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November 23, 2023 | Volume XIV | Issue 47

Wound care manufacturer controversy calls attention to shady dealings

Fierce Healthcare reports:

Legacy Medical Consultants, a wound care manufacturer, is under fire for its business practices that critics say are another example of companies in the industry exploiting the Medicare system.

A recent investigation posted to YouTube uncovered how Fort Worth, Texas-based Legacy Medical Consultants has gained customers by offering its products at an artificially raised price and then giving a rebate for physicians to pocket, potentially leaving the providers liable for criminal penalties.

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Health insurers breaking state laws

Maya Miller and Robin Fields

In North Carolina, lawmakers outraged that breast cancer patients were being denied reconstructive surgeries passed a measure forcing health insurers to pay for them. In Arizona, legislators intervened to protect patients with diabetes, requiring health plans to cover their supplies. Elected officials in more than a dozen states, from Oklahoma to California, wrote laws demanding that insurance companies pay for emergency services.

Over the last four decades, states have enacted hundreds of laws dictating precisely what insurers must cover so that consumers aren’t driven into debt or forced to go without medicines or procedures. But health plans have violated these mandates at least dozens of times in the last five years, ProPublica found.

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Salty much? These brain cells decide when tasty becomes blech

Jon Hamilton reports for NPR via Health News Florida:

If this year's turkey seems over brined, blame your brain.

The question of when salty becomes too salty is decided by a special set of neurons in the front of the brain, researchers report in the journal Cell.

A separate set of neurons in the back of the brain adjusts your appetite for salt, the researchers showed in a series of experiments on mice.

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How weight loss drugs could transform holiday dinners

Good Morning America

With many taking medications for weight loss, some are shifting their habits during Thanksgiving and other holiday meals.

When Tara Rothenhoefer sits down at the Thanksgiving table this year, she said she envisions being able to enjoy herself rather than feel stressed about the food on the table.

Rothenhoefer said she attributes that change to Mounjaro, a medication that she said has helped her lose more than 200 pounds.

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