escaping gas while dressing. Kyle, the bell boy, testified as above."
Now, an attempt at an application: in this story we meet the transitory nature of life, the culture shock of rural vs. urban living in the mid 1880's in our own region, and the challenge of what then was new technology. Now, on the verge of a new year and as its changes and challenges progress - I say to you, to me, to the church, "KEEP THE FLAME BURNING!!!"

Which Way, Lord?

Have you ever struggled to understand God's purpose for your life? 
Join the Friends of Faith Class as we explore starting points; preparing for purpose; taking stock; facing adversity; dealing with detours; relying on God; and developing tenacity.  Each session has a 13-15 minute video followed by discussion.  This study is based on the journeys of Paul.  All are welcome!  Join us for one week or all seven.
Sundays in the Music Room, 10 a.m.,  January 13-February 24. For  additional information please contact Renni Morris at rmorris@ffumc.org or 386-8125.
Missing a container? If you brought in food, please check to see if your container is at the Information Desk. Thanks
Thank you, First Farragut! Forty-two gifts were selected, wrapped, and sent to Wesley House for some of the
children.  The gifts were greatly appreciated.  

Caring for others is one way that First Farragut shares God's love. 
Ready for  Financial Peace?

Financial Peace University  is Dave Ramsey's #1 proven program that will show you how to master budgeting, pay off debt, build wealth, and give generously. We will learn how money doesn't have to be stressful.   Build a Legacy. Dump Debt. Win With Money. Plan For Your Future.

Last day to register is this Sunday, January 13.

To learn more or sign up, click here.

Time: 6:00 p.m.                               
Begins : January 17, 2019 
Leaders : Andy and Paige Morgan

Want to be "in the loop" on all Children's Wing activities? 
Be sure to join our Facebook group 
(FFUMC Children's Ministry)!
First Farragut UMC's Footprints Ministry serves  as a bridge to connect church and home. Click  here  for our current recommendations.

Care and 

Please remember the following  care 
and prayer concerns  this week:
  • Christian Missionaries Everywhere
  • Richard Bartosik
  • Judy Bensey
  • Barbara Bird (stroke, Life Care of Blount County-friend of
    Renni & John Morris)
  • Karen Blazer
  • Donna Bocik
  • Eileen Bruno (clinical trial, Leslie Goss' friend)  
  • Troy Cato (colon cancer, son of Renee Alley's friend)
  • Lee Collins
  • Daughtry Family - Kayla & Chris, parents; Morgan 
    & Teagan, high risk twins (friends of Bob & Lara Burn)
  • Lisa Davis (brain cancer, Carrie Lawson's friend)
  • Kylen Ellis & Michelle (Michelle is Kylen's mom. Kylen has rare form of leukemia.)
  • John Hankins (Drema Harden's brother)
  • Charlie Helms
  • Florence Krupski (Steve Krupski's mother)
  • Kris Lane (son-in-law of Steve & Jeanette Krupski)
  • Addilyn Levinge (born at 21 weeks, Joe Bradford's cousin)
  • Cheryl Lewis & Family  (chemo treatments continue, friend of Harden Family)
  • Andy Livingston (terminal lung disease, Faye Simerly's son-in-law)
  • Deanne Lucas' sister
  • Phillip Luster (husband of Brenda Bradford's niece)
  • Pam Morris (John & Renni Morris' sister-in-law)
  • Jack O'Brien (stage four lung cancer, Jim O'Brien's brother)
  • Kevin O'Brien (end stage renal failure, Jim O'Brien's brother)
  • Marilyn Oliver (stage four liver cancer, mother of Kerri White's
  • Morgan Phillips (home, Sarah Robert0's brother)
  • Noel Pietranski (chemical imbalance affecting ability to process) 
    & Family (friends of Bob Burn)
  • Jerry Preston (hospice care, Randee Schoenike's uncle)
  • Ryan Pritchard & Family (cancer, Tara Mallison's cousin)
  • Michael Rainwater 
  • Ned Rayson & Family (death of mother, Bette D. Lathrop)
  • Jolanda Rice (hospice, Jeanette Krupski's mother)
  • Julianne Schoolcraft
  • Mendi Smitherman (cancer, Barb Collins' friend)
  • Becky Luther Tannehill (breast cancer, Carrie Linn's aunt)
  • Judah Thacker (brain cancer, Molly Veness' friend's nephew)  
  • Mackensie Thomas (daughter of Ashley and David, granddaughter of Pastor Don and Anna)
  • Teresa Tomlinson (kidney failure, Patti Parker's sister) 
  • Susan Trammell (cancer, Julie Alexander's great aunt)
  • Trecia Walters (cancer, Mark Overbay's cousin)  
  • Jacob Whorley (hospitalized after being hit by car) & his parents, Madeline & BJ - friends of Bob & Lara Burn)
  • Military Personnel & their families
Intermediate and long-term concerns are held in prayer daily through our 
prayer chain and prayer groups. 
If you have a prayer concern, 
please contact 
the church office  at 966-8430 or admin@ffumc.org.
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