A Note from Scott and Marsha
January 19, 2023
"Rain, rain, go away. Please come back another day." Preferably, as 1/4" that happens between 3-4 a.m. every other day. Is that too much to ask? Winter rains are the worst. Gray winter and rainy days? GGGgggggrrrrrrrr.
I have to tell you something that happened right after we returned to work after the new year. It was Tuesday. It was a beautiful, sunny morning and the birds were chirping and the goats had a hop in their steps. It was like the first morning after a bear wakes from a long winter's nap. However, this involved about 38 bears returning rested but not really ready. I always say after a vacation, "Re-entry is ugly."
Fortunately, I did not arrive early enough to witness the chaos. I just heard about it. "Hey Marsha, did you hear what happened this morning?"

"No, I did not. Do tell," I said as I rolled my eyes.

One of our beloved drivers backed up the F-450 dump bed truck into one of our other beloved driver's brand new F-150 company truck. Cue the circus music as one truck was in the blind spot of the other. And one driver couldn't understand why anyone would park a smaller truck behind the bigger truck. What a way to start a morning, am I right? Not for me but for them! Poor guys...
Of course, in normal fashion, a sign had to be made. I hung this up in the office and the jokes ensued. I waited until after work to ask the one driver, "Soooooo.... how was your day?" His reply was priceless. He wrote back that he had an absolutely awesome day.

Then I texted him this picture and he immediately sent me the laughing and crying emoji. He and I are always giving each other a hard time, so I knew he would think I'm funny. But it was true: we really went 33 minutes accident-free in 2023. I mean, there is always a first time for everything; this was the shortest length of time, so we set a new record.
We hope you started your new year accident-free and it remains that way! No accidents, no dead plants, and as drama-free as it can be. However, should something happen and you need cheering up, we have exactly what you need!

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These plants need indirect light and want to dry out somewhat between watering; they thrive indoors with minimal care. These hardy houseplants boast attractive foliage that has the appearance of being painted on!
Did you know Aglaonema are also known as Chinese Evergreens?

This evergreen shade perennial gives gorgeous blooms in the winter! There are many varieties and colors with bloom time from November until April. Depending on the variety, it could bloom white, yellow, pink, red, or dark wine.

Need a groundcover plant that is deer- and pest-resistant? Try Blue Pacific Juniper! It is best for foundation plantings, around trees, shrubs, beds, and rock gardens, or allowed to hang over retaining walls. This evergreen shrub stays deep blue-green all year and is more tolerant of wet feet than other junipers!

Saturday, January 21, 10AM-11AM
Location: The Robin's Nest

Join us for an informative session on everything houseplants. We will cover how to choose the right plants for your home and how to care for them so they stay happy and healthy. You will learn about air-purifying plants and pet-friendly plants. Every houseplant needs a home and every home needs houseplants!

Fee is $15/person; includes a spray bottle and microfiber cloth

Registration without payment will be disregarded.

Instructor: Debbi Barrett, FGS Plant Coach

Step right into a magical garden in your own backyard! Our in-house designers are ready to guide you through the process, and we are booking design consultations for February and March.

Whether it's a patio, walkway, dry creek bed with bridge (wow!), retaining wall, firepit, raised garden bed, or something else, we're here for it!.

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