Volume V, Issue 22

May 28, 2018
Senate passes VA MISSION Act, raising concerns of privatization
A Fierce Healthcare article, by Tina Reed and dated May 24, 2018, informs us that the VA MISSION Act will head to the president's desk where it is expected to be signed after passing the Senate on Wednesday <5.23.18>.  

 The $55 million reform bill would, among other things, change where veterans can receive care, create hiring incentives to bring on more VA healthcare providers and establish a commission to examine the VA's aging infrastructure, according to Ms. Reed. Critics contend that the new law will undermine the VA by allowing patients to seek care outside the system. Proponents insist this is much needed reform for the VA. 
Physicians Lack the Time and Tools to Discover Hidden Risks in Patients with Chronic Conditions
A QuestDiagnostics.com post dated 5.23.18 reveals disturbing findings from a new study. The findings are based on an independent survey commissioned by Quest of primary care physicians (PCPs) and adult patients 65 years and older who have multiple chronic conditions and are Medicare beneficiaries. The vast majority of primary care physicians don't have the time or tools to adequately address the needs of their patients with multiple chronic conditions, leaving some patients to struggle with health-related social and behavioral issues on their own, according to the research.

Clearly our transition to effective and efficient value-based care will be hampered if physicians lack the time and tools to manage chronic conditions.
Biochemical pathway that spurs beige fat cells to burn energy is discovered    
A EurekAlert post dated 5.21.18 details a fascinating discovery and renewed potential for developing obesity treatments. A collaborative research team has identified a key signaling pathway that spurs beige fat cells to burn energy.

T he finding reveals insights into the communication taking place between the body's immune system and beige fat cells, according to the press release. Understanding this communication will be critical to developing therapies targeting beige fat to curb obesity.



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