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March 7, 2019
Volume X  |  Issue 10     
Death by Patient Satisfaction
Rada Jones, MD | KevinMD
The new Holy Grail of business, Customer Satisfaction - CSAT to her close friends - is a measure of how products and services supplied by a company meet customer expectations. In a marketplace where businesses compete for customers, CSAT is a key element of strategy. Why? Money. Satisfied customers buy. They come back and buy more. They tell their friends, who'll buy too. If satisfied, they'll return and buy more. That's gold for the bottom line. Hail the almighty dollar! I'm an ER doc.
My customers are my patients. Since American health care is a business with its own shaky bottom line, though it looks like a bottomless pit, the rage of customer satisfaction hit us hard.
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Regulators just approved the first new depression drug since the 1980s, and some see blockbuster potential
Erin Brodwin | Business Insider

A drug inspired by the anesthetic ketamine just became the first new kind of depression medication in 35 years. Called Spravato, a brand name for esketamine, and developed by J ohnson & Johnson, the drug is a nasal spray designed to treat severe forms of depression that don't respond to other medications. Johnson & Johnson's new nasal spray contains the chemical mirror image of ketamine, which has previously been called a "party drug" because of its quasi-psychedelic effects. On Tuesday, regulators with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Johnson & Johnson's new drug...
Patients Experiment with Prescription Drugs for Anti-Aging Benefits
Marisa Taylor | Kaiser Health News
Dr. Alan Green's patients travel from around the country to his tiny practice in Queens, N.Y., lured by the prospect of longer lives. Over the past two years, more than 200 patients have flocked to see Green after learning that two drugs he prescribes could possibly stave off aging. One 95-year-old was so intent on keeping her appointment that she asked her son to drive her from Maryland after a snowstorm had closed the schools. Green is among a small but growing number of doctors who prescribe drugs "off-label" for their possible anti-aging effects. Metformin is typically prescribed for diabetes, and rapamycin prevents organ rejection after a transplant, but doctors can prescribe drugs off-label for other purposes - in this case, for "aging." Rapamycin's anti-aging effects on animals and metformin's on people with diabetes have encouraged Green and his patients to experiment with them as anti-aging remedies, even though there's little evidence healthy people could benefit.
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Considering becoming an ACO? These are the common traits of those most likely to succeed
Paige Minemyer 
Fierce Healthcare 

As the feds look to push accountable care organizations to more quickly take on greater risk, a new report highlights common traits of ACOs that have already successfully taken that leap. Leavitt Partners analyzed ACOs across Medicare, including the Medicare Shared Savings Program, Pioneer ACOs and Next Generation ACOs, to find common threads among programs finding success and identify ways to better support those that are being left behind. The report found that larger, more experienced ACOs were more likely to switch to tracks with higher risk than younger programs. ACOs taking on greater downside risk were more likely to be in urban or metropolitan areas, according to the study.

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