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Upcoming Webinar
Wednesday, September 22nd at 2 pm EST
Transforming Education with Zoom
Presented by
Pat LaMorte
Global Education Lead at Zoom Video Communications
Education and Training are being transformed by technology. The Zoom platform is the focus this month for in and out of the classroom applications to save time, energy, money and facilitate learning. A live demonstration will highlight features that can enhance distance learning initiatives including focus mode, gallery arrangement, live transcription, language interpretation, and much more. Expect active discussion from Panelists and Attendees. 
Distance Learning with Zoom
Zoom offers a lot of innovative options to use for distance learning. Interested in learning some new ways to improve how distance learning is delivered through Zoom at your organization? Take a look at these resources to learn more!
Learn More about Zoom Distance Learning Capabilities
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Recorded Webinars
Audio Description: If Eyes Could Speak - Making Government Video Accessible to People Who Are Blind
Dr. Joel Snyder
Audio Description Associates, LLC

Microlearning Videos - A Success Story
Kelly Barrett, Internal Revenue Service

Combining Storytelling and Learning Theory to Support Effective Learning
Christopher Kaplan, Alvin Lawrence, and Andrew Clark Diamond Information Systems
Four Levels of Gamification Integration: Which do you use?
Dr. Jonathan Peters
CMO Sententia Gamification
Developing Leaders Virtually
MaryKate Dougherty
US Dept of Treasury

Accessibility and Section 508
Helen Chamberlain
GSA (Retired)

The Future of Organizations: Adaptive Learning
Fran Kassinger
US Dept. of Treasury
Learning Made Easy with Zoom
Russ Colbert
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