March 16, 2023 | Volume XIV | Issue 11

Recapping UM’s recent The Business of Health Care event

Afternoon panels offer A Potential Roadmap plus Innovation & the Role of Technology

The University of Miami Patti and Allan Herbert Business School Center for Health Management & Policy presented its 12th annual The Business of Health Care event on February 24. The conference was held online and live at Donna E. Shalala Student Center, University of Miami, Coral Gables Campus. Florida Blue was again a presenting sponsor and major donor. This year’s theme was “Managing Through Uncertainty.”

The first afternoon panel focused on “A Potential Roadmap” and featured two former Health and Human Services Secretaries and a former Mexican Minister of Health. Moderated by Karoline Mortensen, Associate Dean, Business Programs, Professor, Health Management and Policy, the panelists were...

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How Obamacare Enabled a Multibillion-Dollar Christian Health Care Cash Grab

David McSwane and Ryan Gabrielson

Joe Guarino rescued an entire industry with help from what some called “divine” intervention.

A little-known lobbyist from Virginia, Guarino was hired in 2007 by the Alliance of Health Care Sharing Ministries, the trade association for nonprofit alternatives to medical insurance founded on Christian principles. Health care sharing ministries take fees from members, which are then used to pay other members’ health bills.

At the time, the industry had been tainted by a scandal involving one of the largest ministries in the country, the Christian Brotherhood Newsletter, based outside Canton, Ohio. State authorities won $14 million in civil judgments against two of its top leaders for enriching themselves instead of paying the medical bills of its members. A ProPublica investigation last month revealed that many of the Brotherhood’s executives, including Daniel J. Beers, were involved years later in the launch of a second scandal-plagued ministry, Liberty HealthShare.

The Washington-based alliance was looking to Guarino to repair the industry’s reputation and pass laws to fend off a looming movement to regulate the business. The lobbying effort is an example of how the ministries have quietly worked over the years to shield themselves from consumer protection laws and preempt government oversight.

Guarino decided to launch a state-by-state campaign to pass so-called safe harbor laws that exempt health care sharing ministries from insurance regulation.

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Stress Can Affect Your Ability to Think Clearly, Study Finds

Nancy Schimelpfening, MS reports for Healthline:

According to a new study just published in JAMA Network Open, people with elevated stress levels may have worsened cognitive function, affecting their memory, concentration, and ability to learn.

The study authors further reported that “participants with elevated levels of stress were more likely to have uncontrolled CVD risk factors and lifestyle...

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3 years in: Healthcare experts reflect on the pandemic

CBC News

Health-care experts tell us how the pandemic changed their lives, and what it taught them about their fields.

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