October 7, 2011
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My firm has created a website for discussing news and views about the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). If you are interested in the FHA, please visit the new FHA Forum!


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Click for FHA Forum


Articles and interactive discussions will be regularly posted on the FHA Forum, as well as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter in order to keep visitors and participants informed.


If you want to suggest topics to research, we will gladly review your requests and provide our responses in articles posted to the FHA Forum. 


Lenders Compliance Group is pleased to make this commitment to administer, monitor, maintain, and continually update the FHA Forum.



What is the FHA Forum?


FHA Forum is a "discussion and information venue," offering a webspace for visitors to better their understanding and become more informed about the news involving the Federal Housing Administration, and especially with respect to residential mortgage loan originations.  


The website is equipped with an interactive discussion forum and several useful links and online features.


FHA Forum is a completely independent forum, not affiliated with the FHA, and it has been created for contributors and discussion participants to share their interest in matters relating to the FHA.  

Website Features
  • Discussion Forum
  • Post Articles (Contribute)
  • Suggest Research Topics  
  • Useful Links
  • Share
  • Subscribe
  • Join: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn 
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Click for FHA Forum

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