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March 8, 2018
Volume IX |  Issue 10          
What Tax Reform Means for Healthcare Entities: For-profit & Non-profit

Late last year, President Trump signed sweeping tax reform, formerly known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, into law, marking the largest change to U.S. tax policy in decades. To help organizations navigate the issues most impactful and urgent to the healthcare industry, we've prepared a summary of the major implications based on the signed legislation.

BDO CPA Angelo Pirozzi will join a panel discussion focused on the recent tax change and its effect on healthcare entities on March 15. The event is produced by SFHEF and hosted by Cleveland Clinic Florida in Weston. Click HERE to learn more.

New Medicare Card Transition Begins In Less Than a Month  

CMS will begin mailing new Medicare cards with the Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI) on April 1. Start using the MBI as soon as your patients get their new cards. The MBI on the new card is effective immediately unless the patient is new to Medicare, in which case refer to the "coverage starts" date on the card. People new to Medicare will only have a Medicare card with an MBI.
Cigna Agrees to Buy Express Scripts for $67 Billion 
Nathaniel Meyersohn and Tami Luhby | CNN 

Cigna wants to buy Express Scripts for $67 billion. Cigna is one of the country's largest health insurers, and Express Scripts is one of America's biggest pharmacy benefits managers, which administer drug plans for more than 266 million Americans with employer and government health insurance.

If the deal clears regulators, it would be the latest merger to disrupt the health care industry, which has been under heavy pressure in recent years as the federal government, employers and others attempt to control soaring health care costs. Drug prices, in particular, are a target, and pharmacy benefits managers are key players in that arena since they negotiate rebates from drug manufacturers and discounts from drugstores.

The merger could give Cigna more control over drug prices, which is a major issue for insurers. Rival insurer Anthem  said last year that it would partner with CVS to start its own prescription drug plan manager. And UnitedHealth already has its own drug benefits manager, OptumRX.
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Does Blockchain Belong in Healthcare?
Jamaal R. Jones, Esq.

Healthcare providers have been slow to implement blockchain into their practice. Providers are hesitant due
Attorney Jamaal Jones
Attorney Jamaal Jones
to: (1) unfamiliarity with this technology and how it works; (2) some don't see its practical application to healthcare; (3) others are employing the wait and see approach to determine if it is financially rewarding; and (4) some are put off by the lack of regulation, which could expose their patient records to cybertheft. In this article, the following questions will be addressed:
  • What is Blockchain? 
  • How will Blockchain revolutionize healthcare?
  • Is Blockchain safe?

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