Technology Trends and Disruptive Innovation
Patrick Schwerdtfeger
Trend Mastery Inc.

Patrick Schwerdtfeger is a business futurist specializing in technology trends including artificial intelligence, Fintech, and blockchain. He has presented at TEDx, lectured at numerous academic institutions, and is a regular speaker for Bloomberg TV. Patrick is the founder of Trend Mastery Inc. and host of the Strategic Business Insights video blog with over four million views.
International Transpacific Eastbound Market
Michael Van Hagen
Michael Goldsmith
Laufer Group International, Ltd.

Updates on global imports, ocean freight trends, capacity constraints, logistics challenges, port congestion, labor disputes, impact of the Hanjin bankruptcy and much more!
Kolbe Index / Instinct Test
  • Hire and keep the right people
  • Maximize employee potential
  • Build successful project teams
Eric Herrera
Kolbe Corp

The Kolbe Index / Instinct Test is unique. It does not measure intelligence, personality or social style. It measures the instinctive ways you take action when you strive. The results describe your natural strengths – your modus operandi (MO).
Global FIBC Import & Export Data
Lewis Anderson

Import and export data was presented for countries around the world. 

  • Top Exporters
  • Top Importers
  • USA Imports
  • USA Import Sources %
  • Canada Imports
  • Mexico Exports
  • Global Import and Export Totals

UV Study Committee
Nancy Cline (BAG Corp)
Gerardo Ruiz (Propex)
& Special Guest
Andy Francis with Q-Lab

Presented the results of the UV study (lab vs outdoor).   
Handling Guidelines Committee
Lewis Anderson (FIBCA)
Updated everyone on the NEW Safe Handling Guidelines Poster, the printable PDF version and the progress on the translations.
E-Learning Module Committee
Jay Todd (Service Thread)
Punit Gopalka (Umasree Texplast)
Nursel Sabaz (Dino Bags)
Updated everyone on the groups progress on the e-learning module based on the FIBC Safe Handling Poster.
In addition to all the great presentations and committee meetings, there were also plenty of opportunities to network with fellow FIBCA members.

  • Two Open Bar Receptions
  • Breakfast Buffet (Thur)
  • Lunch Buffet (Thur)