Volume III, Issue 40

Oct. 3, 2016
Return visit: A Samurai Physician's Teachings
A Country Doctor Writes about the merits of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) on 9/30/16. The author believes the value of TCM lies in "a certain enlightenment and pragmatism" and that the Chinese approach puts responsibility on the individual, rather than rely on the pharmacological effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicines.
According to the author:

In the last hundred years, our culture, with its tremendous scientific and technological advances, embraced the notion that our diseases come from invading bacteria, random gene mutations and other causes completely beyond our control. The promise of modern medicine has been that we can understand and counteract these forces through science, with more and more counteractive interventions. But as our treatments get more and more powerful, we have seen many of them cause ripple effects that cause other types of discomfort or disease. Now, we are instead seeing serious research into the relationships between illness and our psychological state, our harmony with our own gut bacteria, our low level exposure to dust and dirt we thought were harmful, our dietary choices and our physical activity level. We are beginning to see ourselves as no longer the hapless victims of outside forces, but products of our own day to day living choices.
Quality and Payment Reform: Who Is Asking for What and Why?
In a September 29, 2016 MWE.com post by Sandra M. DiVarco and Ibrahim Barakat, the authors assert:
Linking payment for health care services to quality, value and outcomes, rather than the mere provision of the services themselves, has been a feature of health reform proposals for decades.

According the authors:

However, only now has the link been forged with an alliance of purpose among payors-federal health care programs, private insurers and consumers-and providers whose participation in such programs holds the promise of sharing in incentive programs designed to reward high quality over high volume.
This doctor is against medical marijuana. Here's why.  
Michael Kirsch, MD, in a 9/26/16 KevinMD post, asserts:

The currency of determining the safety and efficacy of a medicine should be medical evidence, not faith, hope or belief.

According to the author:

The government...reviewed several hundred medical studies and only identified 11 of them that were of sufficient scientific quality worthy of consideration. None of them demonstrated a salutary effect of marijuana.



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