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December, 2021
Candidates for 2022 FHBPA Election Announced
A total of nine candidates have been nominated for the upcoming 2022 FHBPA Election, to be held March 15, 2022. Nominations were submitted during the FHBPA's annual General Nominating Meeting and Awards Dinner at Gulfstream Park Dec. 11.

The nine candidates are:

Brad Beilly
Adam Lazarus
Troy Levy
David Rousso
Stephen Screnci

Kathy Davey
Michael Lerman
Joe Orseno
Terri Pompay

The Florida HBPA is supervised and managed by a Board of 15 Directors. Six seats are reserved for Owner/Directors, and six seats are reserved for Trainer/Directors. Three Directors may be either an owner or a trainer.

The Board of Directors is divided into three groups of five Directors, known as Groups 1, 2, and 3. Elections are held annually, and the terms of all Directors shall be three years.

In order to be a candidate for the FHBPA Board of Directors, owners and trainers must be licensed as an owner and/or trainer, and be in good standing, and must have started a horse five or more times during the 12 months immediately preceding the date of the election in which they are running for a seat on the Board. An individual licensed as an owner may only run for a seat on the Board as an owner; an individual licensed as a trainer or as an owner and trainer may only run for a seat on the Board as a trainer.

Voting for the 2022 FHBPA Election will begin in late January. Each member of the FHBPA who is currently licensed as an owner and/or trainer and is in good standing is entitled to cast one vote in the general election.

Senator Book & Representative Alexander Tour Gulfstream Park
Photo: Billy Badgett, Stephen Screnci, Senator Lauren Book, Representative Ramon Alexander
Senator Lauren Book, the Senate Minority Leader who was born and raised in Hollywood, Florida, and Representative Ramon Alexander, the Democratic Whip and House Minority Leader, joined FHBPA President Stephen Screnci and 1/ST Racing COO Aidan Butler and Executive Director Billy Badgett for a backstretch tour and an afternoon at the races Dec. 9 at Gulfstream Park.

The discussion centered around the recent court decision to overturn Florida's gaming compact, enacted earlier this year, and where Thoroughbred racing will fit in as gaming legislation is considered in the 2022 session and beyond.

"We need to be at the table for the discussions on issues that impact our horsemen and women, and the best way to get a seat at the table is to get to know the important players in Tallahassee," Screnci said. "It's also imperative that influencers like Senator Book and Representative Alexander have the chance to learn about our industry, not just from what we tell them, but by going behind the scenes and seeing the members of our community hard at work. That underscores the importance of our industry to the state."

Florida HBPA and 1/ST Racing will host Speaker Designate Paul Renner, and Representatives Danny Perez, Jose Tomkow, Tom Leek, Bobby Payne, Sam Garrison, Lawrence McClure and Bob Rommel for a visit in January.