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Volume IV, Issue 34

Aug. 21 , 2017
Doctors: Are you employees, business owners or entrepreneurs?  
Pamela Wible, MD, in an August 17, 2017 KevinMD post, asserts:

Hate your job? You may be in the right profession, but the wrong position for your personality. Want to love your life and career? Step one: discover whether you are an employee, a business owner or an entrepreneur.

This is a great article for physicians and non-physicians. Dr. Wible explains succinctly how to figure out which profile best fits your personality.
2 SW FL Cancer Centers Accused of Medicare Fraud and Unsafe Medical Practices
Frank Gluck reporting for on 8/16/17:

Two of the nation's largest cancer-care providers are accused of engaging in an illegal "gentleman's agreement" to divide up treatment services in Florida.

Mr. Gluck reports:

The allegation against Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute and 21st Century Oncology is one of a laundry list of claims - including gender discrimination, fraudulent Medicare billing and unsafe medical practices - leveled against the companies in a 50-page federal whistleblower lawsuit filed last year that had, until recently, been under seal and out of the public eye.

According to the lawsuit, Florida Cancer Specialists and 21st Century Oncology paid "millions of dollars to each other in the form of exclusive patient referrals in order to secure their individual monopolies in Southwest Florida of medical oncology (Florida Cancer Specialists) and radiation oncology (21st Century Oncology)."

The lawsuit was brought by Sharon Dill, Florida Cancer Specialists vice president for human resources and chief human resources officer between 2012 and 2015; and Christina Sievert, the company's vice president of clinical financial services between 2013 and 2015.
Congressional Budget Office Report on Ending CSR Payments
CBO report, published 8/15/17, examines the impact of President Donald Trump ending Obamacare's cost-sharing reduction (CSR) payments.

According to the report, ending cost-sharing reduction payments will increase premiums and the federal deficit.

See also the story in Business Insider HERE.



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