What is Design Thinking?
Many different frameworks, practices, and methods are available to help guide instructional designers when developing distance learning courses. Design thinking offers instructional designers a human-centered perspective in their design approach. In this ebook chapter, design thinking will be introduced. Readers will also learn how design thinking can be applied to solve problems and meet design requirements.

The button below links to a condensed version of the chapter, "Design Thinking and Agile Design", written by Dr. Vanessa Svihla of the University of New Mexico. This chapter is from the book Foundations of Learning and Instructional Design Technology edited by Dr. Richard E. West of Brigham Young University. The condensed version of the chapter is titled "Design Thinking" and was also written by Dr. Vanessa Svihla. The full book is available at: https://edtechbooks.org/lidtfoundations.
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