Volume VII, Issue 15

April 13, 2020
COVID-19: U.S. Now Leads Globe in Deaths
Meanwhile, Social Distancing Yields Results, Curve Flattening
U.S. Coronavirus deaths highest in the world even as hospitalizations slow in New York epicenter
How Californians May Have Developed COVID-19 Herd Immunity
 How Californians May Have Developed COVID-19 Herd Immunity
Are We Flattening the Curve? States Keep Watch on Coronavirus 'Doubling Times' 
Spain launches large-scale study of Hydroxychloroquine
The Battle Continues: Medical Workers Warn About Continued COVID-19 Danger | NBC News NOW
The Battle Continues 

Experimental Drug Shows Promise 

Coronavirus Health Law Brief - 4/10/20

Major Disaster Declared in All 50 States for First Time Ever

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Florida Positive Cases of COVID-19 as of Sunday, 4.12.20:
19,337 - Florida Residents
461 Deaths - Florida Residents
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